Model 6040 Series

Model 6040 Series
 PRODUCT OPERATION and MAINTENANCE MANUAL POP‐0026 Rev. 0 Created 1/11/2016 This Operations Manual is in reference to the Security Engineered Machinery Paper Shredders referenced below: REFERENCE SEM MODEL NUMBERS SERIES CROSS CUT
6 mm x 50 mm STRIP CUT 6 mm 6040 6040P 6040S SERVICE / SUPPORT CONTACT INFORMATION Email Web Site service 1
DEFINITION OF NORMAL USE: 1. This paper shredder is suitable for the destruction of paper. 2. The cutting shafts, which are made of special hardened steel, are unaffected by small quantities of paper clips and staples. Depending on the shred size produced by the cutting head, small quantities of CDs, DVDs, credit cards, customer cards and disks can be partially destroyed. To determine whether your shredder is capable of shredding these kinds of data carriers, please check at SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Please read these operating instructions before putting the machine into operation and observe the safety precautions. The operating instructions must always be available. CAUTION Children must not operate the machine! Do not reach into the feed‐opening of the cutting head! Quick stop ‐ Press emergency stop! This machine is constructed for "one man operation" only! 2
A All components which could endanger the operator are covered by a guard (A).
A B C D Do not operate the machine without
the following safety devices:
• Panels (A) tightly screwed
• Safety bar (B)
• Side tables (C)
• Door (D) which is secured by switches
Do not use steps or anything similar.
Remove the plug before cleaning the machine!
Machine operates only when the door is closed.
Protect main cable against heat, oil and sharp edges!
Connect the POWER CORD Do not cover the ventilation slits.
When not in use for an extednd time switch off.
INSTALLATION: Affix the side tables to the machine. Plug into the wall socket. Close the door.
Start the machine.
Check the direction of the conveyor belt.
Fasten the wasted collection bag with the round belt. Wrong rotating direction: • Changes to the rotating direction must be done by an electrician.
1. Start 2. Stop
3. Reverse switch,lamp showing "bag full"
4. Key switch
5. Standby 6. Mains switch 7. Emergency‐stop
Emergency‐stop (E) pulled out.
Turn main switch (D) to position " I ".
Turn key switch (C) on. Standby (B) illuminates.
Press the black button (A). Conveyor belt is running.
Press white button (A) or Emergency‐stop (B).
Machine stops due to overloading
• Press and release the yellow key… Conveyor belt reverses.
• Feed less paper onto the conveyor belt.
• Restart.
Switching off the machine
• Turn mains switch (A) to position "0".
The entire machine shuts down.
Turn key switch (B) and remove the key The machine is now secured from unauthorized use.
Stops automatically when door is opened. Standby is deleted. Stops automatically when plastic bag is full
"Bag full" indicator lights.
We recommend you oil the shredding mechanism every time the bag is emptied or if the sheet capacity reduces! SYSTEM LUBRICATION To lubricate the SEM Model 6040 Series, fill the oil reservoir located on the right side of the system with SEM lubricating oil. Once filled, simply press down on the manual pump to allow oil to be dispersed over the cutting head. The operator can also “Manually” oil the cutting head without the use of the pump. To perform this task, “Squirt” shredder lubricant on pieces of paper as demonstrated in the picture below. Cover the oiled sheet with a second sheet of paper (in effect creating an “oil sandwich”) and simply feed the paper into the system. The oil from the sheets will then be dispersed onto the cutting head. For added convenience, SEM offers “lubricant sheets” as an option and are noted in the accessories page in this operators manual. If the sheet capacity reduces or after the bag is emptied we recommend that you oil the shredding mechanism! 8
POSSIBLE MALFUNCTIONS : Machine will not start _ .in
ofRi n
1 1
0 o
Is the key‐switch horizontal? Main switch is on " I "? Is the machine plugged in?
__ i n <n> grin -n-
ooo m
i_ i
< Q
Is it ready for operation (i.e is the green LED illuminated)?
