Concord Express Spec Sheet (Original Version)

Concord Express Spec Sheet (Original Version)
Concord Express
T e c h n i c a l S p e c i f i c a t i o n S h e e t
Concord Express delivers integrated
hardwire/wireless security, providing up to
24 zones of burglary and fire protection. For
residential customers — both retrofit and new
construction — Concord Express is a valuable
and affordable security choice. Its modular
design provides flexibility for creating system
solutions that customers want. Concord
Express is easy to install, simple to use, and
complies with SIA False Alarm Standards.
Security System
Control Panel
ITI Part No.: 60-806-95
High Standards
Standard configuration of Concord Express
includes 6 hardwire zone inputs, one built-in
radio receiver with 8 wireless zones, and 2
programmable outputs. One of the hardwire
zones can be set up as a 2-wire smoke
detector loop for up to 10 detectors. The 8
integrated wireless zones allow for easy and
inexpensive addition of remote keychain
touchpads and wireless panics. Integrated
wireless provides installation flexibility to
meet the needs of your customers and your
installers. The built-in outputs can be
programmed to activate external devices
during an alarm or other system events.
Encrypted Learn Mode technology secures
every keychain touchpad transmission.
Easy Expansion
SnapCards™ add to the system’s hardwire
zone input and output capabilities. The 8Z
Hardwire Input SnapCard provides 6 regular
hardwire zones and 2 two-wire smoke loops.
The 4Z/2 Output SnapCard adds 4 regular
hardwire inputs and 2 programmable output
relays. Each card (one per panel) connects
easily to the panel circuit board inside the
cabinet for a clutter-free, professional
Advanced Features
With 16 user-programmable access codes,
residential customers can grant access
privileges to several users. Numeric paging
provides users with system status and
latchkey notification.
Effortless Programming
Conduct quick and easy on-site programming
with alphanumeric touchpads and a menudriven text interface with shortcut menu
numbers. Or, for off-site programming, use
ITI ToolBox® downloader software (Ver. 4.2).
Standard Features
Expandable Security
Featuring Encrypted
Learn Mode
14 standard zones—6 onboard hardwire zone inputs and 8 wireless zones
2- and 4- wire smoke detector compatibility
2 onboard programmable outputs
Compatible with all ITI crystal and SAW Learn Mode sensors
Compatible with ELM (Encrypted Learn Mode) Keychain Touchpads
Panel auxiliary power provides 750 mA (continuous)
12 VDC, 1.25 A alarm output
16 user-programmable access codes
Latchkey numeric paging
SIA False Alarm Reduction Standard
50-event history buffer
Keyswitch arming using a hardwire or wireless zone
Programmable from on-site alphanumeric touchpads or off-site using ITI ToolBox.
Time and 24-zone status displayed on the Fixed english LCD touchpad
Expansion Options
24 zone maximum achieved through additional input devices:
SnapCards: 8Z Hardwire Input SnapCard adds 6 regular hardwire inputs and (2) two-wire smoke loops;
4Z/2 Output SnapCard adds 4 inputs
Touchpads: one regular hardwire input added per SuperBus 2000 2x20 LCD/VFD Touchpad
Touchpad Options
SuperBus 2000 Fixed English Liquid Crystal Display Touchpad
SuperBus 2000 2x16 Liquid Crystal Display Alphanumeric Touchpad
SuperBus 2000 2x20 Liquid Crystal Display Alphanumeric Touchpad
SuperBus 2000 2x20 Vacuum Fluorescent Display Alphanumeric Touchpad
Crystal and SAW Keychain Touchpads
Encrypted Learn Mode Keychain Touchpad
HiTech Handheld Touchpad
Concord Express
T e c h n i c a l S p e c i f i c a t i o n S h e e t
Concord Family
Product Catalog
ITI Part No.: 466-1242-CON
Dealer Price List
ITI Part No.: 466-1289-01-CON
Main Product Offering
Concord Express Panel
ITI Part No.: 60-806-95
Fixed English LCD Touchpad
ITI Part No.: 60-820
Power Supply
Required Transformer
Backup Battery
Battery Backup Time
Battery Test
Transformer Fuse
Panel Aux. Voltage Output
Class II, 16.5 VAC, 25 VA, 60 Hz
12 VDC, 4 Ah, sealed, lead-acid
24 hours (when fully charged, with appropriate external load)
15 minutes under load every 24 hours (every 4 hours for UL installations)
Non-replaceable fuse
Communication Formats
Formats Supported
DTMF or pulse with integrated line seizure relay
SIA Digital II (110 or 300 bps) or Contact ID
2 central station phone numbers and 3 pager phone numbers
Input Zones
Databus Format
Databus Capacity
24 maximum, 14 standard—6 hardwire zone inputs, 8 wireless zones
SuperBus 2000 with auto-enrolling capability
Up to 4 devices
OUT1/+12V (Output 1)
OUT2/OC (Output 2)
Auxiliary Power Output
12 VDC, 1.25 A (maximum during alarm)
open-collector, 200 mA (maximum)
Regulated, current limited, self-resetting 12 VDC: 750 mA continuous
Operating Temperature
Maximum Humidity
40°F (4°C) to 100°F (38°C)
70% relative humidity, noncondensing
FCC Part 15, FCC Part 68
Physical Description
Chassis Material
Lock Set
Belgian Gray
9.0” (23 cm) wide x 11.0” (28 cm) high x 3.0” (8 cm) deep
5 lbs. (1.87 kg)
Wall mounting
.038-in (.97 mm) 20-gauge steel, punched and formed
Approvals (Pending)
False Alarm Prevention
Exit Extension
Swinger Limit
Recent Closing
Code Only Disarm
Quick Exit
Household Fire Warning System (UL 985)
Household Burglary Alarm System Unit (UL 1023)
Residential Burglary Alarm System Unit (ULC-S309)
Residential Fire Warning System Control Unit (ULC-S545-M89)
Household Fire Warning System
Re-starts the exit delay timer for re-entry through an exit/entry delay door.
Bypasses false alarming devices.
Burglary alarms occurring within 2 minutes of an exit delay are reported as a
recent closing.
The user can disarm an alarm with only their code.
Permits one open/close sequence or event through standard exit/entry door after
the system is armed.
ITI Document Number: 466-1666 Rev. A
(Specification sheets available in quantities of fifty)
Copyright © 1999, Interactive Technologies, Inc.
ITI, SuperBus, and ToolBox are registered trademarks of Interactive Technologies, Inc. Concord, Learn Mode, SnapCard, SuperBus 2000, Encrypted
Learn Mode, and Concord Express are trademarks of Interactive Technologies, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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