This Issue Vol. 10, No. 2 • July 2009 2 3

This Issue Vol. 10, No. 2 • July 2009 2 3
Vol. 10, No. 2 • July 2009
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PS Series Parallel Systems: A New Way To
Maximize Energy Savings
Master-Bilt is increasing your energy saving options with the new PS series parallel
rack refrigeration systems. PS series systems match refrigeration capacity to your
actual load and yield energy savings of 20%
or more over a single compressor unit.
For anyone unfamiliar with the concept,
a parallel, or “distributed,” system is a multiple compressor refrigeration unit piped in
parallel to yield smooth capacity control
as compared to a single compressor unit.
A parallel system can be located in a back
room or on a roof in close proximity to refrigeration equipment for reduced piping.
Master-Bilt PS units use scroll compressors for the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly system. PS units,
matched to an appropriate condenser, are
modular and allow you to add or change
compressors as needed. The standard rack
PS series systems yield
energy savings of 20% or
more vs. single compressor
systems. Scroll compressors
are standard and all models
are provided with a matching
condenser section.
housing and frame is made of durable galvanized steel with stainless steel as an option.
As mentioned before, PS systems save
substantially over single compressor systems and are designed to conserve energy
in other ways as well:
• The lead compressor is a digital scroll
which better matches capacity needs and
provides a 3% energy saving over standard parallel units
• Subcooling increases refrigerant efficiency on low temp applications by approximately 17%
• Optional heat reclaim increases energy
efficiency by reclaiming waste heat from
the condenser
• Optional gas defrost increases energy efficiency by using waste heat for defrost
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COOL IT! • Vol. 10, No. 2
PS Series Parallel Systems (continued)
The PS series also features an electronic
controller unit that can interface into existing building controls and offers other advantages:
• A diagnostic feature that reports temperatures, pressures and failure alarms
as well as trending of these readings to
predict maintenance needs
• The ability to incorporate HACCP recording and monitoring of system features
• Remote communications
• Alarm features
PS systems are also highly reliable because their multiple compressors ensure
sufficient capacity to handle refrigeration
loads. Reduced component wear and fewer
refrigerant leaks also make the PS series a
dependable choice.
Call Master-Bilt at 800-647-1284 for quotations or other information.
New Service Page Debuts On Master-Bilt Site
Got a service issue? Looking for a dealer?
Need an installation manual? Master-Bilt’s
new service page is the answer. We’ve
grouped together several existing site features and added new ones to create a virtual service center.
New functions include a Service FAQ link
and troubleshooting tips as well as a link to
our Customer Connect parts ordering site.
Look for more information on Customer
Connect in the near future.
The dealer/service locator, previously on
its own page with a link in the top navigation bar, has been incorporated into the service page. The feature still works the same,
it’s just in a different place.
Additional links include installation/operations manuals and warranty information.
To visit our service center, look for the
"service" link in the top navigation bar or
go to
4 Star & Finn Join Master-Bilt Sales Team
Master-Bilt is pleased to announce two new
rep groups: 4 Star Representatives, based in
Pennsauken, NJ and Finn Marketing, based
in Tampa, FL.
4 Star Representatives, formerly known
as Bachovin-Healy Group, will cover an expanded mid-Atlantic area, with the addition
of two new team members who office out of
Harrisburg and Allentown, PA.
A Special Thank You
Finn Marketing is the new representative
group for the state of Florida. Frank Finn,
founder and president of Finn Marketing,
brings 26 years of experience to Master-Bilt.
“We are confident the addition of 4 Star
and Finn Marketing will strengthen MasterBilt representation and service,” says Bill
Huffman, Master-Bilt vice president of sales
and marketing.
Master-Bilt has just completed one of our most successful fiscal years ever. That's an exceptional statement
under any circumstances. However, in the current economical environment, this accomplishment is even more
extraordinary. During these difficult times, we are especially grateful to those who support us. To our customers we say thank you for your trust. To our employees, thank you for your continued hard work. May the next
year bring new growth not only for Master-Bilt but our nation as a whole.
Product Scene
Wall-Mount Packaged Refrigeration Systems
PRS-2 series walk-ins have always been available
with ceiling-mounted packaged refrigeration systems
but you may not
know that wallmount
are also offered.
Wa l l - m o u n t s
work better in
low-ceiling areas
where there’s little
or no room for a
refrigeration system on top of the
walk-in. Service
accessibility is improved and so is
air flow around
Wall-mount packaged refrigeration systems
the system. For
are an alternative to ceiling-mount in low ceilmore information
ing or limited access areas.
packaged systems, contact your local Master-Bilt sales
representative or call us at 800-647-1284.
Optional Full View Door Introduced
Visitors to Master-Bilt’s booth at the recent NRA show
in Chicago got the chance to see a new style of walk-in
glass door. The new door, with a fixed 24" x 48" view
window, further accommodates customer requirements
for visibility in their walk-ins.
The new full view
window provides a
clear view of inside
contents and inventory for kitchen
staff, increasing security and decreasing possibility of
theft, sabotage and
employee non-production and unauthorized activities.
The door also increases safety by
allowing full view
of incapacitated or
injured persons inside.
threepane safety glass,
the full view window is hermetically
sealed in a foamedin-place entry door, Full view glass doors increase security and
providing an air- safety for walk-ins.
tight seal to properly maintain temperature and keep products inside
fresh. Tempered glass provides more insulation value
than standard plexiglass and gives the door additional
strength to prevent warping.
Heater/Proofer Contest Winner Named
We’re pleased to announce that Joe Uraski with S & G Distributing in Skokie, IL is the winner of our
HP6A-LX heater/proofer cabinet giveaway at the recent NRA show. Joe's entry was picked at random
from all received.
