CVYF 104130 Black
lmportant Notices
Keys and Functions
l. Getting Started
1.1 Turn
1.2 Lock/unlock the screen (sleep mode)
1.3 Connect
to computer
l!.Your Home Screen
2.1 Change wallpaper for home screen:
2.2 Add/delete applications on home screen:
2.3 Add widgets to home screen:
lll. Network Connection
3.2 Bluetooth
3.3 3G Network
lV. lnternet Browsing
4.1 lnternet Browsing
Multimedia Functions
53 Gallery
Thank you for purchasing this tablet.
It brings you much convenience for your business (supports Word,
Excel, send & receive e-mails...) and entertainment (supports 3D
game, chatting, movie playback, eBooks.....).
Running on Android 4.4 with a quad core 4x 1.6GHz processor
and highly responsive capacitivb touch screen, it brings you wonderful
user experience. Before beginning, please refer to this user manual
lmpontanE Notices
5.1 Music
Vl. Settings
VIl. Battery
The new battery will be in its best condition after 2-3 times full
charge and discharge.
While using the earphone, if the volume is excessively high it
may cause hearing damage. So please adjust the volume of
the player to a moderate level and balance the time of using.
Do not disconnect the tablet suddenly when formafting or uploading and downloading, which can lead to program errors.
Do not dismantle the tablet by yourself, and do not use alco-
hol, thinner or benzene to clean its surface.
Do not use the tablet while driving or walking.
The tablet is not moisture and water resistant. Please do not
use it in a damp environment.
Do not drop or hit it to hard surface, or the screen may get
Do not upgrade the firmware by yourself. This would cause
damage to your tablet.
Keys and Functions
5. Earphone Jack To connect vour earohone
2M pixel front camera
6. Front camera
7. Power and lock Hold and press to turn on or turn off the unit.
Brieflv press to turn on or turn off the screen
8. Reset
Reset key
9. Volume - kev
10. Volume + key
Press to decrease the volume
11. Speaker
5M pixel rear camera + Autofocus
12. Rear camera
13. Charger Port
Press to increase the volume
To avoid damaging, recommend use of the
special charging equipment
l. Getting Stanted
1.1 Tunn on/off
1.1.1 Turn on
To start your tablet, press and hold the power key at the right side
of your tablet for a while. Tab and drag the lock out of the circle to
1. TF card slot
2. mini HDMI
To insert your TF card
Connect to TV output via a HDMI cable
3. Microohone
4. micro USB
Connect to a 5V output adaptor as included in
the accessories or computer via a USB cable to
transfer data (music, videos, photos, etc.)
USB OTG, supports mouse, keyboard, USB
flash disk, etc, with a converting cable
E out of the circle to unlock.
Drag the lock to right: you will go to the home screen.
Drag the lock to left: you will go to camera directly.
Tab and drag the lock
1.1.2Turn off
To power off your tablet, press and hold the power button until the
"Would you like to shut down?" dialog appears and tap "OK" to power
it off.
.2 Lock/unlock the scneen [sleep mode]
a. Google search
Tap to enter Google search page
b. Voice search
Tap to open voice search
c. Aoplications
Tap to open applications
off the LCD display. To do this, shortly press the power key. Press it
d. ESC kev
Tap to return to the previous screen/ page.
again to wake up the screen.
e. Home
Tap to return to your home page
f. Volume -
Tap to lower the volume
q. Volume +
Tap to upper the volume
h. Recent operations
Tap to show your recent operations
i. Time
To save battery, you should put your tablet in sleep mode by turning
1.3 Connect to computen
You can connect your tablet to your computer with the supplied
USB cable so you can transfer media files.
l!. Your Home Screen
j. WlFl Signal
k.Battery status
l. Bluetooth
There will be WlFl signal when WlFl connected
Show batterv status
There will be Bluetooth when it turn on
2.1 Change wallpapen fon home soneen:
Tab and hold your finger in any blank space of the home screen,
you will see a pop-up options; you can choose wallpaper from Gallery,
live Wallpapers or Wallpapers.
