Allworx 9112 VoIP Phone
Allworx 9112 VoIP Phone
The phone that listens.
What do you want from a phone? The ability to make calls over the Internet
or a standard phone line? Flexible performance as a PBX or Key system unit?
Portability between home, office and remote sites? Whatever you need, the
Allworx 9112 VoIP phone is listening!
Allworx VoIP phone technology
The phone that listens
Allworx phones are the most flexible, easy-to-use phones on the market.
Keep it simple
Lower your costs
Now you can communicate and collaborate like a large
corporation. Our feature-rich phones are specifically
engineered to be easy to use. For example, while other VoIP
phones require multiple steps to access common features
like conference calling or voicemail, Allworx has made the
phone’s most powerful features directly accessible through
dedicated buttons.
Allworx phones help you control communication costs.
Reduce your long distance charges dramatically by routing
calls through linked Allworx 10x systems in regional
locations. Use a dedicated VoIP service and pay one low
monthly fee for all local and long distance calls. The
possibilities are endless!
Customize your features
Allworx VoIP phones let you create your own
mix of traditional and new calling features,
from button-activated phone lines to Voice
over Internet. You can program features
for the whole company, your team, or
just yourself. Carry the phone wherever
you go and your settings stay the same.
No other phones are this flexible!
Beat the competition
Allworx phones represent a quantum leap in power
and flexibility. They set a new standard, with
features that no other VoIP phones have—all at a
lower price. Our built-in switch even lets you use
your PC’s existing Internet connection for your
phone, reducing wiring costs and installation
time. Our innovations help you to easily
make the most of new VoIP technology—
giving you a competitive advantage!
Finally… exciting, new communications technology that‘s
VoIP that travels
Site-to-site calling
Easy learning curve
Remote locations. With an Allworx VoIP phone
and a high-speed Internet connection, you can:
• Be a virtual “extension” of the office.
• Talk to any office site with an Allworx 10x —
typically incur NO long distance charges.
• Use your personal settings from any location.
• Access main office lines for local calls.
Site-to-site. With Allworx phones and an Allworx
10x in each of your office locations, you can:
• Incur NO long distance charges between sites.
• Merge multiple sites with one system. Transfer
calls between sites — the caller will never notice.
• Send and receive intercoms between sites.
Get up and running quickly. The Allworx phones
are user-friendly, with easy-to-learn features.
• Mix and match PBX and Key features.
• Access powerful features with one touch.
• Add new features whenever you need them.
Imagine the cost savings and increased productivity!
VoIP: The smart phones
Step into the future of voice technology with powerful Allworx phones.
You can send and receive
calls over your broadband
Internet connection,
dramatically reducing
long distance charges.
For more information on VoIP, as
well as actual case studies showing
how Allworx works in customer
offices, visit
designed specifically for small and medium businesses!
Presence management
Money saving features
Powerful call queues1,3
Follow-me calling at your fingertips. You can
change your call routing “presence” instantly, using:
• Any phone to call your voicemail.
• Softkeys and display on your Allworx phones.2
• Easy dropdown menu on your PC.
Drastically reduce long distance charges.
Connect your Allworx 10x to an Internet Telephony
Service Provider (ITSP) and use the power of
broadband to save money. The Allworx 10x is ready
to connect to VoIP service providers right out of the
box. Contact Allworx for a current listing.
Eliminate busy signals. With our call queuing
features, callers will never get a busy signal again.
• Up to ten queues with 16 calls per queue.
• Individual phones can answer multiple queues.
• Each phone can be set to ring after user-defined
number of callers or specified wait time.
• View continuously updated queue status on your
PC screen or Allworx phone.
Imagine the cost savings and increased productivity!
Allworx VoIP phone technology
How VoIP works
What is a VoIP phone?
Is it based on a PBX or Key system?
A VoIP phone is much like any other phone on the outside,
but inside, it’s very different. It uses Voice over Internet
Protocol (VoIP) technology to send calls over network lines
instead of phone lines.
Allworx VoIP phones are the first to truly emulate both Key
and PBX behavior, giving you new technology with a look
and feel you know—making the transition to VoIP easy.
Whatever system your office has, you can set your phone to
behave like a Key or PBX system, or a mix. It’s your choice.
