PC10HP Pipeline Connector

PC10HP Pipeline Connector
Local regulations may restrict the use of this product to below the conditions quoted.
In the interests of development and improvement of the product, we reserve the right to change the specification without notice. © Copyright 2014
ST Issue 6
Pipeline Connector
The PC10HP has been designed for use with the following steam trap options:UBP32, UTD30L, UTD30H, UTDS46M, UTD52L, UIB30, UIB45, UFT32, USM21 and USM32.
The PC10HP pipeline connector is designed for use with swivel
connector steam traps up to the maximum pressure / temperature
limitations of the selected steam trap.
The principle is that the pipeline connector can be fitted into the
pipeline, either horizontally or vertically. The steam trap can be fitted
afterwards to the connector and can be rotated through 360° to
ensure that the trap is in the horizontal plane.
This product fully complies with the requirements of the
European Pressure Equipment Directive 97 / 23 / EC.
This product is available with certification to EN 10204 3.1.
Note: All certification / inspection requirements must be stated
at the time of order placement.
Sizes and pipe connections
Condensate inlet / outlet DN15, DN20 and DN25
½", ¾" and 1" screwed BSP or NPT
Socket weld ends to ASME B 16.11 / BS 3799 Class 3000.
Flanged versions are also available upon request. Please contact
Spirax Sarco for further details.
No.Part Material
Austenitic stainless steel type 304 ASTM A 351 CF8
DN15 Kv1.1
DN20 1.1
For conversion: Cv (UK) = Kv x 0.963 Pressure / temperature limits (ISO 6552)
Temperature °C
Kv values
Steam trap type to be specified
e.g. Spirax Sarco UBP, UTD, UIB, UFT, USM etc.
Pressure bar g
The product must not be used in this region.
-If flange connections are fitted then these will limit the maximum
design conditions of the pipeline connector.
-The maximum operating limits of the complete assembly will be
dictated by the steam trap of choice. Reference the specific
steam trap Technical Information sheet for its maximum
pressure / temperature limitations.
Body design conditions ASME Class 600
PMA Maximum allowable pressure
99.3 bar g @ 38°C
TMA Maximum allowable temperature 425°C @ 56 bar g
Minimum allowable temperature
Maximum operating pressure PMO for saturated steam service
64 bar g
TMO Maximum operating temperature
425°C @ 56 bar g
Minimum operating temperature
Note: For lower operating temperatures consult Spirax Sarco
Cv (US) = Kv x 1.156
Designed for a maximum cold hydraulic test pressure of 149 bar g
Dimensions / weights (approximate) in mm and kg
Size AWeight
½" 61.50.6
¾" 73.50.7
Safety information, installation and maintenance
For full details see Installation and Maintenance Instructions (IM-P128-13) supplied with the product.
Installation note:
There are following criteria must be satisfied to ensure that the steam trap will operate correctly and ensure effective condensate removal.
- The PC10HP shall be installed with flow in the direction of the arrow. Flow can be horizontal (either direction), vertical or inclined.
- The connection face for the swivel connector steam trap must always be in the vertical plane unless stated on relevant steam
trap Installation and Maintenance Instructions.
- The correct steam trap and end connection must be selected to meet the system design conditions.
- Steam trap connector bolts are supplied with the selected steam trap.
After installation it is recommended that the pipeline connector is insulated to minimise radiated heat losses and to protect personnel from
burns risk. Please note that there are some trap types that should not be insulated.
Detailed instructions regarding welding socket weld versions are provided with the product - See IM-P128-13.
An alternative pipeline connector is also available with integral strainer facility, called the PC20. For further details please see TI-P128-15.
Suitable isolation valves must be installed to allow for safe maintenance /replacement - Please see A3S (TI-P132-09) or RP31 (TI-P118-01).
Spirax Sarco can also supply pipeline connectors fitted with integral isolation valves and can incorporate line drainage and trap depressurization
facilities. Please see PC30 (TI-P128-02) or PC40 (TI-P128-03).
The product is recyclable. No ecological hazard is anticipated with disposal of this product providing due care is taken.
How to order
Example: 1 off ½" Spirax Sarco PC10HP pipeline connector in austenitic stainless steel having socket weld end connections to
ASME B 16.11 Class 3000 and a body ASME Class 600 rated.
TI-P128-10 ST Issue 6
PC10HP Pipeline Connector
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