Iridium GO! Postpaid Contract
 GMN Service agreement for Iridium Postpaid GMN Service agreement for Iridium Postpaid I understand that my completion of this Service Agreement does not guarantee service.
1 Account Information
fill out all applicable fields as requested below. Not all fields will apply to non business/governmental customers.
[All information will be kept strictly confidential]
Company/Individual: ________________________________________________________________
Name: _____________________________________________________________________________
Primary Contact: _____________________________________ Phone#: ________________________
Secondary Contact: ___________________________________ Phone#: ________________________
Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________________________
City: _________________ State: _____________ Post Code: ____________ Country: _____________
Phone #: _____________________________________ Fax: _________________________________
Mobile #:________________________ E-Mail Address: _____________________________________
Is this company a subsidiary or sister of a parent company? ☐Yes ☐No
If yes, enter name and address of parent company:
Name: _____________________________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________________
City: _________________ State: _____________ Post Code: ____________ Country: _____________
Billing Category: ☐Private Business ☐GSA ☐Government (Non-GSA) ☐Other: ________________
If Federal/State Tax exempt, please attach certificate(s) and check this box: ☐Federal/State Tax Exempt - documents attached
2a Payment Method (please select one payment method)
☐ Direct Billing: (Subject to Credit Verification/Approval) – Business/Government customers only.
☐ Automatic Deduction from credit card: (Please provide information requested below)
2b Payment Information
Purchase Order Info – Business/Government Customers Only
P.O. #:_____________________________________________ P.O. # Amt: _____________________
Person responsible for payment of P.O.: ________________________ P.O. Exp. Date: ___/___/______
Dept: _____________ Email: ___________________________________ Ph: ____________________
1/8 Fax to 865.681.5017 or scan and email to Initials: _______ GMN Service agreement for Iridium Postpaid GMN Service agreement for Iridium Postpaid Credit Card Type: ☐Visa ☐MasterCard ☐American Express ☐Other: _______________________
Card Number: ____________________________________________ Expiration:
as it appears on Credit Card: ______________________________________________________
Billing address is the same as the address in part 1: ☐Yes ☐No (if No, please indicate billing address below):
Credit Card Billing:
Address: ___________________________________________________________________________
City: _________________ State: _____________ Post Code: ____________ Country: _____________
I,_________________________________________, hereby authorize Global Marine Networks, LLC,
via this signed authorization to charge the above credit card for payment of ALL services requested
under this Service Agreement.
I further agree that the cardholder bears the responsibility for ensuring the credit card information,
including expiration date, is current. If the credit card issuer allows, Global Marine Networks, LLC,
may obtain any new expiration dates, any new account numbers or other renewal information from the
credit card account and use this information to update the account.
Signature of Card Holder
(Note: Global Marine Networks, LLC, does not accept third party credit cards)
3 Terminal Information
IMEI: 300______________________ (on the phone or the GO!)
SIM Card #: 8988_____________________ (on SIM Card)
4 Iridium Airtime Service Plans, with 12 month commitment minimum
Please choose your plan from the following options.
For plan changes, please refer to section (3) of our Terms and conditions.
All prices below are in USD ($). There is no activation fee on any of these plans.
2/8 Fax to 865.681.5017 or scan and email to Initials: _______ GMN Service agreement for Iridium Postpaid GMN Service agreement for Iridium Postpaid All prices in USD ($)
Cost per
Data min
Iridium Postpaid: Basic Plan
(available for Iridium 9555, Iridium
9575/Extreme, and other legacy Iridium
Out of bundle, voice
or data, excluding
calls to other MSS2
☐ Iridium Postpaid: The 75 Plan3
(available for Iridium 9555, Iridium
9575/Extreme, and other legacy Iridium
☐ Iridium Postpaid: The 150 Plan3
(available for Iridium 9555, Iridium
9575/Extreme, and other legacy Iridium
phones) ☐ Iridium GO! 5 0
☐ Iridium GO! 753
☐ Iridium GO! 1503
☐ Iridium GO! Unlimited Data
10min of voice and data combined. The first 10min of usage are free, whether they are used for voice or data. After 10min, regular per min cost applies.
