Centricity STAR Program

Centricity STAR Program
Centricity™ STAR Program
At GE Healthcare, we are dedicated to empowering you through education and sharing
your successes and outcomes that set you apart in the healthcare industry. With this in
mind, we have built the Centricity STAR program enabling you to learn, earn,
share and succeed.
The Centricity STAR program provides opportunities
for you to share your experiences as an innovative
healthcare industry leader, promote your unique
accomplishments, establish beneficial business
contacts and receive valuable education. We foster an
environment where active participation allows you to
maximize your company‘s investment in Centricity
Solutions and enables members to grow both
personally and professionally through education and
collaboration with other healthcare industry
Visibility and Leadership Opportunities
To thank you for your participation, we reward you
with Centricity STAR points that can be applied toward
valuable GE Healthcare IT services and training.
Centricity STAR Benefits
The Centricity STAR program provides benefits and
resources designed to educate and showcase your
expertise and successes:
Gain visibility and recognition as a thought leader
for yourself and your organization
Build valuable relationships with fellow peers as
well as GE Healthcare IT industry experts
Expand your knowledge through education, useful
tips and research, as well as services and training
Once you join the program, we will work together to
identify opportunities for your participation based on
your needs, interests and time. You can choose to opt
in or out of rewards, and all aspects of the program
are voluntary.
The Centricity STAR program is tailored to help you tell
your story at any given point in your journey and offers
many unique ways to share your successes. Build your
professional resume and increase your company’s
brand exposure by participating in the following Sales
and Marketing activities that grow your Centricity
STAR points:
Reference calls
Site visits
Case studies
Media articles
Press releases
Speaking engagements
Centricity STAR Rewards and Recognition
Redeeming Points
As our way of saying thank you for taking the time to
participate and share your successes, we reward you
with Centricity STAR points. These points accumulate
and are redeemable toward valuable GE Healthcare IT
benefits, including Centricity LIVE registration, as well
as services and remote or on-site training.
The points you earn can be used by anyone within your
organization, spreading the value to your entire team.
Points can be used towards a variety of valuable
In addition to rewarding you with Centricity STAR points,
we publically recognize and award clients that have
actively participated in Centricity STAR and realized
outstanding results through leveraging Centricity
Solutions. Customers are honored for their
achievements at Centricity LIVE.
Centricity LIVE Registration: join your peers for
face-to-face networking, educational sessions and
keynote presentations (500* points earns one early
bird registration)
On-site Assessment: a GE Healthcare IT expert will
come to your facility to conduct an assessment of
your use of the solutions in order to identify areas
for improvement (2640* points earns a full day visit)
Earning Points
Remote Training: join a session virtually to learn
more about your solutions and how to optimize
them (400* points earns a two hour session)
On-site Training: a GE Healthcare IT expert will
come to your facility to conduct educational
sessions (2640* points earns a full day training)
As you participate, your Centricity STAR points will grow.
Points awarded for activities are based on level of
participation from you and others in your organization
over time. The more participation from you and your
colleagues in various roles, the more potential your
organization has to earn and accumulate Centricity
STAR points. The points are awarded according to:
The fair market value (FMV) of the participant’s role
in their organization
Total time spent on an activity
FMV x Time Spent on Activity = Centricity STAR points
Functional Systems Administrator FMV of $55 an
hour x 1 hour sales reference call = 55 Centricity
STAR points
Awarding Centricity STAR points according to the FMV of
an individual’s role and time spent on an activity allows
optimal equity and a high potential for earning points.
We encourage your organization to use Centricity STAR
points before they expire (two years from the date they
are earned).
Getting started with Centricity STAR
We look forward to working with you to build a program
that is of value to you and your organization. Start
enjoying the excitement and benefits of participating in
Centricity STAR today. To apply, contact our dedicated
Centricity STAR manager at Centricity.STAR@GE.com
who can help guide you through a personalized
program, or complete our online form.
*Point requirements are subject to change.
Showcase your successes and start earning Centricity STAR points today!
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