All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no
attention to criticism.
–Author unknown
COOL IT! • Vol. 10, No. 2
Setting Up Auto-Snark
Out of the office? Be sure to let people know when you’ll return, and what they can do
in the meantime. And despite the rich temptation, you probably SHOULDN’T set up
your e-mail to send any of these auto-reply messages:
• I am currently out at a job interview and will reply to you if I fail to get the position.
Be prepared for my mood.
• You are receiving this automatic notification because I am out of the office. If I was
in, chances are you wouldn’t receive any response at all.
• I will be unable to delete all the unread emails I receive until I return from vacation.
Please be patient, and your e-mail will be deleted in the order it was received.
• Thank you for your message, which has been added to a queuing system while I am
out of the office. You are currently in 352nd place, and can expect to receive a reply
in approximately 19 weeks.
• I’ve run away to join a different circus.
Notable Things We Have Learned From
The Movies
• Every police investigation will require at least one visit to a strip club.
• The Eiffel Tower can be seen from any hotel room in Paris.
• Striking one match will provide enough light to illuminate an area the size of the
average football stadium.
• Ventilation ducts are roomy enough to allow anyone to wiggle through them.
Villains never think to search them.
• Medieval peasants all had perfect teeth.
• Mothers will cook elaborate breakfasts of bacon, eggs, waffles, and pancakes only on
days when no one in the family has time to eat.
How To Succeed In Business—One Strategy
The CEO called an employee into his office.
“You’ve been with this corporation for a little over a year. You started here as an
intern, then took a sales job, and within a few months you were promoted to manager
of the regional sales department. Six months after that you became a vice president.
Does that sound about right?”
“Yeah,” said the employee.
“Well, I’m planning to retire, and I want you to take over the company. How would
you like that?”
“Thanks, what?”
The employee thought for a moment, and then said, “Thanks, Dad.”
COOL IT! • Vol. 10, No. 2
New Key Customers
Thanks to these companies for joining the Key Customer network:
Instawares/Supplies on
the Fly
Kennesaw, GA
Olympic Store Fixtures
Chicago, IL
Iron Station, NC
New Brunswick
Announcing the
We’re offering big savings on all quick ship walk-in models as well as FREE
FREIGHT! Contact your local Master-Bilt representative for details. To find
your representative, visit
or call us at 800-647-1284.
Partners In Success
Gas City, Ltd. & Zepole Restaurant Supply Co.
DeMotte, IN
In today's economy, businesses are looking for any
edge to help save money and set themselves apart. The
"green" movement has opened up many new opportunities to do both. From large chains to independent operations, businesses nationwide are looking for ways to
achieve Leadership
in Energy and EnviSee a picture of the Gas City
ronmental Design
walk-in online at
(LEED) certification
from the US Green
Building Council.
Within the foodservice industry, operators can opt for
sustainable practices like sourcing local produce and
choosing more energy efficient equipment.
Gas City, Ltd., a 42-year-old independent petroleum
marketer with locations in northeast Illinois, northwest
Indiana, Florida and Arizona, operates some 52 gas stations and truck stops and understands the need to become a LEED certified operation.
“We are in the business of selling energy but we understand we need to conserve it as well,” states Billy
McEnery Jr., vice president of Gas City, a division of
McEnery Enterprises, based in Frankfort, IL.
Gas City’s newest location in DeMotte, IN is their beta
site for LEED certification. “We looked at green building design throughout the entire property and turned
to the experts in every area to incorporate as many standards as possible,” says McEnery.
One such expert was Gary Thiakos, president of Zepole Restaurant Supply Company in Bolingbrook IL,
whose company has been working with McEnery Enterprises for many years. “Zepole are experts in the res-
taurant supply field and Gary was able to find the best
available equipment to meet our needs.”
Gas City’s newest "green" location is a 250-seat restaurant that is open 24/7/365. One of their primary concerns
was finding a walk-in system that would not only withstand the rigorous usage but conserve energy as well.
Master-Bilt had the answer. According to Thiakos,
Master-Bilt’s Master Controller with patented reverse
cycle defrost is not only the most energy efficient walk-in
system on the market, but offers his customers the most
user-friendly system with low maintenance and less
downtime. The Master Controller provides up to 27%
energy savings and reverse cycle defrost offers an 80%
decrease in defrost energy usage over electric defrost
heaters, as well as significant reductions in defrost time.
Zepole installed an 18 x 24 ft., three compartment walkin cooler/freezer combination with energy efficient LED
lighting that can last up to 100,000 hours. That’s up to
100 times the life of an incandescent bulb and up to 10
times the life of a fluorescent. They also installed a Master-Bilt MRS series modular multi-compressor refrigeration system that saves even more energy and reduces
in-store heat and noise. The roof-mounted MRS system
remotes eight of Gas City’s refrigeration systems.
“In a larger, high volume/high usage application
such as Gas City, or any 24/7 foodservice operation,
Master-Bilt’s Master Controller with reverse cycle technology is the perfect solution for energy savings and
a quicker return on your investment,” states Thiakos,
whose company has been specifying Master-Bilt products for over 20 years.
Gas City plans to be Leed Silver certified in 2010 and
will continue to expand with the addition of three to
four new locations a year.
We need your help!
To make Cool It! a better publication for all, we need your questions, comments and story suggestions.
Send in your ideas to Lynn Burge at or fax them to 800-232-3966.
Published quarterly by the
Master-Bilt Sales & Marketing Department
Lynn Burge, editor
908 Hwy 15 North • New Albany, MS 38652
800-647-1284 • Fax: 800-232-3966
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