How does it work?
Allworx VoIP phones connect to the network with an Ethernet
cable. When you place a call, it goes over your network to the
Allworx 10x server. The server then sends the call out over
either standard phone lines or broadband—we support both.
When calls come in, the process is reversed. The process is
the same for remote users connected to the Allworx 10x.
Chameleon behavior
With Allworx VoIP phones, you can change phone behavior
to suit your needs: emulate PBX or Key system behavior, mix
and match, or change it on the fly.
What are the main benefits?
VoIP phones are a part of the network—no need for a separate
phone system. Phone numbers are assigned to individuals
rather than physical locations—no need for separate office,
cell phone and pager numbers. Our VoIP phones are portable,
so you can take them home (or to any remote site) and save
big money on long distance charges.
Key system behavior
• Push a button for a specific
outside line; incoming calls
illuminate that line’s button.
PBX system behavior
• Calls are routed to an extension by a phone system (e.g.
Allworx 10x) in your of fice.
• One incoming call can go
to many people.
• One person can handle
many incoming calls.
How it works
A Call comes in via VoIP to Allworx
10x in New York office.
B Call is answered via PBX or Key
functions, or routed to remote
C Call is routed to travelling
executive in Europe according to
user’s presence settings.
D Travelling executive transfers
call to remote site in Canada,
which conferences in additional
users (local or remote).
E Allworx handles the entire
process in a manner transparent
to the caller, and because calls
are sent via the Internet there
are no long distance charges.*
9112 VoIP
9112 VoIP
Printers and
NAT Firewall
& data
Site B: On-site at Canadian client
& data
Travelling executive (Europe)
Site A: New York office
Voice &
Local phone line
access through
main office
9112 VoIP
Printers and
NAT Firewall
* Connect to an ITSP to save on long distance calls,
and to an ISP for Internet access.
Model 9112
The 9112 is a sophisticated and flexible top-of-the-line phone —
perfect for executives, office managers, administrative assistants,
and active employees who make and
receive a high volume of calls.
Powerful programmable features
With twelve Programmable Feature Keys and supporting
up to twelve lines, the Allworx 9112 phone is a powerhouse
communication tool. The 9112 can be programmed for any
combination of PBX Call Appearance, Key System Line
Appearance, call queuing, speed-dialing, direct station
dialing, and busy lamp field. Other phones might offer
programmable feature keys, but none have this level of
versatility— giving you the power to create the phone that
fits you best.
Allworx 9112 VoIP phone
Call Appearance (PBX behavior)
Line Appearance (Key behavior)
Call queuing1,3
On PBX systems, incoming calls are
directed to extensions. Allworx phones
allow you to manage these calls with
Programmable Feature Keys. You
could assign keys to represent different
extensions, such as Sales, Accounting
and yourself. Each key lights up as
calls come in, allowing you to correctly
identify and answer the calls. Call
Appearance is the best choice when one
person is answering many extensions.
In Key systems, an outside line
connects directly to a phone. This
approach works very well for multitenant or retail businesses whose
employees pick up calls from any
phone (e.g. “Bob, there’s a call for you
on line three”). Line Appearance give
direct access to each line independently and immediately, and is the best
choice when many people handle the
same call across multiple phones.
Answer incoming calls from various
queues by assigning Programmable
Feature Keys to represent specific call
queues. The Allworx system supports
up to ten different queues. The system
automatically recognizes which
phones are assigned and available to
each queue.
Speed dialing
Busy lamp field
Phones can be programmed to
automatically dial frequently called
numbers, both internal and external.
From your phone, you can monitor
the status of another phone by using a
Programmable Feature Key.
Direct station selection
Automatically opens an intercom
connection to any other phone on
the network by creating a direct link
between phones.
Allworx VoIP phones adapt to the unique needs of your business and employees,
saving you time and money—and improving communication.
Allworx VoIP phone technology
The Allworx 10x supercharges your Allworx phone
Allworx VoIP phones offer rich features and incredible savings at a great
price, and when you connect them to the Allworx 10x system you get a
supercharged, enterprise-class phone system.