Is the door open? Close it. On‐site fuse? CHECK IT No performance? • An electrician must examine the phases. • Machine stops: Overload protection, Cooling down period approx. 2‐4 minutes. SEM SUPPORT 800‐225‐
9293 EBA
PlasticWaste Collection bag full? Replace bag. Still having trouble: Call SEM Tech Support at 800‐225‐9293 or email at 9
ACCESSORIES LUBRICATING OIL SEM ITEM 647OILHV 647OIL‐ECO4 649OIL8HV 647OILSHEET10 Oil per Case or Packet 4 GALLONS For use with systems with Auto Oilers 4 GALLONS For use with systems with Auto Oilers 8 PINTS For use with “Manually”Oiled Systems SEM Shredders Supported FOR USE with systems that INCLUDE an AUTO OILER
Specially formulated CONVENTIONAL Shredder Oil. FOR USE with systems that INCLUDE an AUTO OILER
Specially formulated ECO‐FRIENDLY (BIO‐BASED) Shredder Lubricant. FOR USE with systems that DO NOT INCLUDE an AUTO OILER Specially formulated CONVENTIONAL Shredder Oil 10 SHEETS FOR USE with systems that DO NOT INCLUDE an AUTO OILER For use with “Manually”Oiled Specially formulated Bio‐Based LUBRICANT SHEETS Systems WASTE COLLECTION BAGS SEM ITEM 637SB229A Bags per Case SEM Shredders Supported 100 1121, 1125, 1324 S and 1324P Series 640SB130A 50 1324PWO, 2125, 2226, 244, 344 and 1201 Series 639SB140A 50 2331, 3130, 3140, 4140, 266, 5140, 5141, 5146 Series 642SB190A 25 6040, 800 and 7050 Series 638SB138A 50 Disintegrator Models 200 and DS200 and 2125, 1324C/3wo 755BAG3MILA 50 Disintegrators with F‐Series Air System
638ASB0201 50 0201 OMD 640ASB0202 50 0202 OMD
OTHER SHREDDER ACCESSORIES: • REPLACEMENT CAP and STRAW for Auto Oiler Systems. • REPLACMENT Oil Brackets • REPLACEMENT Waste Collection Bins Since there are different waste collection bins and accessories for each specific model, to insure that you are requesting the appropriate item, please contact SEM Customer Care at 800‐225‐9293 or Please have the system model number and serial number available. The SEM Custiomer Care dept will be able to provide the appropriate item number and cost. 10
TECHNICAL INFORMATION POWER : NOISE: 400V, 3‐PHASE, 16 A; 230V, 3‐PHASE, 30 A The sound level at the work place is less than the EN 13023 standard’s maximum permissible level of 70 dB(A). Subject to alterations without notice REGULATORIES NOTE: It is very important to oil frequently when shredding CD/DVDs These machines are approved by independent safety laboratories and is in compliance with the EC‐regulations 2014/35/EU and 2014/30/EU. The Manufacturer of these shredders, Krug + Priester has a certified quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and a certified environmental management system Sound Level Information: EC‐ DECLARATION of CONFORMITY Herewith we declare that : 6040 S; GS‐ID Nr. 11410701 UL‐ID Nr. 10410701; 6040 C; GS‐ID Nr. 11410702 UL‐ID Nr. 10410702
complies with the following provisons applying to: 2006/42/ EC Machinery directive, 2004/108/EG EMV Electromagnetic compatibility directive Applied harmonised standards in particular: EN 60204‐1; EN 55014‐1; EN 55014‐2; EN 61000‐3‐2; EN 61000‐3‐3; EN ISO 12100; EN ISO 13857; EN 13023; EN 13849 11
RECYCLING As demonstrated by our ISO 14001 Certification and the attainment of the world recogized prestigious BLUE ANGEL Certification, both SEM and our Manufacturing Partners are committed to the environment. We want to remind you to please remember to respect your local regulations and return your non‐working electrical equipment to an appropriate waste disposal centre. To assist in this, the packaging material used in our shredders is recyclable. Dispose of the packaging in an environmentally friendly manner and make it available for the recyclable material collection‐service. To help with the disposal of an end‐of life shredder, it is designed so that it can be dismantled with any standard tool kit. All joining points are easily accessible and as such clearly visible. Please think of the environment and dispose shredded CDs, cards and other data medium separately from shredder paper. Thank you! Blue Angel Certified: Signifies that this shredder includes Energy Conservation, Noise, Dust and Emission features that are of considerable benefit to the environment. For more information on Blue Angel visit us ISO 14001 Certified: SEM strives for 0% landfill waste by reusing or recycling all destroyed items. For more information on ISO 14001 visit us at 12
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