2.2 Addldelete applications on home scneen:
There are several apps in the home screen, you can also add more
frequently-used app icons in this home page and delete some less
frequently-used ones.
Tab the app launcher in the top right corner to go to all apps panel,
tap and move the app you want to the home screen.
To delete an app from home screen, tap and hold it, and them
movie it to the remove icon
2.3 Add widgets to home scneen:
Tab all Apps launcher
Tab WIDGETS. There are Analog clock,
bookmarks, calendar, Email, and lots of other widgets. Drag the widget you want to the home screen.
Tips: Besides your home screen, you can access to other four pan-
3.1.2 Turn off Wi-Fi
Please turn off Wi-Fi if you're not using
to save the battery. To turn
off Wi-Fi, Tab it again.
els by sliding left or right in your home screen. You can also customize
these panels.
lll. Network
3.1.3 Add a Wi-Fi network
Users may also add a Wi-Fi network under "Wi-Fi settings". ln "WiFi settings", tap "Add network". Enter the SSID (name) of the network.
3.1 Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi can only be used when it connects with home Wi-Fi Access
Point (AP) or a free unsecured Wi-Fi hotpot. Under "Wireless & networks", tap "Wi-Fi" to turn it on. After a moment, your Wi-Fi networks
list should populate. lf you need to rescan for available networks, tap
3.1.1 Turn on Wi-Fi
Within the App Panel, tap "Settings"
"Wi-Fi" to turn on wifi.
lf necessary enter security or other network
Touch Save.
configuration details'
if yo, have a Google AcNote: Network status icons turn blue
count added to your tablet and the tablet is connected to Google services, for syncing your Gmail, Calendar events, contacts, for backing
up your settings, and so on.
3.2 Bluetooth
3.2.1 Make device discoverable
You must pair your tablet with a device before you can connect to
it. Once you pair your tablet with a device, they stay paired unless you
Your tablet lists the networks it finds within range. Tap a network
to connect. lf necessary enter Network SSID, Security, and Wireless
password, and tap "Connect". When your tablet is connected to the
network, the wireless indicator
indicate connection strength.
in the status bar. Waves
unpair them.
Under "Settings", choose "Bluetooth settings". Tap Bluetooth to
turn on it and tap "search for devices". The Bluetooth indicator I
then appears in the status bar.
!V. Internet Browsing
3.2.2 Scan for devices
4.1 lntennet Bnowsing
After scanning, there will be a list of the lDs of all available Bluetooth devices in range. lf the device you want to pair with isn't in the
list, ensure that the other device is turned on and set to be discoverable.
3.2.3 Pair with the Bluetooth device
Tap the name of an available Bluetooth device to pair with. In the
popup "Bluetooth pairing request" dialog, type a PlN.
lf the pairing is successful, your tablet connects to the device.
Example: to transmit a photo
Go to "Gallery", choose a photo to share. Tap
icon or any spot
on the photo to view a submenu. Tap EE
and then
choose the device name in the Paired devices list. The photo will then
Before using your browser, make sure Wi-Fi or internet is connected.
ln your app panel, Tab the browser
icon to open your browser.
Tap the address bar, the Android keyboard will appear for your entry of keywords or URL.
New tab
bookmark this
- E - E,
be sent.
You can touch the right icon to unpair the device.
Note: After pairing, it shows under the Bluetooth device "Paired but
not connected", but file transmission is still possible.
You can see the received files by touch the top right corner icon.
At present, the Bluetooth function only supports files transmission.
To extend battery life, turn Bluetooth power off when not in use.
Aggressive AeB
by lran Signal
Pressura otr lts
3.3 3G Netwonk
A 3G network is a mobile network that allows high-speed data access and advanced network capacity. Your tablet supports 3G network by a 3G external modem, internet access is possible via a 3G
SIM card. After inserting a 3G SIM card to enter the tablet 3G signal
automatically appear.
