Traffic Management Solution

Traffic Management Solution
Revenue Increase by improving Customer Experience
Traffic Management Solution
improves Quality of Experience(QoE) for end-users, increase mobile data
usage and helps communication service providers(CSP) maximize return
on investment(ROI)
Solution Concept
TMS (Traffic Management Solution) ,through implementation of various solutions,
can improve Customer Experience and offer more comfortable environments to
smartphone end-users. The solution helps CSPs to increase mobile data usage, to
reduce CAPEX/OPEX and to generate new revenue streams for maximizing ROI.
■TMS, through implementation of Throughput
acceleration, Traffic volume reduction and
Monetization, can improve Customer Experience
and offer the following key benefits to
smartphone end-users for further loyalty
1. More comfortable communication
2. More cost-effective performance
3. More secured & convenient service
These key benefits help CSPs to increase mobile
internet usage, to reduce CAPEX/OPEX and to
generate new revenue streams.
■TMS is deployed between CSPs’ LTE/3G system and the Internet.
Access to the Internet
Video Video
Malicious site
The Internet
Key Features
1. AGILITY: to dynamically and automatically configure proper optimization parameters
in accordance with the latest traffic pattern while maintaining QoE
2. VISIBILITY: to create the reports of Network Performance and the Effect of
3. ANALYSIS: to detect problematic points in network, diagnose and improve network
status based on NEC’s expertise
4. SCALABILITY: to enable highly scalable configuration, from small deployment (such
as ~1Gbps) to larger deployment (such as a few Tbps), without affecting existing
network equipment
5. CUSTOMIZATION: to flexibly customize the solution by adapting to the requirement
of MNOs and MVNOs, having different focus and business models
QoE: Quality of Experience . It represents a service quality that users experience.
Traffic Management Solution
Menu of Solutions
Network Performance Visualization
The amount of traffic passing through TMS is
aggregated and visualized to allow CSPs to see the
current status of traffic on their networks.
The visualized QoE information can be used to
identify areas where network performance could be
[Challenge for CSPs]
• To understand current network performance
• To understand where and what times QoE could
be improved
Throughput Acceleration Solution
TMS stabilizes end-to-end
communications as a mediator
between mobile network and
the Internet.
TMS optimizes TCP parameters
dynamically based on network
condition per subscriber for
throughput acceleration to
improve QoE.
[Challenge for CSPs]
• To increase data usage
• To improve overall QoE
without investing in new
base station infrastructure
Traffic Reduction Solution
TMS reduces traffic volume
by media optimization.
TMS enables CSPs to reduce
CAPEX by efficient utilization
of existing network assets.
[Challenge for CSPs]
• For MVNO to curb data
traffic overflow for
bandwidth capacity leased
from MNOs
• For MNOs to curb data
traffic within network
capacity that existing
assets can accommodate
Monetization Solution
SSL Encrypted Video Pacing Solution
TMS can reduce mobile data
traffic volume up to 30% while
maintaining QoE for end-users.
This reduce rate is achieved by
NEC’s unique algorithm to
identify the content types of
HTTPs and optimized traffic
control measures based on the
type of content.
TMS can provide
Mobile Advertisement
function and URL
filtering function for
end-user’s access to
[Challenge for CSPs]
• To provide more secured and
enriched service for customer
experience improvement
• To build up new Business
[Challenge for CSPs]
・To facilitate the effective use
of network bandwidth while
maintaining high QoE for
end users.
 For MNO customers
 For MVNO customers
Background and Purpose
Background and Purpose
Due to rapid increase of end users, bandwidth
Use of smartphone is highly penetrated and tiered data
leased from MNO is almost exceeding the
plan is introduced. However, revenue does not grow as
contract capacity. MVNO wants to curb the
much as expected.
cost paid to MNO by efficiently utilize network
 Expected Results
Thanks to the Throughput Improvement Solution, more
 Expected Results
comfortable communication was achieved and the traffic
Payment to MNO is curbed as a result of traffic usage
usage is increased accordingly.
reduction by Traffic Reduction Solution.
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