for Canon 5DflD
Part # FLEX-RC1
Thank you for your choice in purchasing a Switronix Product. The FLEX is a patent-pending, handle mounted
DSLR remote unit th at triggers HO video start and stop recording for Canon 50/70. The FLEX's unique gooseneck arm
houses an optic to be positioned within Jine ofsight to the remo te sensor on the Canon cameras. Once positioned, the
remote transmits a signal through ~he optic when the button is pressed.
The arm can be extended up to 72" and coils down to approximately 3" in diameter. The FLEX's al/ metal construction
will standup to the everyday rigors ofHO DSLR video production. Max clamp diameter 7.5".
'---"'owered by 2 included AAA batteries.
Mounting: The Remote has two threaded posts and a clamp which
needs to be tightened securely with the 2 thumb knurl screws. 'Movement
in the post mountings is NORMAL and allows for a secure fit around the
arm or handle .
Camera Setting: The remote is designed for the Canon EOS 50 Mk/1
and 70. lfyou're tr}'inq to use this with a camera mode/ other_then
the aforementioned, contact us prior to usage. The needs to be in
Video LIVEVIEW mode, and the remote sensor setting must be active.
(press AF • Drive button and tu rn wheel to appropriate setting)
Usage: At the end of the flex arm is an IR sen sor which must be positioned
to line-of-sight to the sensor on the Camera(ifyou do not know where
the sensor is consult the camera manuai) Once positioned, when the
RED button is pressed, the red LED will illuminate and at the same
' - -time the remo te will se nd a signal to start video record. By pressing
the button again, the camera with stop recording.
Note: The remo te can on/y se nd a signal to the camera every 3 seconds,
so continuai/y pressing the remo te will serve little function . Their
is a slight 1second delay between pressing the remo te, and ihe camera's
activation into video record and stop record.
Power: The remote is powered by two standard alkaline AAA batteries. The batteries will power the unit for 1-2 years,
or up to 10,000 signal transmits. To change the batteries, remove thel black scrcws on either slde of the unit. CAREFULL'r;
remove the back of the remote hous/ng, and locate the MA battery ho/der. Replace the AAA batteries, no ting polariry, and
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