Handleiding OVO5T
Please read this manual before using the product in order to give you the needed
product and installation instruction to assure a seamless installation and non
compromised overall sound quality.
Thanks for purchasing our APart OVO5T speaker. Budget and quality sound united:
welcome the OVO-speakers. This series of cabinet speakers fit into any décor or
interior style. The OVO5T can be used in both 100V- and 16Ohm-systems thanks
to an easily accessible selection switch. The OVO5T uses a new bracket system that
allows a wide range of positioning. In case you want to place your OVO on a flat
surface, you can remove the bracket. We have designed a stand incorporated in
the foot of the speaker. The sturdy ABS plastic housing guarantees years of trouble
free musical enjoyment. Affordable, but by no means a compromise on sound
quality – typically APart!
Safety precaution
• Keep this manual for future reference.
• Take care of your speaker wires, they should be free of damage. Damaged
speaker wires might result in poor sound quality and can damage amplifiers.
• Only use accessories specified by the manufacturer
• Make sure the ceiling can support the speakers weight.
• Use sufficient amount of speakers to avoid death-spots.
• No main power shall be connected to the loudspeakers, doing so will damage
the speaker.
• This apparatus should only be serviced by qualified personnel. If not warranty
might be void.
• The speaker grill is fixed, removing it will damage the speaker.
• Use cable of the right gauge, certainly for long runs.
• Use cables with clear color indication and maintain polarity throughout the
whole system.
• Avoid loud feedback from microphones, this can damage your speaker.
• Please check the units condition after unpacking. If the outside of the carton
box has been damaged, inform your shipper immediately.
• Take notice that this speaker is intended for indoor use only. Do not expose the
speaker to direct rain.
Features and benefits
Inconspicuous and elegant design
Remarkable quality sound and extremely affordable.
5.25 inch coated paper woofer and 1inch silk dome tweeter.
80 Watts program power at 8 Ohm
ABS plastic housing
Mounting bracket that allows tilting and turning.
Free stand incorporated in the housing for usage on flat surfaces.
Quick fit cable clamps for quick and easy mounting.
Indoor use only
Can be painted in any RAL color from a minimum
of 12 pieces. (ref.: PAINTCAB6)
Connecting the speaker
Use the correct polarity when daisy chaining speakers! When a mistake occurs
in your daisy chain, it can severely impact speaker performance as there will be
The daisy chain options are endless and the setup will depend on the capabilities of
your amplifier. Make sure when daisy chaining speakers that the total impedance is
not lower than the lowest specified impedance of your amplifier. Not following this
rule might result in distorted sound and might even damage your amplifier.
Series wiring speaker diagram:
Total resistance = R1 + R2 + R3 + R4 + ...
Parallel wiring speaker diagram:
Total resistance =
1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3 + 1/R4 + ...
R1 = Resistance of speaker 1
R2 = Resistance of speaker 2
R3 = Resistance of speaker 3
R4 = Resistance of speaker 4
100V technology
70 Watt
20W + 20W + 10W + 5W + 5W + 5W
+ 2.5W + 2.5W
120 Watt
Amplifier power must be equal higher than total power of all speakers
100 Volt power taps
Music power RMS
Frequency response
SPL 1W / 1m
SPL 1m / max rated power
Dispersion at 1kHz, 4kHz, 8kHz
Cabinet construction
Grille material
IP class
Fixing type
Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
Net weight (pair)
Gross weight (pair)
5,25 inch coated paper
1 inch silk dome tweeter
30W, 15W, 6W, 3W
80 W / 16 Ohm
70 Hz to 20 kHz
180°, 90°, 70°
white or black
ABS with bass reflex
mounting bracket
Polar diagram 1000 Hz
Polar diagram 4000 Hz
Polar diagram 8000 Hz
Technical drawing with measurements
Warranty info
APart-Audio warrants this product to be free of defects in material and workmanship
for a period of one year for parts and for a period of one year for labor from the
date of original end-user purchase. This warranty is valid only for the original enduser and cannot be transferred.
During the warranty period APart-Audio or one of its authorized service partners
shall either repair or replace any product, free of charge, that proves to be
defective on inspection by APart-Audio or its authorized service representative.
This warranty does not include, damages or product faults due to abuse, misuse or
faulty installation.
They are well appreciated and eventually rewarded!
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