Note that no bundled minutes rollover from month to month.
Calls to other MSS will be charged at $9.69 per min, and cannot be part of the voice min included
Iridium 75 and 150 plans include 75 or 150 minutes per month to be used for both voice and data connections. The bundled minutes (either 75 or 150,
depending on the plan) are free, whether they are used for voice or data. Once bundled minutes have been used, regular cost per minute applies.
Note that no bundled (included) minutes rollover from month to month.
Total Monthly Fee: $_______________
5a Email and data compression
Email and data compression services are available on request. Please contact us at 865-379-8723 or
visit our web site: for information and to sign up.
5b +1 Access Service Option
This option allows Iridium customers to have a “U.S” phone number that is linked directly to the
satellite phone, so people calling them won't be charged international calling charges. The calling party
pays any long distance to the area code assigned and you will pay the appropriate airtime rate for the
plan you selected for all satellite airtime. The caller will, however, avoid the international toll rate
charged by their long distance carrier (for calls to country code 8816), which can often be several
dollars per minute.
☐ +1 Access Service ($ 9.30 per month)
Due to network structure, data is not available with the +1 Access service.
3/8 Fax to 865.681.5017 or scan and email to Initials: _______ GMN Service agreement for Iridium Postpaid GMN Service agreement for Iridium Postpaid 5c Two Stage Dialing Option
two-stage dialing option is another way to avoid international toll charges from long distance
carriers for calls to the Iridium phone. This option is more affordable for the person dialing to the
Iridium phone, but will cost the Satellite phone subscriber (see section 5f for detail). To place these
calls first dial the Arizona Iridium gateway at 480.768.2500. This will be considered a long distance
call for the person calling from the US. Once dialed, the voice prompt will welcome the caller and ask
for the Iridium number to be contacted. At this point the caller enters the 12 digit Iridium number of the
receiving satellite phone. After entering the number, be patient and the phone call will eventually go
through. This option is available without any monthly fee to all customers.
Keep in mind that the phone call will only go through if the satellite phone being called is outside,
turned on and receiving signal. If the Satellite phone is not receiving a signal from the satellite network,
any voice calls to that phone will be sent to voicemail. If you leave a voicemail on the Iridium phone,
the subscriber will be notified the next time the phone is registered on the Iridium network.
5d SMS Service
The cost for sending an SMS depends on the plan you chose. See chart in section 4 for more
SMS are free to receive.
Iridium terminals are capable of making high speed (broadband) Internet connections that can result in
SIGNIFICANT AIRTIME BILLS for satellite airtime if usage is not monitored and controlled. Service
Users must use extreme caution when connecting this terminal to a computer network that may request
or search for Internet access. If you have any questions about connecting your terminal to a network,
contact Global Marine Networks.
Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: ____/______/____________
4/8 Fax to 865.681.5017 or scan and email to Initials: _______ GMN Service agreement for Iridium Postpaid GMN Service agreement for Iridium Postpaid 7 Terms and Conditions
(Please read and sign where indicated)
Marine Networks, LLC. - Mobile Satellite Services Terms and Agreement
(1) Customer. The term “Customer” hereinafter refers to the company and/or individual identified in
Section 1 – Customer information – of this Application and Service Agreement (the “Agreement’).
(2) Availability of Limited Service. Service is generally available to satellite terminals equipped for
this service when within the satellite footprint. Service is furnished to Customer and Customer’s
authorized user(s). A telephone number may not appear in more than one terminal. Customer has no
property right in such number. Global Marine Networks, LLC, reserves the right to assign, designate,
or change such number, when, in its sole discretion, such action is reasonably necessary in the conduct
of its business.
(3) Global Marine Networks Service. Customer has contracted to have Global Marine Networks,
LLC, provide the service under the terms detailed in this Agreement. Basic Satellite Service is
provided via the Iridium network utilizing land earth stations. Iridium service is provided through
stations operated by Iridium, LLC. Customer agrees to remain as a subscriber of the service for a
period of one year from the date of service activation stated in Schedule A. Furthermore, Customer
agrees to pay any applicable activation, monthly service, service usage fees and any applicable taxes
thereon. Global Marine Networks, LLC reserves the right to change rates at any time.
