Neolab neoBlock1 Manual
Instruction Manual
neoBlock® Dry Block Heater
item no. 2-2503
Please read these instructions carefully before use.
The neoBlock is a very precise and easy to handle dry block heater.
Please do not remove the serial number from the temperature probe. A precise temperature
calibration is only guaranteed when the probe is used together with the thermostate of same
serial number.
Fit the block carefully into the heater well, otherwise the precisely produced, plane surface
could be deformed. The heater well and blocks must touch each other in an optimal way for
ensuring an optimal temperature control. An extractor tool is provided with each block to
remove the blocks safely and easily. The tool should be screwed tightly into the threaded
hole in the block.
For reaching a most precise temperature control, please remove the extractor tool and insert
the probe in the probe borehole (Ø 3mm). The probe can also be placed in the borehole
marked “PROBE” on the back of the device (depth abt. 10 cm). In both cases, the probe has
to be inserted completely until there is contact to the back of the borehole.
Please take into account that in case of placing the probe on the back, there will result a
difference of shown temperature and real temperature of the samples of several degrees C.
If possible, plug the mains cable directly into a wall socket. The necessary voltage is
indicated on the number plate on the back of the device. If connected, the “POWER” light will
Push the On/Off button on the back of the unit.
The display „ACTUAL“ shows the actual block temperature, the display „SET“ shows the
nominal temperature preselected. For changing the “SET” temperature, press the Δ (up) or ∇
(down) buttons.
„HEATER ON“ is shown when the unit is heating.
The light „BLOCK HOT“ is continuously illuminated after that block temperature has
reached 59,9°C.
The neoBlock has been calibrated to 37,0°C ± 0,2°C. A new calibration is normally not
In case of need, the „ACTUAL“ temperature display can be changed. Press the „CAL/AUTO
OFF“ button, then the Δ (up) oder ∇ (down) buttons for changing the displayed value. The
neoLab Migge Laborbedarf-Vertriebs GmbH, Rischerstr. 7-9, D-69123 Heidelberg
Tel. 06221 / 84 42-0
Instruction Manual
buttons have to be pressed for 2 seconds before the value changes (to avoid unintentional
changements of values).
Then press the „CAL/AUTO OFF“ button twice to leave the programming mode.
A return to factory settings is possible by entering the (CAL) value 0.0.
The automatic timer will set the block heater off after a preselected time.
For programming the timer, press the „CAL/AUTO OFF“ button twice. Then press the Δ (up)
or ∇ (down) buttons to programm the time. Hold the Δ / ∇ buttons for 2 seconds. For
activating the timer and leave the programming mode, press the „CAL/AUTO OFF“ button.
If the timer is set, the display will show the remaining time (upper display) and the
preselected time (lower display). The time is shown in hours (H). Once the timer has counted
down to zero, the upper display will start to flash and the lower display will show “OFF”. By
pressing the „CAL/AUTO OFF“ button, the display will return to temperature mode.
For restarting the timer, press the „CAL/AUTO OFF“ button 3 times, and the preselected
time of the last operation will automatically be displayed. To stop the timer, please set the
remaining time to 0 or press the On/Off button.
In case of error, the timer stops and the display starts to flash (no timer “OFF”
Flashlight of the upper display shows that no probe has been connected. A connection with a
properly funtioning temperature probe will stop flashlight.
Flashlights of both displays will start if the temperature probe is not at one of its places in the
heating block so that there is no measured temperatue increase.
In rare cases, this can also be caused by no temperture raise after placement of new
samples into the block or setting of a new block. By security reasons, this cannot be
excluded. Quit this error by pushing the On/Off button.
For ensuring a safe and economical operation, please set the unit off before extracting the
probe. Start the unit only after having reset the probe in its place. This avoids unnecessary
heating and waiting periods.
In rare cases, a fault in the current delivery can cause undefined display behaviour. Switch
off the unit for 5 seconds, then it will be reset to factory settings.
230 V / 50 Hz
max. 160 VA
107 x 143 x 151 mm
1.8 kg
neoLab Migge Laborbedarf-Vertriebs GmbH, Rischerstr. 7-9, D-69123 Heidelberg
Tel. 06221 / 84 42-0
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