CD-ROM Drive and Hard Drive Option
CD Cleaning
The CD-ROM drive is available for both Ultra 5 and Ultra 10 workstation
systems. A second hard drive is available as an optional storage device for
the Ultra 10 only. The Ultra 10 second hard drive is located at the front end
of the chassis.
If your CD-ROM drive cannot read a CD, the cause may be a dirty CD.
Follow these guidelines to clean a CD:
Installing Your CD-ROM and Hard Drive
Refer to the documentation that came with your Ultra 5 and Ultra 10
system. Locate the sections describing detailed installation procedures in
your Ultra 5 and Ultra 10 ShowMe™ How™ multimedia and the Sun Ultra
5/10 Service Manual (Sun AnswerBook™).
Refer to the Solaris Handbook for SMCC Peripherals that corresponds to your
operating system for software tasks related to your drive installation. The
handbook describes how to shut down the system before installation and
how to configure the system after installing your CD-ROM and hard drive.
Ensure that the CD-ROM drive and Ultra 10 second hard drive are
properly cabled. The EIDE interface cable is a ribbon cable with connectors
clearly marked to indicate which connector should be connected to which
device or host. On the Ultra 5 and Ultra 10 systems, the EIDE cable
connects from the CD-ROM drive to the J14 motherboard connector. The
audio cable connects from the CD-ROM to the J9 connector (between
power supply connector and audio connector). For the second hard drive
option on the Ultra 10 system, the EIDE cable connects from the hard drive
(“slave” connector) to the primary channel J15 motherboard connector.
Motherboard J14
(secondary channel)
Ultra 5 and Ultra 10 CD-ROM audio cable
Motherboard J9
Ultra 10 Hard Drive cable
Front hard drive
(slave-device 1)
Rear hard drive
(master-device 0)
Motherboard J15
(primary channel)
Jumper Setting
Prior to installing the CD-ROM drive (Ultra 5 and Ultra 10) or secondary
hard drive (Ultra 10, only), verify that on the back panel of each drive, that
the mode select jumper is set to CS.
antistatic aerosol spray, or abrasive cleaners to clean CDs.
Follow these guidelines when handling and storing CDs:
(device 2)
Caution – Do not user solvents such as benzine, paint thinner,
Handling and Storing CDs
Cabling Configuration
Ultra 5 and Ultra 10 CD-ROM data cable
Use a soft, clean, lint-free, dry cloth
Clean the non-labeled side of the CD
Wipe the CD radially from the center to the outside
Use professional cleaning kits
Handle CDs only by their edges; avoid touching CD surfaces.
Do not write on CDs with permanent marking pens.
Do not use CDs in high-dust environments.
Keep CDs out of direct sunlight, extreme sources of heat or cold, and
away from dust and moisture.
Make sure CDs are at room temperature before using them.
Store CDs in storage boxes so that they remain clean and free of dust.
Inserting a CD Into the Drive
1. After the system is powered on, push the eject button to open the
drive tray.
You may need to unmount the CD before manually ejecting it. You can
also eject the CD by using software commands. Refer to the peripherals
handbook that corresponds with your operating system.
2. Place the CD (label side up) into the tray.
Ensure that the CD is properly set into the recessed area of the tray.
3. If the drive is being installed in a vertical position, slide the two
bottom tabs on the tray toward each other to hold the CD.
Ejecting a CD
If the motorized eject mechanism does not work, use a thin, stiff wire (such
as a paper clip) to eject the CD.
Ordering Sun Documents
SunDocsSM is a distribution program for technical documentation and is
available from SunExpress. You can find a full listing of available
documentation on the World Wide Web:
To order or for more information:
1-800-873-7869 (United States and Canada only)
1-800-944-0661 (United States and Canada only)
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