Data Sheet (A8811-1)
A8811-1 AcquiSuite - Data Acquisition Server
The AcquiSuite™ data acquisition system is the
perfect solution for:
● Aggregation of energy data from multiple sites
● Benchmarking building operations performance
● Verification of energy savings and utility costs
● Cost allocation to departments or tenants
The system combines the flexibility of Ethernet LAN,
WAN or Internet communication paths with the
lowest total installed cost for logging building data
such as:
● Electrical, gas and water usage and costs
● Indoor and outdoor temperatures
● Pressure, humidity, CO2
● Industry standard pulse or analog inputs
AcquiSuite™ brings “plug and play” capability to the
data acquisition market, dramatically reducing the
time and training required to put a typical building on
line. In most applications, the installation can be done
by the building engineer or contractor in less than 2
hours. The system automatically detects and
configures Modbus devices in just seconds reducing
installation time and costs.
After installation, data from the connected devices is
time stamped and stored in nonvolatile memory on
user selected intervals. This interval data is stored at
the local site until the next scheduled upload to the
SQL database server. Using the built-in modem or
Ethernet port, data is sent via either the network or
phone lines to the Building Manager Online™ server.
● Aggregation of energy and operational information
from remote sites
● Gathering “near real-time” performance data
● Benchmarking building operations
● Developing load profiles for energy purchases
● Monitoring performance of building systems (e.g.,
chillers, boilers, fans)
Easy installation saves time and money
● Simple “plug and play” connectivity means that the
system can be installed and configured in minutes
● Industry standard analog and pulse inputs allow the
user to gather a wide range of building information
● AcquiSuite hardware and software is designed to
provide data in flexible, industry standard formats for
databases, spreadsheets, etc.
● Using recognized sensors for metering and building
parameters means one-step configuration
● Convenient LCD display provides ease of installation
and troubleshooting without the need for a laptop or
special software
● Integrated web server provides setup and
configuration using any industry standard web
browser (i.e., Netscape™ or Internet Explorer™)
Internet display of key building parameters
●™ allows authorized
users to see building performance data in an easy to
use graphical format
● BMO site provides storage, display and downloads of
historical data in a secure SQL database
● Users can design their own custom views of data
from one or more buildings or systems
Secure data and flexible communications
● All data is stored at the site in nonvolatile memory,
insuring protection of valuable information in the
event of power loss
● On board real-time clock provides accurate time
stamps for all interval data
● Wide range of communication options and formats
via the Ethernet port, dialup modem.
● Optional GSM/GPRS wireless modem for Cellular
● Password protection provides security for confidential
Connection to existing systems
● AcquiSuite provides the flexibility to connect to
existing sensors and meters using the I/O module
● TCP/IP protocols permit easy interface of collected
data to spreadsheets, databases, text files, etc.
At the BMO site, the newly gathered data is combined
with historical information that is available to
Ordering Information
authorized users from anywhere in the world using
A8811-1: AcquiSuite with 4 analog inputs, 4 pulse
standard browsers and the Internet. No additional
inputs, RS485/Modbus, Ethernet, dialup modem.
software is required to develop customized views of
A8811-GSM: AcquiSuite with 4 analog inputs, 4 pulse
operational and energy data from one or more
inputs, RS485/Modbus, Ethernet, GSM/GPRS wireless
cellular modem.
Power Requirement
Interval Recording
Serial Port
Analog Inputs
Pulse Inputs
Utility sync input
386 embedded CPU Linux
16 MB DiskOnChip (optional larger flash available) 8 MB EDO RAM
4 pulse input, 4 modem activity, Modbus TX/RX, power, system, io status
2 x 16 LCD (passive), two pushbuttons
10base-T Ethernet, half duplex, Modem V.34 bis, 33,600 bps (GSM/GPRS Optional)
110-120VAC, Power Supply Included, 24VDC, Class2 transformer
User selectable 1-60 minutes. Default 15 minute interval
RS-485 Modbus, supports up to 32 external devices
4x 0-10V/4-20mA (min/max/average/instantaneous data)
4x dry contact (consumption/rate/runtime/status)
1x dry contact.
8” x 9.25” x 2.5”
20811 N.W. Cornell Road #700, Hillsboro, OR 97124
Ph: +1-503-601-2099 Fax: +1-503-601-6878
Dec 12, 2005
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