(4) Renewal; Termination; Deactivation of Service. All plans are automatically renewed on a
month-to-months basis at the end of 12 months from the date of service activation. Customers who do
not wish to renew their Service Agreement MUST provide written notice of termination to GLOBAL
MARINE NETWORKS thirty days prior to the end of the contract term. If notice of termination is not
received, the Service Agreement will be automatically renewed and fees will continue to be charged to
Customer’s account. Notice of cancellation should be send either by email to, or in writing to: GLOBAL MARINE NETWORKS, Customer
Service Department, 2668 Jericho Road, Maryville, TN 37803 USA, no less than thirty (30) days prior
to the expiration of the term of this Service Agreement.
(5) Early termination; Plan Changes; Contractual Limitations. Early terminations during the first
year of service are subject to a $250.00 termination fee per terminal. Customer may renew for
successive one (1) year service periods at the same terms and conditions contained herein. Notice of
termination should be by email to, or in writing to: GLOBAL
MARINE NETWORKS, Customer Service Department, 2668 Jericho Road, Maryville, TN 37803
USA, no less than thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of any term of this Agreement.
During the contract period, Customer may change the pricing plan to a higher bundle free of charge.
Moving to a lower pricing plan will begin a new twelve month contract period. This Service
Agreement cannot be assigned without the written consent of Global Marine Networks. Global Marine
Networks reserves the right to terminate this Contract at any time during the contract period.
(6) Data Transmission Use & Dropped Calls. Due to the technical nature of data setups and the
inherent sophistication of data transmission through a variety of satellite and other operating systems,
Global Marine Networks makes no representation as to the success of voice or data calls through any
5/8 Fax to 865.681.5017 or scan and email to Initials: _______ GMN Service agreement for Iridium Postpaid GMN Service agreement for Iridium Postpaid system. Customer agrees that all data call attempts regardless of ultimate successful transmission and
termination will be paid for and no credits will be given in the event of a dispute of this nature. Along
with potential incorrect use (i.e.: next to a building/obstruction),
all satellite systems (including low
that can create dropped calls
of either voice or data nature. Dropped calls will not be credited. Global Marine Networks can provide
data setup technical support beyond the normally provided setup instructions at an additional charge.
Please consult with a sales representative for more details.
(7) Invoicing; Guarantee of Payment for Services. Global Marine Networks will invoice customer
on a monthly basis. The bill is due and payable upon receipt. Monthly recurring charges are billed
current each month and airtime is billed monthly in arrears. Customer understands that Customer is
responsible for all air time charges, including but not limited to direct airtime, long distance and
roaming charges (if applicable), and charges for any Customer-elected, value-added services (when
available). Payment must be made in U.S. Dollars. Customer requests for direct billing are subject to
credit approval and may be subject to required deposits and/or direct payment by credit card or a
guarantee authorized against a valid accepted credit card. It is the Customer’s responsibility to notify
Global Marine Networks when their credit card renews (with the new expiration date and any other
changes) or if they wish to change credit cards. Failure to provide Global Marine Networks with
updated credit card information could result in suspension of service, deactivation of the SIM card, and
a reactivation fee.
(8) Taxes. The price of service does not include sales, usage, excise, ad valorem, property or any other
taxes or fees now or hereafter imposed, directly or indirectly, by any governmental authority or agency
with respect to the Service. Customer shall pay such taxes or fees directly or reimburse Global Marine
Networks. A 2.75% FCC Regulatory Fee is assessed against all service and voice airtime usage.
(9) Deposits. Mobile Satellite services are granted subject to credit approval by Global Marine
Networks. Global Marine Networks requires the establishment of credit or the ability to pay invoices
according to the established terms. Deposits of $500.00 to $1,000.00 are usually required for Non-US
citizens or customers who do not have established credit. Customers will be advised prior to service
activation if a deposit is required. Deposits will be refunded at service or contract termination.
