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Impact Acoustics Agile
Audio/Video RF Modulator
Programmable Universal Modulator
Distributes Audio/Video over an RF system
The Impact Acoustics Agile Modulator accepts Audio/Video input
from various sources and modulates the signal to a CATV/UHF
channel of your choosing. Watch your DVD player, satellite receiver,
or CCTV surveillance camera on any television in your home. Imagine
flipping to a channel on your TV and being able to see who is at your
front door or finish watching a DVD movie you started in a different room.
The Impact Acoustics RF Modulator is designed for easy installation. Simply connect any Audio/Video device, choose
an unused CATV/MATV channel and connect the RF Modulator to your home RF system. Multiple Impact Acoustics
Programmable modulators may be cascaded to distribute multiple inputs.
• Add a surveillance device to any display that has a built-in tuner and be able
to program it to a broad range of channels
• Add a DVD player/recorder or video game system to an older television where RCA inputs are not available
Common Uses:
• Home/Business/Schools
• Restaurants/Bars/Clubs
• Retail stores
Programmable Channels: CATV 64~94, 100~125, UHF 14~69
Digital Channel Display
Channel Memory during power outages
Product Specifications:
Input: RCA type composite video, R/L Audio
Output: “F” type connector NTSC CATV:64~94,
100~125, UHF: 14~69
Warranty: 1 year
Color: Silver
Mfr: Impact Acoustics
Weight: 0.5lbs
Dimensions: 53/4" (L) x 33/4" (W) x 11/4" (H)
Cable TV or Antenna
Agile RF Modulator
Item #
Agile RF Modulator
3555 Kettering Blvd. • Moraine, Ohio 45439
Toll Free 800.826.7904 •
1501 Webster Street • Dayton, Ohio 45404
1800-287-2843 • • 1800-CABL-911
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