Microplate Labeler Consumables Selection Guide (PDF、英語)

Microplate Labeler Consumables Selection Guide (PDF、英語)
Agilent G5404A, G5404B/G
Microplate Labeler Consumables
Selection Guide
Authentic Agilent automation-certified labels with application-matched
ribbon guarantee the highest level
of system performance and superior
instrument and applications support
Instrument discontinued,
consumables will remain
available under new part
number G5404-00029
●= YES (dot)
G5404A Microplate Labeler
(formerly “VCode”)
G5404B/G Microplate Labeler
Media Kit Contents:
1-Label roll adhesive labels
1-Ribbon roll to image one label roll
1-Used ribbon take-up spool for
take-up hub
1-Print head cleaning pen (multi-use)
1-Media loading document
(G5404B labeler only)
G5404-60029 5,000 Labels
(formerly G5450A Option 001: 09479-001,
G5404-60005 6,500 Labels
G5404-60013 13,000 Labels
New Microplate Labeler instruments include
one 6,500 label Media Kit.
Additional consumables may be purchased
at time of instrument purchase using these
special part numbers:
G5404B/G Microplate Labeler Instrument
G5404B/G with Option 264 6,500 Labels
G5404B/G with Option 267 13,000 Labels
G5404A Labeler Media Kit 0.25" 5K
Ribbon & labels for 5,000 labels.
DMSO resistant, -80°C to +100°C.
6.35 mm H x 50.8 mm W. 0.25" High x 2" Wide.
Compatible w/06497-001, 0.25” Vac Pads
10,000 and 15,000 roll labels will no longer be
available once existing supplies are exhausted:
G5450A Option 002 10,000 Labels
(formerly 09479-002, 09479.002)
G5450A Option 003 15,000 Labels
(formerly 09479-003, 09479.003)
G5404B/G Labeler Media Kit 0.25" 6.5K (or 13K)
Ribbon & labels for 6,500 (or 13,000) labels.
DMSO resistant, -80°C to +100°C.
6.35 mm H x 50.8 mm W. 0.25" High x
2" Wide.
Compatible w/06497-001, 0.25” Vac Pads
●= YES (dot)
G5404A Microplate Labeler
G5404B/G Microplate Labeler
ROLL LENGTH (Label Quantity)
ADHESION (The type of adhesive used to adhere label) * Permanent Adhesion: Adhesive strength increases over time. Label may be
peeled-off but should not be reapplied. Label is designed to not fall off or come off, without some mechanical effort.
Compound Storage
DNA Sequencing
PCR Thermal Cycling (Dry)
Limited – Must be Tested/Qualified
Limited – Must be Tested/Qualified
SPA Radioactive/Top Count Assays
PCR Water Bath Cycling
CHEMICAL COMPATIBILITY GUIDELINES Dots in the fields below indicate that the image on the label has some level of chemical
resistance (image remains legible on the label stock, by resisting damage by chemical reactivity or solvent action over short periods of
time). For example, in the case of DMSO below, the image is considered resistant to DMSO rather than compatible or impervious to DMSO
(the image may become illegible if concentrated DMSO is left on the image for extended periods or if DMSO is placed on a wipe, then
rubbed over the image).
Label, Individual
6.35 mm x 50.8 mm (0.25" High x 2.0" Wide)
6.35 mm x 50.8 mm (0.25" High x 2.0" Wide)
Label Thickness, Individual
0.06604 mm (0.0026") nominal
0.10668 mm (0.0042") nominal
Core Diameter (Label Core)
76.2 mm (3") ID
76.2 mm (3") ID
MICROPLATE COMPATIBILITY (Substrate compatibility – compatible with most plasticized surfaces)
Substrate (Most plasticized surfaces)
Label Adhesion, Permanent
(see section on adhesion)
Label Appearance White Glossy
Label Appearance White Matte
Label, Polypropylene
Label Stock Liner (Backing)
Coated paper
Clear Synthetic
Cores (Labels and Ribbon)
●= YES (dot)
G5404A Microplate Labeler
G5404B/G Microplate Labeler
THERMAL PROPERTIES (Refers to the service or operating temperature range in which the label remains adhered to the substrate. This
is highly application dependent and must be verified for each application.) ** Service Temperature Range data supplied by customers
involved in applications such as compound storage and PCR.