(10) Foreign Credit Cards. Foreign credit cards will be accepted only after a complete verification
has been done with the issuing bank. The issuing bank must contact the credit card holder and confirm
the authorization for the charge to be approved. Verification of foreign credit cards may delay order
processing for up to 72 hours. The deposit requirements in (9) above will still apply. Global Marine
Networks reserves the right to decline any credit card transaction.
(11) Non-Payment; Breach. A late charge of the lesser of 1.5% per month or the maximum
percentage allowed by law will be applied to each of Customer’s service bills not paid by the due date.
This late charge is applicable to the unpaid balance as of the due date. Customer shall pay Global
Marine Networks all costs including, without limitation, reasonable attorney’s fees, the fees of any
collection agency, and any other costs incurred by Global Marine Networks in exercising any of its
rights under the Agreement. Should Customer’s service be suspended for non-payment, Global Marine
Networks will charge a decommissioning fee of $50.00 per mobile terminal for re-activation of the
suspended terminal. Global Marine Networks charges a fee of $35.00 for returned checks.
(12) Limitation of Liability. The satellite services provided by Global Marine Networks may be
6/8 Fax to 865.681.5017 or scan and email to Initials: _______ GMN Service agreement for Iridium Postpaid GMN Service agreement for Iridium Postpaid temporarily interrupted, delayed or otherwise limited and not available everywhere in the world.
Global Marine Networks makes no representation that it can provide uninterrupted service.
Furthermore, Global Marine Networks shall have no liabilities
or credit due for interrupted service
Global Marine Networks shall not
be liable for acts or omissions of other carriers, equipment failures or modifications, acts of God,
strikes, government actions, or other causes beyond our reasonable control.
(13) Subscriber Terminals and Equipment. Global Marine Networks is not responsible for the
installation, operation, quality of transmission or maintenance of Customer equipment. If Customer’s
equipment is stolen, Customer should notify Global Marine Networks immediately, but will still be
held responsible for all charges as agreed upon in this Service Agreement.
(14) Licensing. Customers wishing to operate satellite phones while in foreign territories shall be
solely responsible for obtaining any and all licensing or approvals that may be required to operate
satellite phones within such territories. Global Marine Networks does not guarantee any authority to
radiate from territories other than those allowing trans-border operations of satellite equipment.
(15) Governing Law. This Service Agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the
State of Tennessee without regard to its rules as to conflicts of laws, and the parties expressly consent
to the jurisdiction and venue of the courts located in Blount County, Tennessee. Each party hereby
irrevocably and unconditionally consents to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of such courts for any
action, suit, or proceeding arising out of or relating to this Agreement and the transactions
contemplated by this Agreement, and waives any objection to such jurisdiction and venue. Customer
further agrees that this contract is deemed executed in Tennessee and all transactions regarding this
service agreement occurs in Tennessee.
(16) Severability. Each of the Sections of this Service Agreement shall stand as an independent and
severable provision, and the invalidity of any one Section or portion thereof shall not affect the validity
of any other provision. In the event any provision shall be construed to be invalid, no other provision
of this Service Agreement shall be affected thereby.
(17) Binding Effect. This Service Agreement supersedes all prior agreement, written or oral, between
the parties relating to the subject matter of this Service Agreement. This Service Agreement may not
be assigned, modified, changed or discharged, in whole or in part, except by an agreement in writing
signed by all parties. This Agreement will be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties hereto
and their respective heirs, successors and assigns.
7/8 Fax to 865.681.5017 or scan and email to Initials: _______ GMN Service agreement for Iridium Postpaid GMN Service agreement for Iridium Postpaid I acknowledge that I have read, understand and will be bound by all the terms and conditions included
in all pages of this Application/Service Agreement. I further acknowledge that I am fully authorized to
sign as responsible party and that I authorize Global Marine Networks, L.L.C., or its representatives to
and review the information and references identified within this Application/Service Agreement,
obtain my company’s credit report and credit history and/or all other relevant information and materials
that I provide for the purpose of identifying financial status and creditworthiness.
________________________________ _________ ________________________________
Customer Signature
8/8 Date
Printed Name
Fax to 865.681.5017 or scan and email to Initials: _______ 
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