Modicon M340 Brochure

Modicon M340 Brochure
Automation platform
Modicon® M340
Simply the natural choice
and intelligence
for ease of use
Modicon® M340 platform
The natural choice
Modicon M340 platform springs from the ingenuity of
Telemecanique® solutions. It is sourced from the very core of
Modicon know-how, from the origins of programmable controllers.
100% compact, the Modicon M340 platform is a distillation
of power and innovation, offering optimum responses to the
machine manufacturers’ needs.
0% worry, it is the perfect accompaniment to Modicon
Premium™ and Quantum™ PLC lines, satisfying industrial
process and infrastructure automation demands.
Associated with the power and flexibility of Unity software, it offers
you benefits throughout the life cycle of your applications.
“Slimline” enclosures
Adopt the trim measurements of the Modicon
M340 platform and slim down your enclosures
by several sizes.
100% compact technology
■ Height: 100 mm
■ Depth: 93 mm for integration in 150 mm enclosures
Adaptable rack
■ 4, 6, 8 or 12 modules
■ Hot Swap function for easy maintenance
High density module
■ 64 channels in just 32 mm
Wide power supply choice
■ AC or DC current
■ 24 VDC/0.9 A sensor supply output
Integrated USB port
Two communication ports
■ Choose Modbus®, Ethernet or CANopen
Full of energy
With its astonishing memory and performance,
this lightweight equipement revitalizes
your machines.
The Modicon® M340 platform distills power.
Vitamin-enriched processor
Whatever your application and its constraints, your preferences or your
programming habits, the Modicon M340 platform is always ready.
With high boolean processing performance, it is equally at home
executing integer and floating arithmetical calculations. Specific, yet
versatile…a new balance that could fast become your major asset.
You would like to use the power of evolved IEC languages...but then
performance might suffer. Forget your preconceived ideas…the Modicon
M340 platform avoids slowdown regardless of the IEC language used.
A ms processing? Possible and simple with the the Modicon M340
platform multitask operating system: MAST task, FAST task and 64 event
tasks. You therefore adapt the Modicon M340 platform to the essentials of
your application, and not the other way around!
Boundless memory
High perform
ram memory
■ 4 MB prog
70 K instructio
■ 7 K instru
No need to optimize your
developments. With the Modicon M340
platform you have the advantage of the
supersize memory.
The processor has 4MB internal RAM to handle
applications up to 70 K instructions.
An SD card Flash memory is supplied with the processor and
ready-formatted for application backup (executable program,
source code and comments). So there’s nothing to add. You can
access generic programming without compromise for greater
flexibilty in your developments.
High application expertise content
Because technological functions make you stand out, the Modicon M340
platform lets you express your know-how simply, always coming up with a
specialist response.
The counting offer on Modicon M340 programmable controllers includes:
Two modules: 2x60 kHz channels and 8x10 kHz channels, high
performance with 32-bit counting, cycle time 1 ms, two capture registers
and reflex actions with response time down to 200 microseconds
Configurable advanced services offering a filter on each input, a wide
choice of reflex actions, pulse generator, mechanical play reducer
Counting and measurement mode configurable functions
It is designed to meet the demands of applications such as: unwinder
empty state alarm generation, small parts sorting, simple electronic cam,
speed control.
The Modicon M340 platform offers positioning solutions that are
integrated, flexible and highly economical for applications implementing
independent and master/slave linked axes.
No axis module to be added. The solution is based on a motion function
block (MFB) library conforming to PLCopen standard. Variable speed
drive and servomotor control is by MFB commands via CANopen.
MFBs enable control of Altivar® speed drives for asynchronous motors for
speed control, or Lexium or IclA speed drives for brushless or stepper
synchronous motors for position control.
Specially designed for manufacturers of compact, modular and complex
machines, the Modicon M340 platform is particularly suitable for
applications in material handling, conveying and secondary packaging, as
well as for special and woodworking machines.
A control loop functions library is integrated as standard in Unity Pro
software. IEC 61131-3 Function Block Diagram language enables
completely graphic and highly flexible programming. You therefore
optimize your control loop algorithm and keep control of the operation.
In addition to PI and PID controllers, the library integrates numerous
advanced blocks:
Control Loop
PID automatic adjustment (Autotune)
Integrator with limitation, first and second order variation limiter
Two or three-position controller, PI hot/cold, PIP and PPI cascade
Function generator
PD/PI regulator structure switching
Duration pulse modulation
Scaling of all discrete values
Source of freshness
The Modicon® M340 platform innovates in
memory management.The ingenious SD card
offers you Plug & Load services you will soon
find essential.
“Plug & Load” card
Remove the card at any time without disturbing program execution, or
insert another card. On power on, the new program is automatically
transferred in the internal memory. So no need to be a specialist to
update a machine.
If you have several identical machines, the same card is used
to load all installed programmable controllers.
