Liquid Nails Direct Stick TDS

Liquid Nails Direct Stick TDS
Technical Data Sheet
V 1.0 02-06-13
Liquid Nails Direct Stick
Foaming Polyurethane Flooring Adhesive
Selleys Liquid Nails Direct Stick (LNDS) is a high strength, easy to trowel polyurethane flooring adhesive. LNDS
has a controlled foaming formulation that increases bond area and reduces the incidence of hollow spots. It is
designed to expand to maximise the bond footprint. The very high modulus bond of LNDS offers significant
advantages over more conventional highly flexible type flooring adhesives because it holds the overlay firmly to
the substrate and minimises movement. The formulation wets onto surfaces (especially concrete) immediately. It
is brown in colour and available in a 10L pail and 700g sausage.
 Direct stick bonding of solid strip timber overlay
 Bonding most types of wood flooring, parquet, strip (solid, engineered and prefinished) & sheet timber to
common flooring substrates such as concrete, pre-existing strip flooring, particle board, plywood, and MDF,
HMR (HDF), FC (Fibre Cement) sheets.
 High strength and modulus for strong bonding
 Minimises hollow spots
 Rapid cure – Good strength is achieved in 2-3 hours
 Good wet grab and initial hold
 Designed to expand (high density foam) to maximise bond footprint
 Suitable for use with High Performance Polyurethane Protective Coatings
 No rejection of finishes where spills on the timber have been sanded off.
 Resists cupping and rafting in timber overlay flooring
 Low odour and low VOC formula.
Instructions for use/Application Instructions
The following should only be used as a guide and the installer should apply all Australian Standards, BCA/NZBC
requirements, and best practices when installing a timber floor with Liquid Nails Direct Stick.
All surfaces should be clean, structurally sound and level to 3mm in 3m. Out of level floors will increase the
risk of hollow spots under strip timber overlay
Liquid Nails VBS Vapour Barrier is recommended over concrete before applying LNDS to prevent moisture
migration and subsequent swelling of the timber overlay. Moisture content of the slab should be <5.5%, and
moisture vapour transmission <15g/m per 24hr.
Concrete slabs must be built in accordance with AS2870-1996 and have a finish equivalent to that obtained
when using a steel trowel.
Grind concrete to remove high spots, surface contaminants and weak surface layers
Sand timber substrates to remove contaminants such as old glue or surface finishes and flatten any raised
Scoop or pour adhesive from the pail (or squeeze from sausage) to the application surface. Only spread as
much adhesive as you can cover in 20 minutes
Only use the trowel recommended for strip flooring. This provides the optimal spacing and height for adhesive
ridges for bridging any gaps between overlay and sub-floor and wetting onto the underside of the boards, and
helps the foaming compensate for slightly uneven surfaces.
Lay the timber overlay onto prepared adhesive with a minimum of sideways movement using adequate
pressure to ensure adhesive contact on each individual board.
Fastening (or weighting) is recommended to secure timber during curing.
Refer to the Installation Guide for more detailed information.
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Coverage of the adhesive is dependent on substrate porosity, application technique and trowel notch size. It is
important to select the correct trowel for the application to maximise both adhesive footprint and coverage.
Selleys have designed a specific trowel for the application of LNDS according to the following specifications.
Consult Selleys before using a different trowel to that recommended.
Technical Data/Properties
Contact Selleys before using this data for the setting of specifications.
Typical Result
1.5 - 2m /Litre
Application Temperature
10 – 35 C
Shelf Life
12 months
Working Time
30 minutes @ 25C
Cure Time
24 hours
Tensile Strength
1.5 MPa
Shear Strength
5.2 MPa
93 g/L
Important Notes/Limitations
 Cure rate will be inhibited if air or substrate surface temperature is below 5 C.
 Selleys Technical Services should be consulted if any doubt exists in respect to floor contamination, or any
concerns in relation to moisture.
 Should a self-levelling compound be required, consult manufacturer in relation to drying times and
appropriate priming to adhere the compound to the substrate. Selleys recommendation for self-levelling
compound is Roberts Flexiscreed 38 or an equivalent exterior grade product.
 Selleys recommend that Liquid Nails VBS Vapour Barrier be used over a levelling compound as moisture
rising from below can affect most overlay flooring.
 For maximum bonding between the Liquid Nails VBS Vapour Barrier and LNDS, it is recommended to lay the
adhesive within 24 hours of applying VBS. If LNDS is to be applied to VBS after 24 hours have elapsed then
the surface of the VBS will need to be roughened with 60 – 80 grit sandpaper.
 Timber strip should be installed at a measured moisture content within 2% of the expected equilibrium
moisture content of the building to minimise excessive movement after installation.
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LNDS provide a service temperature resistance of up to 80°C. However, it is undesirable to expose timber
flooring to such high temperatures for any period, as it will cause excessive shrinkage of the timber. Underfloor heating must have suitable thermostatic controls that limit the slab temperature to 30°C maximum. The
moisture content of timber flooring installed over a heated floor needs to be 8% to 9% and layed loosely.
Store unopened sausages/pails below 30 C in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Unopened
sausages/pails can be stored for 12 months from the date of manufacture. Opened pails may skin. Skin may be
cut away and remaining product used.
Classified as HAZARDOUS - contains lsocyanates
Wear gloves and safety glasses when using.
Not classified as Dangerous Goods.
Refer to Safety Data Sheet for more detailed information.
Clean up
Clean tools and equipment with Liquid Nails Direct Stick Remover; polyurethane clean up solvent, lacquer
thinners or acetone before product cures.
Spills on pre-finished (factory applied UV-cured urethane) surfaces must be removed immediately and as
completely as possible. It is advisable to clean up spills immediately with Liquid Nails Direct Stick Remover
All information contained in this Product Information Sheet is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Products
can be expected to perform as indicated in this Sheet, so long as application procedures are followed as
recommended. Notwithstanding the above, any recommendations made by Selleys or its distributors in relation
to this or other products is to be taken as advice only. Selley makes no representations or warranties that this
product will be suitable for use. Subject to any applicable legislation which cannot be excluded (such as the
Australian Consumer Law), Selleys takes no responsibility and will not be liable for any failure in performance of
this product or any losses, damages, or injuries (consequential or otherwise) arising from the storage, mixing,
application or other use of this product or for any representations made by you about the product which have not
been approved in writing by Selleys. The buyer assumes all risk and responsibility for the use of this product.
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