Quick Start Guide: Capturx for ArcGIS 1.2

Quick Start Guide: Capturx for ArcGIS 1.2
for ArcGIS® Desktop 1.2
How Capturx Works
with ArcGIS Desktop
Thank you for purchasing Capturx!
This quick start guide will walk you through installation and getting started with Capturx
for ArcGIS 1.2.
System Requirements:
MS Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7
• Not sure? Go to Start Menu>Control Panel>System to see which version.
• Memory: A minimum of 1GB of RAM is required, though 2GB of RAM
or more is suggested for optimal results.
ArcGIS Desktop: ArcView, ArcEditor, or ArcInfo (9.3)
Printer Requirements:
4-color PostScript printers
• 256MB of RAM for your printer (512MB of RAM recommended)
• Some color printers may require settings to be adjusted for optimal use.
• To see a sample list of compatible printers please visit:
Installing Capturx for ArcGIS
1. Confirm System Requirements
• Ensure you have all the right products and service packs as described above.
2. Install Capturx for ArcGIS
If you are upgrading from Capturx for ArcGIS 1.1, an uninstall of Capturx Pen Manager and
Capturx for ArcGIS 1.1 are required (please read the Upgrade Guide before you continue
• Insert the CD into your CD-ROM Drive.
- Install by following the install wizard directions
- Reboot your computer
www.adapx.com 821 Second Ave, Suite 1150 Seattle, WA 98104 877.232.7903
for ArcGIS® Desktop 1.2
3. Activate and Register your Software
A. When you open ArcGIS you will see the Capturx Activation Screen.
Registration ensures that you will receive important product updates.
Select Next.
B. Fill in the Software Registration form with the required information.
C. Complete by docking the digital pen and select Close.
4. Register and Activate Digital Pen
A. The Capturx Pen Startup Wizard will open.
B. The Activate Your Pen option will already be checked if the digital pen was shipped with
a license. If not, you can select the Use Offline Key button and enter Activation Key you
have received (see user guide http://capturxArcGIS.adapx.com)
C. Select the Register button to register your digital pen with Capturx, fill
in the Register Pen screen with the required information, use the same
email address that you did when registering your software. If you are installing over a
previous version, then you will see instructions for migrating pattern
from a previous version of Capturx software.
After you have successfully installed Capturx for ArcGIS, we encourage you to read through
the online user guide and other resources to learn about Capturx for ArcGIS and how to get
the most out of your purchase.
• Consult the user guide found on your PC. Start > Programs > Adapx >
Capturx for ArcGIS > Help
• Consult the user guide online: http://capturxArcGIS.adapx.com
• View FAQs and Best Practices: http://www.adapx.com/ArcGISsupport
Getting Started
Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll learn in the user guide:
Accessing Capturx for ArcGIS
• Open ArcGIS and activate the Capturx for ArcGIS Extension
- Tools/Extensions > Capturx for ArcGIS
• Next, add the toolbar. View > Toolbars > Capturx for ArcGIS Desktop
• Add data to your map and then add the Capturx Markup Layer (first button on toolbar).
• Switch to layout view, add a legend and print with Capturx (second button on toolbar).
- If the wrong printer is selected, go to File > Page and Print Setup.
• Now use the pen to create GIS data.
- By default, you are in redline/markup mode, in order to create a new feature (point,
line, or polygon) you touch the pen tip to the legend icon of that feature (this puts the
pen in ‘feature creation mode’) and then mark the map where you want the feature
to be placed. Once a feature is added to the map, the pen returns to ‘redline/markup
mode.’ See user guide for more details http://capturxArcGIS.adapx.com
Using the Capturx Pen Manager
The Capturx Pen Manager manages your PC’s interactions with the digital pen.
It will automatically open when the digital pen is connected to your PC.
The Capturx Pen Manager lets you do such things as:
• Assign passwords to the pen
• View battery charge status of pen in use
• View status of data on the pen
• Assign a customer reference pen (required for ordering additional pattern)
• Install additional digital pattern
• Update pen registration and personal information
• Send digital pen data via email to remote users
You can access the Capturx Pen Manager by double-clicking the pen icon
in your system tray.
ABEA-1210B-9 Rev. 02-10
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