NovaNet for FX2

NovaNet for FX2
NovaNet™ Equipment Networking System For FX2
New NOVATEC expandable system
provides central conveying control and
access to other NOVATEC equipment.
The powerful FlexXpand FX2 control system
uses a single, wall-mounted, color touch
screen and PLC to provide a wide range of
control possibilities. Simple connection with
Ethernet cable to compatible NOVATEC
auxiliary equipment controls allows access
via the FX2 touch screen, or remotely via
web browser or networked Smart Devices.
An Overview…
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FX2 Convey Control of Up To: 160 Receiver Stations
Selector Station ID Proofing
20 Pumps + 1 back-up
Blowback & Proportioning Options
73 Material Source
Remote Access To Controls For Up To:
4 Central Dryers & 48 Central Drying Hoppers
12 Silos – Hi/Lo Signals
12 Silos – Load Cell or Continuous Sonar Level
2 Railcar Unloading Systems
Silo ID Proofing (Railcar, Truck Fill)
32 WSB Blenders
36 additional NOVATEC Equipment Controls
Remote Access to Central Drying
Connect with up to 4 NovaWheel central dryers and up to 48 central drying
hoppers located anywhere in your facility via Ethernet cable. Access directly
through the FX2 touch screen, or remotely via web browser or VNC app by
networked Smart Devices and computers.
Central Dryer Home Screen
Access wheel dryer home screen for full access to
central dryer and CDA drying hopper operating and
setup details.
Dryer Operating Status
Local summary view of key dryer operating parameters
including drying and regeneration air temperature, drying air dew point temperature and wheel RPM.
CDA Drying Hopper Setup
CDA Drying Hopper Status
Local summary view of drying hopper status. Confirm
if enabled or disabled, and view hopper name, recipe,
pre-dry lock status and actual inlet air temperature.
Access dryer control screen to remotely adjust CDA
drying hopper temperature and alarm set points, monitor status, and enable/disable operation.
Auto Start CDA Drying Hoppers
Access dryer control screen to designate central dryer
requirements for CDA drying hopper operation and
which CDAs will automatically start when the central
dryer(s) restart after a shutdown.
Multiple Central Drying Screens Including:
CDA Drying Hopper Trending Screen
Access dryer control screen to view CDA drying
hopper temperature trends, including inlet and outlet
temperature values, optional drying air dew point and
set points..
Remote Access to WSB Blenders
Connect with up to 32 WSB Blender Controls located anywhere in your
facility via Ethernet cable. Access directly through the FX2 touch screen,
or remotely via web browser or VNC app by networked Smart Devices
and computers.
View Status of up to 32 Blenders at Once
Confirm each blender’s communication and alarm
status at a glance. Assign a unique screen name to
each blender for quick and easy identification.
Blender Parameters
View and edit parameter settings, which are displayed
in a convenient matrix for quick review and comparison during initial setup or when trouble shooting.
Blender Recipe Management
View Blender Operating Details
Access any blender individually to view current recipe,
totalizer values, alarms, component operating details
and remotely START/STOP blenders.
Recipe library allows stored recipes to be loaded to
a blender or to be pulled from a blender, or an active
recipe to be pulled from a blender and store centrally
for later use.
Multiple Blender Screens Including:
Blender Diagnostics
Identify stored model, software type, and units. Verify communication “heartbeat”, and view data exchange details as well as blender I/O status.
Silo Material Level Sensing
Fit silos with Sonar Level Sensors or Load Cells for the most accurate picture of
material levels. The level status of each silo is graphically shown on a color touch
screen and alarms can be set to indicate approaching high or low level conditions.
Load Cells
Non-contact, continuous
weight measurement
Non-contact, continuous
length measurement
CNTL-SILO-CL – Silo continuous level status screen
Railcar/Truck Unloading & Proofing Systems
Railcar Unloader Monitoring
RCU Status (Silo fill ID Proofing control available with RCU).
ID Proofing switch for truck/railcar.
Silo fill ID Proofing
Truck unload ID Proofing through FX2 control.
ID Proofing gate valves for truck unloading.
Communicate With All Compatible
NOVATEC Equipment
NovaWheel™ Dryers
Extrusion Pullers
FTS Controls
Extrusion Cutters
Traveling Up Cut Saw
Ethernet Connects Your FlexXpand to the World
Every FlexXpand control can be accessed via web browser by any networked computer,
or via VCN App by a networked Smartphone or Tablet. Actual FlexXpand screens are
displayed remotely, and changes can be made easily with a simple click.
Multiple security levels are pre-programmed with selectable passwords to prevent
unauthorized viewing or changes.
View alarm logs, program material changes, monitor
pump run life… all remotely, and with the help of intuitive
graphics and self-explanatory icons.
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