Toshiba Success Story Phoenix Manufacturing Stays Cool With edge System

Toshiba Success Story Phoenix Manufacturing Stays Cool With edge System
Phoenix Manufacturing Stays Cool With
Toshiba’s IPedge Business Telephone
Toshiba Success Story
About Phoenix Manufacturing Inc.
Phoenix Manufacturing Inc. (PMI — www.evapcool.
com) is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of
evaporative cooling products designed for the comfort
of residential and business environments. Based in
Phoenix, PMI is a division of Continental Materials
Corp., which also has divisions in Colton, California;
and Colorado Springs, Colorado. PMI’s Phoenix facility
comprises four buildings across 12 acres.
Incorporated in 1975, PMI has nearly 40 years of
experience in business, serving the HVAC industry with a
promise of delivering high-quality products and services.
The company’s tagline is “The Cool Alternative.”
Improve Customer Communication and
Reduce Costs
Ruth Roman, PMI’s controller, specified the company’s
communications objectives, which include:
• Improving internal and external communication;
• Providing a Unified Communications application to
improve staff communication;
• Delivering Unified Messaging to deliver email, voice
and fax messages to a single inbox;
• Creating a feature-rich contact center with call
reporting, call recording and call management
• Enabling the IT team to handle some of its own system
administration to save time and money; and
• Providing a reliable business telephone system that is
affordable while delivering cutting-edge technology
features with a fast return on investment.
Major Accomplishments:
Toshiba’s IPedge IP business telephone system has met PMI’s
communications objectives, which include:
• Providing reliable IP telephony that supports 35,000 calls per month
• Empowering staff to communicate more effectively with Unified
• Saving time with Unified Messaging for one inbox for all messages
• Delivering a contact center solution with fully featured call
management, reporting and recording software
• Enabling the IT team to remotely self-administrate the system
• Delivering an affordable system with a fast return on investment
Chris Corbett, president of Authorized Toshiba Dealer
Cortel Communications ( based
in Phoenix, recommended Toshiba’s IPedge®. “We
recommended IPedge because we knew it would exceed
PMI’s objectives,” he said.
From left, Cindy Meadows and Ruth Roman of Phoenix Manufacturing with Chris
Corbett of Cortel worked together to create a telephony solution to handle more
than 35,000 calls per month. Cindy administers the Toshiba system internally.
Toshiba’s IPedge Delivers Affordable, Reliable IP Telephony
Installed and serviced by Cortel Communications, PMI’s new
business telephone solution consists of:
• IPedge EC IP business telephone system to serve four buildings across
the 12-acre facility;
• 76 Toshiba IP5000 series IP telephones;
• Jabra wireless headsets for mobile workers;
• Toshiba’s Call Manager™ unified communications solution;
• Unified Messaging, delivering a single inbox for email, voice and fax
messages; and
• Toshiba contact center solution, which includes Toshiba ACD, TASKE
reporting and OAISYS Tracer call recording;
• Integration with a DoorKing gate telephone at the rear entry of the
main Phoenix warehouse as well as a CyberData door phone at the
front door for added security; and
• Enterprise Manager for simple, browser-based administration and
remote management.
Result #1: Call Manager UC Application Improves Staff
Using Toshiba’s Call Manager Unified Communications application,
PMI’s staff has been able to improve their communication by using UC
features, including call-handling capabilities such as Click-to-Dial from their
database; Presence to see staff availability; Chat instant messaging for
quick, internal communication; tracking calls; and taking notes on a call.
Result #2: Affordable, Richly Featured System Improves
Toshiba’s IPedge met PMI’s requirement for an affordable, richly featured
business telephone system that helped improve communication both
internally and externally. Toshiba’s ACD with TASKE reporting and OAISYS
Tracer call recording help keep customer service at its optimal level. As
well, Unified Messaging helps users stay connected with all email, voice
mail and faxes coming into a single inbox accessible from their desk
phones or smartphones.
Result #3: Enterprise Manager Provides Browser-based,
Remote Administration
With Toshiba’s browser-based Enterprise Manager, the IT manager can
remotely make moves, adds, changes and global updates to all the IP
telephones on the IPedge system quickly and easily.
Toshiba’s IPedge Improves Communication While Handling 35,000 Calls per Month
Toshiba’s IPedge IP business telephone system exceeded PMI’s
communications objectives, including greatly improving staff
communication by using Toshiba’s Call Manager Unified Messaging
application while delivering a fast return on investment by eliminating
costly telephone lines and implementing a fully IP-based business
telephone system.
Bottom-line benefits include:
• Smooth handling of 35,000 calls per month;
• Improved staff communication with Unified Communications application;
• Time savings with unified messaging capabilities;
• Assurance that virtually every incoming call is answered by a live person
using Toshiba’s ACD solution;
• Improved telephone customer and supplier service by using OAISYS
Tracer call recording for training and agent performance reviews;
• Ability to add and easily move IP telephones and systems as the company
grows; and
• Cost savings by moving to an affordable IP system with a fast return on
From left, Ruth Roman and Cindy Meadows of Phoenix Manufacturing with Chris
Corbett of Cortel are pleased with the Toshiba IPedge system that provides
robust Unified Communications, contact center solution and remote system
To locate an Authorized Dealer, call: (800) 222-5805
Toshiba America Information Systems Inc.
Telecommunication Systems Division
9740 Irvine Blvd., Irvine, CA 92618-1697
National Accounts (800) 234-4873
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