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Advanced IP Communications Made Easy and Affordable for Your Business
Cloud-Based Telephone Solution
Pure IP Telephone System
Converged IP Telephone System
Bring Your Business Communications
into the IP Age
Employees, customers and business partners have come to expect
anywhere-anytime connectivity. With Toshiba, the business phone
system can match their on-demand, mobile and multi-channel
ways of working.
You already capitalize on IP for your Internet and other data communications. Why not
exploit the productivity and cost-saving benefits of IP for voice communications as well?
IP simplifies the network, reduces costs and delivers new features that traditional digital
phone systems couldn’t even dream of.
With IP voice and data on one unified network, employees can be located anywhere yet
be as productive and accessible as if they were at their desks. Even small businesses and
branch offices can have advanced capabilities such as:
Unified messaging—Voice mail, email and fax in one inbox
Unified communications—Communication tools integrated and managed from a PC,
laptop or tablet
Mobility—Freedom to roam the facility or anywhere within the reach of a cellular or
Internet connection
Customization—Self-service control over phone buttons, speed-dial, directories and
call handling
Toshiba makes it easy and affordable to run the business phone system on IP, while
extending the value of your existing infrastructure wherever possible.
The Power of Choice
With Toshiba, you have the power of choice in how you deploy these advanced capabilities—
on-premise or in the cloud.
The Power of Choice for True Flexibility
Pure IP Cloud-Based Telephone Solution
Get the features and functions of Toshiba’s pure IP system,
but without having to buy, install and maintain an on-premise
phone system. With Toshiba’s VIPedge™ cloud-based telephone solution, you get advanced IP communication services
at a predictable monthly rate, starting at about a dollar a day
per user and supporting up to 500 users. Conserve capital
and free your IT talent for better things than running the
phone system.
The power of choice means you can expand on demand.
Grow your on-premise phone system by integrating any
other server from the Toshiba portfolio. Add lines (seats) of
VIPedge cloud-based telephone solution and integrate them
into one network. Or, start with VIPedge solution, and when
the business case is right, migrate to Toshiba’s on-premise
IPedge system, while reusing your Toshiba endpoints.
In the Cloud or on-premise. Pure IP or IP and digital.
The choice is yours.
Pure IP On-Premise Telephone System
With Toshiba IPedge,® the IP capabilities customers love in
Strata® CIX™ are available in a single, compact server that occupies a mere 1U of rack space or sits on a shelf. IPedge is built
on open protocols and an industry-standard Linux server.
One server provides the productivity, convenience and control
capabilities the business needs. You can manage email and
voice mail messages in one place, customize phone features,
stay fully connected from anywhere, integrate phone and PC
into a powerful communications tool, and more.
The IPedge server needs only one static IP address to connect
all its phones to the network. IPedge and Strata CIX work
together, so you can upgrade groups of users to IP as it
makes sense for your business.
Strata CIX
Digital and IP On-Premise Telephone System
For years, Toshiba Strata CIX has been the flagship of
Toshiba’s business communications line. With five models
available, you can choose just the right capacity for your needs.
Strata CIX systems can be networked together to serve
thousands of users in different locations. Add a compact
IPedge Application Server, and your Strata CIX system
becomes a full-featured unified communications and
Web collaboration platform.
The proven Strata CIX system supports both digital and IP phones,
which makes it ideal for businesses making a staged migration to
IP or those where not all users need the benefits of IP.
Toshiba offers both on-premise and cloudbased telephone solutions—and a range of
capacity options within each deployment
strategy—so your business phone system can
adapt to meet your changing requirements.
Advanced Features for Greater Productivity and Agility
Unified Communications
Converge the many ways your people communicate—desktop
phones, cell phones, voice mail, email, multimedia conferencing,
Web-based collaboration and more. Consider the possibilities:
Gain customized control over when, where and how you
can be reached.
Use your Apple® or Android™ smartphone as a business
phone system extension.