The Allworx 10x
The Allworx 10x is a state-of-the-art
communication system that integrates
a sophisticated phone system, a robust
data network and software productivity
tools, all working together to increase
employee productivity and business
revenues. Designed for companies with
up to 100 employees per site, the Allworx
10x improves communications while
simultaneously reducing costs.
A perfect match
The Allworx VoIP phones were created
by the same engineers who created the
Allworx 10x system. These phones are
designed to interact with and enhance
the Allworx 10x system, optimizing your
investment and giving you the features
you need to supercharge your business
Seamless integration
Allworx phones work seamlessly with
the Allworx 10x system to provide a fully
integrated communication solution. With
a complete system, you can:
• View information about incoming calls
on your computer.
• Search the company directory from
your phone.
• Dial from your computer using the
contacts you’ve already set up.2
• Page someone within a zone without any
third-party tools or devices.
• Queue up calls so they are answered in
the order received.3
• Change your presence by selecting any
of seven status indicators.
• Easily let others know if you’re in or
away, at a meeting, or on a call.
• Check and respond to email over
the phone using the text-to-speech
capabilities included in the Allworx 10x.
System administration
System administrators can configure all
phones directly from their offices with the
easy-to-use browser interface software tool
included in the Allworx 10x. The software
includes templates that make it effortless to
replicate settings across groups of phones,
and automatically recognizes new phones
as they’re added to the network. There
is no longer any need to go desk-to-desk,
interrupting employees and disrupting
business, just to configure the phones—
they can even be rebooted
Features at a glance
You’ll understand why the Allworx 9112 is so popular when you read
the feature list and see our price. For more information, call us toll-free
at 1-866-ALLWORX or visit us on the web at
Technical specifications
• Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone using SIP
• Supports twelve telephone lines.
• Integrated with Allworx 10x system and Allworx
software features and capabilities.1
– Integrated presence management settings
– Integrated Allworx business directory for
inter-company dialing
User configurable settings
• Ten personal speed dials from keypad (in addition
to the option of assigning speed dials to the PFKs).
• Three dynamic soft keys, scroll up/down keys, and
Select key that guide user through menus.
• Redial / Call Back / Call History — stores up to 99
numbers dialed.
• Hold reminder.
• Message waiting indicators (audible and visual).
• Display contrast.
Phone buttons
• Queue Appearance.
• 12 illuminated Programmable Feature Keys for any
combination of Call Appearance, Line Appearance,
speed-dialing, direct station selection, and busy
lamp field.
• Help and user info via, Info Button, context
sensitive information about all buttons on the
phone, including Programmable Feature Key
settings and personal speed dial information;
provides additional information during active calls.
• Messages — used for fast access to the message
center; this button is illuminated RED if new
voicemail messages have arrived.
• Call transfer — allows for both attended and
unattended (blind) transfers.
• Three party conference — supports 3-way calling.
• Station to station intercom — initiate a call to
another Allworx station.
• Volume control — for full duplex speakerphone,
handset, headset and ringer.
• Mute — turns off the microphone of the
speakerphone, handset, and headset.
• Do not disturb (DND) — phone will receive no calls
(calls follow current presence routing).
• Call hold — station-exclusive hold operation.
• Call park — system-wide hold which can be picked
up at any other station.
• Visual ring indicator — flashing indicator is visible
from all angles.
• Presence management — view and modify
Allworx presence settings from your phone,
integrated with Allworx software.1
• Zone paging — make intercom announcements
over all Allworx phones in a specific zone.1
• Music on hold — background music support.1, 3
• Centrex/CO flash (international support).1
• Remote SIP capability — access an Allworx phone
and reset changes or have it authenticate to an
Allworx 10x.1
• Non-volatile user settings — will not lose settings
if power is lost.1
• Call history.
• Missed calls record.
• Call queuing — when all lines are busy, incoming
calls hear a special message and are answered
in consecutive order. System supports up to ten
queues.1, 3
• TAPI functionality — contact information about
incoming calls appears on computer, allowing
you to answer it in hands-free mode by clicking a
button; outgoing calls can be initiated in handsfree mode by clicking a button in the contact
• Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) handset (meets
American Disabilities Act requirements) and HAC
compliance for magnetic coupling to approved HAC
hearing aids.
