PXDPFB iPod Adapter Installation Guide for Ford Focus Blaupunkt Radio

PXDPFB iPod Adapter Installation Guide for Ford Focus Blaupunkt Radio
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iPod Adapter
Installation Guide for Ford Focus Blaupunkt Radio
Revised February 10, 2016
3. To remove radio simply push tools into keyholes on both
sides of the radio until locked, then (1) pull tools slightly
Many Ford Focus Owners with the Blaupunkt stereo are having a
sideways and (2) pull forward as illustrated in Fig. 1.1
difficult time finding an easy an effective way of connecting and
listening to their Apple iPod devices. Many are turned away, offered
an FM Modulator, told nothing is available or recommend replacing
the radio, however if none of those options peak your interest we
offer the PXDPFB. The PXDPFB Kit works on 20002000-04 Focus
Blaupunkt Radio model 3S4T3S4T-18C869 and the only requirement is
to disconnect the factory external CD Changer**
Changer , but with the
storage capacity of most portable devices, sacrificing the CD Changer
Fig. 1.1
should be an easy decision.
1. Remove radio from the dashboard to gain access to the
2. The kit includes a pair of removal tools required to remove
these Radios (See Fig. 1)
Fig. 2
Radio Connectors
4. The radio connectors should resemble those seen in Fig.2
5. Connect the blue/ green plug from adapter harness (See Fig.
3) to the C-2 and C-3 slots on radio (See
See Fig. 2)
Fig. 1
Radio Removal Tool
Fig. 6
8-pin input
Fig. 3
Adapter harness
9. Route the 30-pin dock connector to the front of the dash or
location where audio device will reside (within 10 ft.)
6. Connect the 22-way Molex plug on Adapter harness (See Fig.
3) to the 22-pin connector on Main Module (See Fig. 4)
Fig. 4
Fig. 7
22-way Molex connector
Apple 30-pin dock connector
7. Dip switches # 2 & # 8 must be set to “ON” (down). All
others must be left “OFF” (up)
Test Operation:
1. Turn the Radio “ON”
Fig. 5
2. Press the “CD
CDC” button to enter CD Changer/Aux Mode
3. Connect your Apple device to dock connector
4. Search the device for a song and hit play. Music from Audio
8. Connect the 8-pin DIN to 30-pin dock connector cable to
the Main Module. (See Fig. 6)
device will play on car speakers.
5. Use radio volume control button to set the playback level. To
Can I use the radio buttons to control the Apple device
reduce distortion we recommended setting the audio device
YES; The PXDPFB iPod adapter is capable of controlling four
volume level to 50% or less
Apple basic functions using the CD Changer control buttons on
Warning! Playlist and Track selection is *NOT* possible from the
GM radio. You must use the audio devices built-in controls to
access audio files.
the radio including FF, REW, Track up and Track down.
3. Can I use the radio buttons to navigate the Apple device
NO; this adapter is not capable of browsing apple menus (i.e.
6. If correct operation is confirmed go ahead and reinstall the
7. To reinstall radio simply remove the keys from the keyhole,
Search by Artist, Song, and Playlist etc.). You must use the Apple
device built-in controls to navigate its menus.
4. Are they any other Blaupunkt Radios compatible with the
align and push the radio back into the cavity until it locks in
NO; this adapter works only on the 3S4T-18C869- ?? Radio.
Frequently asked questions
1. Does the PXDP
PXDPFB work on other Focus Radios
NO; The PXDPFB works only on the Blaupunkt CD/MP3 Player
in Ford Focus. The radio and model number pictured below.
(Model number is printed on radio chassis)
** External or remote CD Changer refers to the optional Changer installed on the
lower dash, center armrest, hatch, trunk etc. (external CD Changer is not the
Changer built-into the head unit)
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