Service Temperature Range
-80°C to +100°C (-112°F to +212°F) **
-80°C to +100°C (-112°F to +212°F) **
Minimum Application Temp
2°C (+35°F)
2°C (+35°F)
Store out of direct sunlight, 16°C to 27°C
(60°F to 80°F)
Store out of direct sunlight, 16°C to 27°C
(60°F to 80°F)
1 year
1 year
STORAGE INFORMATION (Refers to label/ribbon stock)
Shelf Life (Best if Used by Date)
If you have a particular label challenge where you believe
you need to place additional content on the label, refer to the
Microplate Labeler User’s Guide on “Changing the size of a field
on the label” or contact Technical Support for assistance.
1. Test Microplates. This data was generated using the following microplates or equivalent: Polypropylene Microplate:
Greiner, 650201 (96-well, round well, round bottom); Polystyrene
Microplate: Greiner, 655101 (96-well, round well, flat bottom).
2. Customer Testing. Material suitability, label adhesion, image
integrity, maximum storage times or conditions, etc. are a function of the specific application and must be determined by the
user of this product. It is recommended that all microplate labeling processes take place prior to the “Best if Used By” date, if
indicated on the material labeling. Adhesion and image integrity
should remain intact past this date—but the actual ideal material
storage time is application and storage condition dependent. Enduser, application-based requalification (testing) is required past
“Best if Used By” date.
6. Media Kit Warranty. Labels and ribbons are warranted for a
period of 90 days after delivery or as required by local law.
3. 3rd Party Media: Labels and Ribbons. The performance of the
Agilent Microplate Labeler has been optimized using Agilent
consumables. If you choose to try third-party consumables and
experience poor performance / instrument problems and contact
Agilent for support, it is your responsibility to immediately notify
the Agilent support representative that you are using third-party
labels and/or ribbon. Use of third-party consumables may be outside the scope of the terms of the Microplate Labeler instrument
warranty and may result in the user paying for any necessary
repairs and applications support, resulting from the use of these
materials. If you are considering the use of third-party consumables because the Agilent consumables do not meet your requirements, please give Agilent the opportunity to try to help.
8. Quality and Price Match Guarantee. A Few Words on How to
Stretch Your Budget… Buy Authentic Agilent Consumables.
7. Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your Agilent
product within the first 60 days, you may return your purchase
in its original condition for a full refund or credit. A return policy
statement is posted under Product Information on the website. In
the US and Canada, please call for a Return Authorization form
and return instructions at 1-800-227-9770. If your Agilent product
was purchased from a distributor, please contact the distributor.
Quality. Have confidence in every supply item you purchase.
Original Agilent Consumables feature published Specifications
and Warranties, are Verified and Validated and include
Application Support. You are guaranteed top notch system performance when teamed-up with Agilent Instrumentation.
Value. You are always assured the highest value when you invest
in Authentic Agilent Consumables—we promise. Agilent will
match any verifiable offer by any microplate label/ribbon supplier
for an equivalent product. Ask your Agilent sales or support
professional for details.
4. Reference. This information is for reference only.
5. Label Size. The Microplate Labeler design has been optimized for
the use of standard size labels (6.35 mm x 50.8 mm / 0.25” High
x 2.0” Wide) on labware which meets the Standards ANSI/SBS
1-2004 through ANSI/SBS 4-2004. For non-standard labels, contact the Agilent Automation Solutions Technical Support Team or
an Agilent Technical Sales Professional for additional information
or to discuss your requirements.
This item is intended for Research Use Only. Not
for use in diagnostic procedures. Information,
descriptions, and specifications in this publication are subject to change without notice.
Agilent Technologies shall not be liable for errors
contained herein or for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing,
performance, or use of this material.
© Agilent Technologies, Inc. 2014
Published in the U.S.A. November 4, 2014
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