HealthPro Upgrade Sheet

HealthPro Upgrade Sheet
Upgrading Your HealthProTM is Easy !
Thank you for upgrading your HealthPro with a V5-Cell filter. This will enable you to upgrade your IQAir
HealthPro to a HealthPro Plus in a matter of minutes. As a result, your new HealthPro Plus will filter
gaseous pollutants and odors, in addition to allergens, dust and other airborne particles.
Installing Your V5-CellTM Filter
A) Ensure that the IQAir device is disconnected from the power supply. Open the two locking
arms, ensuring that both are fully extended outwards. (For details, see chapter 6.3 in your
HealthPro Plus Manual).
B) Remove the diffuser and frame 3 containing the IQAir HEPA Filter.
C) Insert the V5-CellTM Gas Filter into the empty frame 2. Ensure that the arrows on the filter label
point upward and the filter is pressed firmly into the frame. (For details, see chapter 6.5)
D) Place frame 3 and the diffuser back on top of the air cleaner.
E) Push both locking arms inwards simultaneously to close your IQAir. (For details, see
chapter 6.3)
Update your Model Selection in the Control Panel
Updating the current model setting from HealthPro to HealthPro Plus, activates the Filter Life
Monitor for the V5-CellTM filter (Filter 2) on the control panel. This will ensure that the filter life of
this new filter will also be properly monitored.
A) Press the Menu key nine times to reach the Current Model Menu.
B) Press and hold down the Enter key until the cursor appears.
C) Press the ▲ key to change the model from HealthPro to
HealthPro Plus.
D) Press the Enter key to save the HealthPro Plus selection.
E) Now the control panel will track the filter life of the V5-CellTM filter.
This will be apparent by the green LED lighting up on the air
cleaner illustration on the control panel.
If you have any questions, please call our Solution Center at 1-877-715-4-AIR (1-877-715-4247).
Thank you for choosing the IQAir® HealthProTM Series.
1 (800) 934-9194
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