On-premise mobility. Employees can take their desktop
phone features with them as they attend meetings or attend
to patients, stock the shelves or the production line, or as
they resolve issues or prepare guest rooms. Going wireless
in the facility is easier and more affordable than you might
think. Toshiba offers a choice of options using a dedicated
wireless network, your existing Wi-Fi® network or the “Find
Me, Follow Me” feature with your cell phone.
Manage voice mail from your email inbox.
Multimedia Collaboration
Integrate the phone system with Microsoft® applications,
such as Microsoft Outlook or Lync.
From anywhere, set up scheduled or spontaneous audio
conferences and collaboration sessions—integrating with
Microsoft Outlook calendar functions, if you wish. Users can
attend the conference from anywhere. They don’t need any
special software on their PCs, only an Internet connection.
Share and present PDF documents, co-browse Web pages,
contribute ideas and comments in a public or private chat
session, and brainstorm with interactive drawing and text tools.
Dial, answer, transfer calls and more from a voice-ready
laptop or notebook computer—integrating with your
contact lists, calendar and CRM system.
Click a tab to access related features. Drag and drop to
answer calls or send them to voice mail or to someone else.
Right-click to display options for a feature. Fill in dialog
boxes to program your own custom buttons without help
from an administrator. It’s that easy, because ease of use is
the whole point.
Given the immediacy of business demands, you can’t be out of
touch when away from your desk. Free your office desktop
phone—with its associated privileges, preferences and features—
to follow you anywhere within reach of an IP, cellular or wireless
LAN connection. Even if the “office” is at home today, a
conference center tomorrow, and a coffeehouse the next
day, colleagues and customers can interact with you just as
if you were in the office.
Off premise mobility. Use your Apple iOS and Android
smartphone—or a voice-equipped laptop or notebook
computer—as a Toshiba phone system extension. Give
out only your office number; the system finds you on your
portable device while concealing your mobile number. See
the status of colleagues and enjoy the ease of visual voice
mail, instant messaging and group instant messaging.
Contact Center Services
A full-featured contact center improves customer service
while reducing hold times and operating costs. Agents can
be anywhere; the system treats multiple locations as one.
The automated call distribution (ACD) application can:
Route calls based on your criteria to the people with the
right skill set.
Balance incoming calls evenly among staff.
Provide announcements about expected hold time and
place in queue.
Establish priority queuing to answer the most important
calls first.
Enable website visitors to launch a text chat session with
an agent or request an automatic callback.
Get screen pops with incoming calls through integration
with popular CRM programs.
Record, store, organize and play back calls to improve
customer service and address disputes.
Connect the Way You Want To
Every business location has users with very different roles, needs and expectations. That’s why
Toshiba offers a wide range of choice in phones, also known as endpoints. With a broad range of
available models, you can mix and match, choosing just the right Toshiba endpoint for each user.
For those who work mostly at a desk—whether in a local,
remote or home office:
Desktop phones with microphone and speaker (with mute
options, headset interface and programmable feature buttons)
are the logical choice. LCD displays (backlit on many models)
make functions simple to use.
Powerful Tools, Easy to Use
For users whose work takes them around the building:
Choose a secure wireless handset and a wireless base station—
such as Toshiba’s secure SIP DECT wireless phones for clear
User-defined call handling features let you manage your
calls—and your schedule—with ease. You decide which
calls to accept now and which to send to voice mail or to
another extension.
For users who work from locations outside your
company’s phone or data networks:
Use your Apple® iOS or Android™ smartphone as a business
extension, while concealing your mobile number. A voiceequipped laptop or notebook computer can connect into the
Toshiba phone system from anywhere within the reach of an
Internet connection to place/receive calls, manage calls and
voice mail and use advanced features.
For serious power users:
A Windows® laptop or desktop PC can become an effective
tool for managing telephone calls, voice mail, Web, email,
screen pops and more, all from a single screen, using your
mouse, without ever picking up the telephone.