With the Modicon M340 platform, operation becomes
very user-friendly.
Simplified maintenance
The SD card enables application program
automatic backup. Associated with context
automatic backup at the heart of the processor
(256 kB Flash memory data backup), the
Modicon M340 platform eliminates the need
for a backup battery. Simplify your maintenance
with the Modicon M340 platform.
Simple storage
The Modicon M340 platform is also a storage peripheral for up to 16 MB.
Via function blocks proposed in Unity Pro: in write mode, you have
traceability and data logging functions available. In read mode, you easily
manage production recipe configuration.
From your PC connection through the Ethernet, you directly access
stored data via FTP services. This allows you to use files in the desired
application format (text file, spreadsheet...). A simple copy/paste and the
file is on your PC. So why not store the machine maintenance guide in your
programmable controller?
Information from source
The Modicon M340 platform offers a Web server, simplifying your
operation and maintenance. All of these services are accessible in local
and remote, serial modem or ADSL.
The Modicon M340 platform has as standard a ready-to-use Web server
for system diagnostics and settings adjustment.
In the programmable controller, you can even integrate a human machine
interface, accessible locally or remotely via a simple Internet navigator.
Relaxing work
In choosing the Modicon® M340 platform, you
benefit from all exclusive services of the Unity
software offer, from design of your application to
its maintenance.
The Modicon M340 platform and Unity, truly
have a 0% worry guarantee.
Single software package
Capitalize on a single, simple and user-friendly approach. Unity Pro is
common to the Modicon M340 platform, Modicon Premium™ and Modicon
Quantum™ ranges and to the PC-based Modicon Atrium offer.
You reuse your developments from one platform to another
without restrictions.
Power accessible to all
Available in six languages, Unity Pro software offers you the choice of five
IEC languages, graphic programming, advanced online help and numerous
data entry help wizards.
The simulator enables immediate testing of your developments. In
maintenance phase and without programming, advanced diagnostics
tools enable clear alarm display and instant diagnostics with fault cause
automatic search.
High-speed connection as standard
From the USB port on all Modicon M340 processors, you have a simple and
high-performance connection with your programming PC.
You can also connect to Ethernet, point-to-point or via local network.
Full services, even remotely
Your installations are always within reach. Via a serial modem (RTC,
GSM/GPRS, Radio) or ADSL link, you access your machines easily in
complete security.
Depending on technology, you benefit from:
Online programming
Program transfer
Web server remote diagnostics
FactoryCast Web server remote operation
Data file read/write access
Consume even in
severe environments
Tireless, it is a stimulating partner you can
take anywhere.
Robust by nature
Mechanical constraints
IEC 60068-2-x
15 gn
1 gn
Electrical immunity
IEC 61000-4-x
Electromagnetic field
Electrostatic contact discharge
10 V/m
4 kV
Environmental immunity
IEC 60068-2-x
0 … 55° C
2 000 m
Modicon M340
30 gn
3 gn
15 V/m
6 kV
0 … 60° C
4 000 m
100% certified!
The Modicon® M340 platform conforms to all international standards and
marine classifications.
*For more information, please contact
your sales agency or visit our Website
The Modicon M340 platform
selection guide
Standard processor
High performance processor
BMX P34 1000
BMX P34 2010
BMX P34 2020
BMX P34 2030
0,18 µs
0,26 µs
0,12 µs
0,17 µs
0,12 µs
0,17 µs
0,12 µs
0,17 µs
2048 kB
35 Kinst.
128 kB
4096 kB
70 Kinst.
256 kB
4096 kB
70 Kinst.
256 kB
4096 kB
70 Kinst.
256 kB
8 MB
2 MB
16 MB
8 MB
2 MB
16 MB
8 MB
2 MB
16 MB
8 MB
2 MB
Execution time
Boolean instruction
Numerical instruction
Internal memory
User RAM memory
Program K instructions
User data
SD card memory
File storage
Application backup
Web server
Integrated USB port
Integrated TCP/IP Ethernet
Integrated CANopen
Integrated Modbus
Application expertise
Control Loop
The efficiency of Telemecanique®
branded solutions
Used in combination, Telemecanique products provide quality
solutions,meeting all your Automation & Control application requirements.
Operator dialog
Software tools
Motion and Drives
Systems and architectures
Interfaces and I/O
Motor control
Power supplies
Mounting systems
For more information…
Consult the “Automation solution” guides:
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A worldwide presence
Constantly available
Modicon M340 & Ethernet
Ref: 8000BR0703
More than 5,000 points of sale in 130 countries.
You can be sure to find the range of products that are right for you and which
complies fully with the standards in the country where they are used.
Technical assistance wherever you are
Our technicians are at your disposal to assist you in finding the optimum solution
for your particular needs.
Schneider Electric provides you with all necessary technical assistance,
throughout the world.
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