Tab the
icon in the top corner
ofthe browser page to open the
V. Multimedia Functions
5.2 Video
5.1 Music
You can play videos saved in your tablet or TF card. To play, tap
Sicon to launch the video player:
After loading your music into your tablet, tap the music icon
open the music player. You can select songs by Artist' Albums, songs
or Play lists. Tap to select. The media player allows you to shuffle,
skip, or pause your current selection and even displays the album
artwork when available.
Tab the video you would like to play. Tab the screen to show the
video tool bar. You can play back, fast foruvard, pause your video here.
You can also add bookmark for your video, adjust brightness, or set
screen ratio here. Here is the toolbar:
in the bottom line to open a submenu in music playing page.
With the Wi-Fi on, you are also able to view an on-line video.
You can view, show off, and even edit your digital pictures on the
tablet's full color, high-resolution display. After loading your media, tap
Gallery E to display your pictures:
Note:After you power on your tablet, you can go to camera direcfly
by drag the lock to left
Tab to take a photo
To select FronU back
Set white balance,
Scene mode, etc.
Tab the picture you want to display it, and slide right or left to show
other pictures.
Tap the menu icon, you can edit, rotate, crop, or set it as wallpaper.
5.5 HDMI output
5.4 Camena
Tap the
i"on to open camera. You can take a photo, or a video
both by front camera and rear camera.
To view photos
a. Tap 'Video player' or other video players and play a required
b. Adjust your TV set and select "HDMl" output
c. Connect the tablet to your TV via HDMI cable, and wait for a few
seconds for your TV set to receive signal.
You can also operate on your tablet while HDMI connected.
U!. Settings
Tap the "settings" icon
Battery: Check the Battery status here.
to go to settings.
You can check and set wireless&networks, sound, display, stor-
Display: Tab "Settings"
"Display" to set brightness, screen time-
Language & input: to set language and keyboard input.
Backup & reset: to go to submenu "back up my data" and "Factory
age, Battery, Accounts &sync, security, language, date&time, about
tablet, etc.
out, etc.
data reset". lf you choose factory data reset, all data from your tablet,s
internal storage will be erased. Choose this option carefully.
About Tablet: To check information about your tablet, such as
Model number, android version, etc.
vil. Battery
Very Low Battery
Full Battery
Charging Battery
indicates that the power of Battery is full. When the battery level
becomes too low, a prompt comes up to note you to charge your tablet.
While charging, you can check the charging status in the lock
Wi-Fi: tap "Settings" + "Wireless & networks" to turn on wifi and
scan. lt will show a list of Wi-Fi networks scanned in range. Choose
a strong Wi-Fi network to connect. (You may need to input the password).
Display: To set Brightness, Wallpaper, Sleep time-out, Font size
Storage: Check internal storage here. lf you insert a Micro SD card,
or USB disk, you can check the total and available space for your Micro SD card or USB disk. Please unmount it to safely remove it.
It takes around 5 hours to charge your tablet to full battery. please
only use a power adapter included in the gift box to charge it.
Gan not turn on the tablet
Check the tablet's power level; please charge it before starting it.
ln case your tablet still cannot be turned on, you may try to reset it
No sound from earphone
Check if volume is set to "0". Or earphone may be broken, please
change for another one.
Big noise
Check if there is dust in the earphone or speaker. Check if the file
s broken.
Screen drift or unresponsive screen
To pin the reset button to reset your tablet and power it on again.
Application not workable
Possible reasons may be that this app is not compatible with your
OS or the downloaded .apk file is broken so you may need to download a full version.
How delete a Google account?
lf an account is added, the account is shown in "Accounts & sync"
of "Settings", where you may also add another account. To delete an
undesired account, go to "Settings" + "Privacy settings" - "Factory
data reset". Your tablet's internal storage, downloaded apps, etc. will
also be deleted, except the info in your flash memory. Be careful before you carry out this operation.
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