For front desk personnel and other administrative staff:
There are attendant consoles and add-on modules for 10,
20 or 60 extra programmable buttons. See who’s busy, who’s
available, and transfer calls at the touch of a button.
Easy-to-read LCD displays on Toshiba phones have simple
instructions and voice mail controls right on the screen.
Programmable buttons give one-touch access to the functions
you use most. Familiar interface conventions make unified
communications as easy as drag-and-drop and point-and-click.
Advanced Communications For The Real World
Simpler Network, Lower Costs
A Stronger Business Image
Your Toshiba business communications system pays you back
in many ways in improved productivity, customer satisfaction
and reduced costs. For example:
Your communications system is more than the lifeline to connect
with colleagues, customers and vendors. It also projects an
image, sending a message about the organization’s efficiency,
productivity and professionalism. With an on-premise or
cloud-based telephone solution from Toshiba, every location,
every branch office—from a handful of users to thousands of
users—can present an enterprise-class face to the world.
With IP, one network does the work of two—data and
telephony—streamlining the facility’s infrastructure.
IP trunking reduces or eliminates long distance charges
among locations.
Employees can be located anywhere, far from high-cost
metro centers.
You can restrict long-distance calls or access to certain
area codes.
The system automatically chooses least-cost routing for
outbound calls.
You can mix and match different phone models to suit
users’ needs.
Use employees’ existing smartphones as Toshiba office
Call recording options resolve communication disputes
that would result in business liabilities.
Remote maintenance eliminates on-site visits for
programming, testing and upgrades.
A Nationwide Network of Experts at
Your Service
Toshiba’s award-winning on-premise phone systems and cloudbased telephone solution are available exclusively through
the nationwide network of Authorized Toshiba Dealers. Our
factory-certified dealers have the product training and expertise
to deliver quality installations, technical support and service.
Sales through Authorized Toshiba Dealers carry Toshiba’s
manufacturer’s warranty and optional five- or seven-year
extended warranties.
Toshiba’s National Accounts Program makes it easy for multilocation companies to standardize on one phone system with
simplified purchasing, installation and service—all through
the Toshiba Authorized Dealer Network.
If you are building or expanding your communications system
to more fully capitalize on IP or to converge IP and digital
phones in one system, find out what Toshiba can do for you.
The Power of Choice
Toshiba VIPedge™—An award-winning cloud-based telephone solution for organizations
needing robust communication features without having to own and maintain an on-site
telephone system
Toshiba IPedge®—Pure IP in an on-premise system that offers voice mail, unified messaging,
feature customization, unified communications and more in a single, compact server
Toshiba Strata® CIX™—Digital and IP communications for locations with a few users or up to
1,000 users—ideal for organizations that want to continue using digital phones and move to
IP in stages
Fulfilling Our Responsibility as a Global Enterprise
For Toshiba’s Telecommunication Systems Division, the imperative to reduce, reuse and
recycle is central to product and process design.
Reduce. By meeting or exceeding high industry environmental standards, Toshiba keeps tons
of targeted chemicals and other substances out of the ecosystem. We have also reduced the
energy consumption of Toshiba business communications systems—good for the environment
and cost-saving for customers.
Reuse. For more than 20 years, Toshiba has designed its telecommunications products with
smart migration in mind. When upgrading and expanding their systems, customers can retain
many components they already have, which avoids needless e-waste.
Recycle. To minimize waste going into landfills, we redesigned our packaging to use
eco-friendly, recyclable materials that provide equivalent protection. We also participate
in nationwide recycling programs for equipment trade-ins.
Thinking more globally… By seamlessly connecting distant locations, making telecommuting
easy, providing rich multimedia ways for people to collaborate remotely, our products help
people bridge the earth’s distances without having to fuel cars or airplanes. That’s a positive
lifecycle impact for the earth and the working humans who inhabit it.
To find out more, visit www.telecom.toshiba.com or contact your Authorized Toshiba Dealer today.
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