• Handset cord expandable up to nine feet.
• High quality full duplex speakerphone.
• Built-in headset jack (2.5 mm).
• IP address assignment — DHCP client or statically
• G.711 and G.729a audio compression.
• Line labels for easy reference.
• Download firmware updates from Allworx 10x
• Case is sturdy textured black ABS plastic.
• Wall mountable.
• Tilt base with multiple angle positions.
• Two integrated 10/100 Ethernet switched ports.
• Quality of Service (QoS) – supports VLAN
capability, Call Admission Control (CAC), DiffServ,
and priority queuing.1
• Directory Dialing — access all users’ extensions
via phone display and auto dial.1
• Speed dials — 10001 programmable, company-wide
speed dials and ten personal speed dials per user.
• Large graphical LCD screen provides scrollable
– Resolution: 128 x 64 pixels
– Dimensions: 2.25" x 1.25"
– Font size: 8 pt and 12 pt
– Number of lines: up to eight lines of text
• Caller ID — shows name and phone number of
incoming caller (as available).
• Displays multiple simultaneous calls — scroll
between calls on hold.
• Two clocks — Call Timer and Time of Day.
• Date display.
• Customizable templates for quick installation and
• Programmable dialing plan.
• Server commanded auto-reboot & manual reboot.
• Automatic software upgrades for phones.
• Status log.
• Phone security options.
• Factory test and diagnostics support.
• PC integration and remote control (TAPI).2
• The Programmable Feature Keys (PFKs) are
configured specific to each system station and are
customizable based on end user needs.
• Mix PBX and Key phone features per system, group
or phone.
• Automatically reassign user settings when
replacing phone(s).
• Online installation instructions.
Electrical and regulatory information
• Power options:
– 24V DC adapter, supplied locally at the desktop
using the included AC to DC power supply
– Power over Ethernet (PoE) 802.3af
Height and weight
• Dimensions: 9" H x 7.5" W x 8" D
(22.9 x 19 x 20.3 cm).
• Weight: 2.3 lb (1.04 kg).
• Headset.
• One year limited warranty from date of purchase.
1. When used with an Allworx 10x.
2. Available December 2005.
3. Sold as an option.
The Allworx 9112 VoIP phone:
The phone that listens.
This sleek new phone doesn’t just look
good — it meets your needs for today and
prepares you for tomorrow. With Allworx
phones, you hear the future.
Feature List
Allworx 9112 VoIP phone
Adjustable stand — multi-position or wall mount
Graphical LCD screen
Higher audio
Soft keys
Scroll and Select keys
Caller ID
Call queuing— number of queues/callers per queue
Visual ring
Handset with cord
expandable up to
nine feet
• 802.3af PoE
• 24V DC adapter
Feature Keys
Headset jack
Two 10/100 switched Ethernet ports
Nine feature keys
Multiple position tilt base
(also wall mountable)
Call history / Missed call
Call waiting — displays caller information on LCD
Check messages button
Conference call button — up to three callers
Distinctive ring types — distinguishes different types of calls
Do Not Disturb button — eliminates interruptions
Headset jack
Hold button
Info button — accesses on-screen help
Intercom button — connects to other extensions
Maximum number of lines — calls per phone
Mute button
Programmable Feature Keys— customize phone your
Release button — relinquishes line without hanging up
Speakerphone — Full-duplex sound allows simultaneous talking
Speakerphone button — activates microphone and speaker
TAPI suppor t — integrates phone and computer 2
Transfer call button
Visual ring indicator
For a full description of phone specifications turn to page 7.
Increase the power of your Allworx phones with an
Allworx 10x system. The Allworx 10x is a state-of-the-art
communication system that integrates a sophisticated phone
system, a robust data network and software tools, all working
together to increase employee productivity and business
• Full PBX & Key system
• WAN access
• Group calendaring
revenues. Designed for companies of up to 100 employees
• Voice over Internet
• Email/file/web server
• One voice/email InBox
per site, the 10x works hand in glove with your Allworx
• Site-to-site access
• LAN network
• Contact management
• Remote user
• Internet security
• Email software
phones to achieve breathtaking savings in time and money.
• Unifi ed messaging
• Full redundancy
• Group collaboration
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