John Deere UL 125 kW Diesel Generator Specs

John Deere UL 125 kW Diesel Generator Specs
Sample Unit
Power When You Need It!
Generator Ratings @ 1800 RPM
Standby Output
kW (kVA)
Prime Output
kW (kVA)
Standby Max Amp
of Wires
125 (125)
113 (113)
125 (156)
113 (141)
125 (156)
113 (141)
125 (156)
113 (141)
Standard Generator Set Features
Optional Equipment
· John Deere Diesel Engine Model 4045HF485 Tier 3
· AC, Single bearing direct coupled alternator with class
· Weather protective enclosure constructed of marine grade
‘H’ insulation, sized for 130°C temperature rise.
Engine and alternator mounted on vibration isolators.
Radiator sized for 120°F ambient clearance
High coolant temp., Low oil pressure safety shutdowns.
Dry type air cleaner.
12-VDC starter, engine mounted battery charging
alternator, battery cables and rack along with grounding
Microprocessor based control panel w/ metering, alarms,
shut down, under / over frequency & voltage protection.
aluminum 0.125 thickness, SS hardware white powder
coat paint finish on both sides. Sound insulation resistant
to high temperatures, fuel and oil. Hinged, removable,
keyed alike doors. Residential rated interior mounted
exhaust silencer. Vertical radiator and exhaust discharge
oil & coolant drain lines with brass check valves.
Mainline circuit breaker.
Digital or analog control panels.
Automatic transfer switch
Starting battery
Automatic battery chargers 6 or 10 amps
Thermostat controlled jacket water heater
Low coolant level switch
Single wall tanks
UL 142 fuel tanks
Day tanks
Water separator fuel filter
Space heater
Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) with voltage
regulator upgrade
Generator drip covers
17 Light remote Annunciator panel
120V Receptacle for battery charger and / or coolant
D.O.T trailers, single or dual axle with brakes.
Enviro - friendly custom color options
*Stand by ratings are applicable for the duration of any power outage. No overload is available at these ratings. Prime ratings are continuous per BS 5514, DIN 6271,
ISO3046 & IEC 34-1. Overload capacity on prime-power ratings is 10% for one hour in each twelve hours of operation. All single phase ratings are based on a 1.0
power factor, three (3) phase ratings based on a 0.8 power factor. Ratings are established based on 85°F ( 29°C ) and an elevation of 1,000 feet ( 305 meters ).
Please consult your Stateline representative for information concerning derates for temperature, altitude & humidity.
Engine Specifications
Model: John Deere Diesel Engine 4045HF485 Tier 3
Maximum power– 197 bhp / 147 kWm @ 1800 rpm
Cubic capacity– 275 in³ / 4.5 L
Bore & stroke– 4.17” x 5.00” ( 106mm x 127mm )
Turbocharged, 4 cylinder vertical in-line, 4 stroke
direct injection
Governor type- Electronic
Frequency regulation: Isochronous, steady-state
Fluids: Oil capacity total system - 16.5 quarts ( 15.7 liters )
Coolant capacity w/ radiator - 5.5 gallons ( 20.8 liters )
Fuel Consumption US gallon ( liters ) / hr @ 1800 rpm
50% load - 5.1 (19.3)
75% load - 7.1 (26.8)
100% load - 9.2 (34.8)
Oil filter - Spin-on type
Air filter– Dry element type
Electrical system: 12v starter, 65 amps alternator DC output
Minimum recommended battery size: 1190 CCA
Fuel type: BS 2869: Part 2 1998 Class A2 or ASTM D975 D2
Alternator Specifications
Marathon Electric: Brushless, 4 pole rotating field,
Voltage regulation: + / - 1%, Volts/Hertz, electronic, EMI filtered
Class insulation: ‘H’ to NEMA MG-1-1.66
Rated temperature standby: 130 C° rise / 40 C° ambient
Coupling: SAE adapter, flexible disc, direct.
Load acceptance: One step, 100% per NFPA 110
Features: Self ventilated drip-proof construction. Superior voltage
waveform achieved by a 2/3 pitch and skewed rotor.
Vacuum-impregnated windings with fungus-resistant epoxy for
dependability and long-life. Compliance with NEMA, IEEE and ANSI
standards for temp. rise. Sustained short-circuit capability enabling
down-line circuit breakers to trip without collapsing the generator field.
No load to full-load regulation of +/- 2%.
Power When You Need It!
Control Panel Specifications
Microprocessor based, navigation key with
large LCD display. Event recording
transfer switch control (main failures)
SAE J1939 CANBUS communication.
Multilingual capability suitable for rental
application. Remote communication capability
Operational features
Alternator Protection: under / over voltage,
under / over frequency.
· Engine protection: Low oil pressure, high
coolant temperature,over speed & over
crank, sender unit failure, fuel leak / fuel
sender failure, battery charger failure.
· All protections are programmable as alarms
or pre-alarms
· Operating power: Nominal 12-24 Vdc
consumption 14.2W run mode
• Metering (ample range): Volts, current, Hz,
watts, VA, Pf, oil pressure, coolant
temperature, rpm, DC volts, fuel level,
engine running time.
• Engine control with timers.
• External remote start input (on or off load)
• 16 programmable contact inputs.
• 7 Contact outputs.
Agency Approvals: UL 508 R CSA C22.2 No 14
NFPA 110
CE Compliance: EC LVD-73/23/EEC EN 61000-6-4:2001 EMC EN 50178:1997 EMC- 89/336/EEC EN 610000 6-2:2001 EMC Immunity
One complete set Owners / Operators, Engine, Alternator and Accessory manuals
Dimensional and Mounting Specifications
inches (mm): 103 (2616) L x 36 (914) W x 57.18 (1465.1)H w/ Enclosure Only Less Fuel Tank
Estimated Overall Dry Weight lb. (kg): 3900 (1731) Less Fuel Tank
Note: The above dimensions and weights would change if a sub-base fuel tank was added. An electrical stub area is positioned at the rear of
the sub-base fuel tanks. Spacing from rear access cover to the tank is approximately 9 inches (228.6 mm).
Specifications subject to change without notice
15749 Lyons Valley Rd.
Jamul CA 91935
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