X40 series Setup Poster
P/N 39T2157
Initial Setup Instructions
For more detailed information, press the Access IBM button.
Wireless Antenna
Optimal placement provides
superior range and performance
ThinkPad(R) computer
Battery pack
Power cord
One - Handed Latch
Keyboard Light
Illuminates your
keyboard, so you can
work in the dark
AC adapter
Volume and Mute
2 TrackPoint(R) caps
Modem cord
Wireless Radio
* See reverse for notes about unlisted, missing,
or damaged items and recovery CD.
- Setup Instructions (this sheet)
- Service and Troubleshooting Guide
- Other supplements or flyers
Easily give presentations
or use multiple monitors
Note: Please read the safety notices in the
Service and Troubleshooting Guide before you
use the computer.
Install battery pack:
Your battery is ready to use.
Note: Some models have a
battery that is shaped differently.
Use to undock and
remove attachable
Connect to power:
Brightness Control
Powered USB Connector
Use USB optical drives
without a separate power
Internet Navigation
Web browser back and
Turn on the power:
Full Screen Magnifier
Zooms the entire screen
Point and click with TrackPoint(R) Navigation System:
Press the TrackPoint cap in the direction you want to move the pointer. The left and right
buttons below the space bar function like mouse buttons.
Manage Power Scheme
Configure the Operating System following on-screen instructions:
This process takes several minutes, and your computer may restart multiple times.
For more detailed information, press the Access IBM button:
Fn Key
Use in combination with keys
with blue icons to access
special ThinkPad features
TrackPoint Center Button
Scroll documents or magnify an
Fingerprint Reader
Replace logon passwords for
simple and secure user access.
Specific models only.
P/N: 39T2157
X40 series Setup Poster
P/N 39T2157
Optional ThinkPad X4 UltraBase Dock
This option is available to expand the functionality of your ThinkPad X40 series.
To learn more, press the blue Access IBM button and enter "X4 UltraBase" in the Help
Center keyword search field.
You can get information about ThinkVantage Technologies at any time by
pressing the blue Access IBM button on your keyboard.
Installing Optional memory
Some ThinkPad computers have an embedded security chip.
To learn about using the software and enabling the chip, enter "security
chip" in the Help Center keyword search field.
You can increase the amount of memory in your computer.
Note: Use only memory types supported by your computer. If you install the optional memory incorrectly or
install an unsupported memory type, a warning beep will sound when you try to start the computer.
Some ThinkPad computers also have a fingerprint reader.
To learn more about the reader, enter "fingerprint reader" in the Help
Center keyword search field.
Install the optional SO-DIMM:
Access Connections
Some ThinkPad computers are equipped with a wireless LAN adapter.
To learn more about configuring wireless LAN and other communication
adapters including your wired connections, enter "Access Connections"
in the Help Center keyword search field.
If a SO-DIMM is already installed, remove it as
shown. Save the SO-DIMM for future use.
Touch a grounded metal object to reduce
any static electricity in your body that could
damage the SO-DIMM. Avoid touching the
contact edge of the SO-DIMM.
Turn off the computer.
Disconnect the AC adapter and all cables
from the computer.
You can move data from your old computer to this ThinkPad computer.
Enter "migration" in the Help Center keyword search field to learn about
uning data migration software.
Close the computer display and turn the
computer over.
Remove the battery.
Loosen the screws next to DIMM icons on
the expansion slot cover, and then remove
the cover.
Align the notch in the contact edge of the
SO-DIMM with the divider in the socket.
Firmly insert the SO-DIMM into the socket at
an angle of 20 degrees 1 , and then pivot it
downward until it snaps into place 2 .
Replace the expansion slot cover.
Attention: Never use the computer with
the expansion slot cover open.
10 Replace the battery and re-connect the AC
adapter and cables.
Help and Support
To learn about Help and Support, choose "Help Center" in Productivity
Center, and choose the Get Help & Support category in Help Center.
* Additional unpacking notes:
1) Some models may contain items that are not listed.
2) If any item is missing or damaged, please contact your place of purchase.
3) Your computer features Disk-to-Disk Recovery. Everything for recovering factoryinstalled files and applications is on your hard disk eliminating the need for a recovery
CD. For more information, see "Recovering Pre-Installed Software" in the Service and
Troubleshooting Guide.
Your name:
Company name:
Model number:
Serial number:
Company or reseller service:
Verify proper installation of the optional SO-DIMM:
Support Web site:
1 Turn on computer.
Support number:
2 Press the Access IBM button when prompted during startup.
Printed in China
3 Open the BIOS Setup Utility by clicking "Access BIOS" under the "Configure" category or by double-clicking
"Start Setup Utility."
4 Verify that the "Installed memory" item shows the total amount of memory installed in your computer.
For example, if your computer had 256 MB of standard memory and you install an additional 512 MB
SO-DIMM, the quantity shown in "Installed memory" should be 768 MB.
Copyright Lenovo 2005
Portions Copyright International Business Machines Corporation 2005.
All rights reserved.
Thinkpad is a registered trademark of Lenovo.
IBM is a trademark of IBM Corp.
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