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LB 1000
The machine will only work with a Lavazza Blue Pod. If you attempt to use any other
product the machine will be damaged and cease to work.
STEP 1 Fill up with water by opening the top of the transparent water tank at the side. It is preferable to
use a water jug to fill the transparent water tank Alternatively the tank can be removed and filled
and placed back in the machine .
STEP 2 Switch on the machine using the luminous button at the bottom
right side of the machine. There are two neon lights on the top left
of the machine. The green light should always appear on and the
orange light turns on when the machine has reached ideal
temperature to make coffee or steam milk.
The machine can be left on during the day but
MUST be turned off at night.
STEP 3 Place the pod in the machine by opening the capsule hatch on the
top of the machine and insert the capsule as seen in the picture.
Close the hatch.
STEP 4 Place the cup under the coffee dispenser on the cup support rack and then turn the knob to the
right (clockwise) to dispense coffee. When you have the desired amount of coffee turn the knob
back (anti-clockwise) to the central neutral position.
STEP 5 To heat and froth the milk swing out the steam spout. Position the steam jug so the spout is in the
jug and immersed in the milk. Turn the knob to the left. Steam will begin to froth the milk. To stop
the steam, turn the knob back to the neutral position.
STEP 6 Remove the cup from the machine and pour the hot milk into the cup from the jug.
STEP 7 Voila! - you have the perfect cup .
STEP 8 Please switch off the machine at night before leaving the premises .
• Please ensure there is always water in the machine above the minimum water level line prior
to switching it on.
• Never touch the steaming wand with your hands as you can be burnt - use the control lever.
• Always place the jug under the steamer, with the steamer wand submerged in the milk
otherwise the steam can burn you.
• It is recommended that you clean the steam wand immediately after using the steamer
with a clean moist tea towel or cloth.
• Any unused milk left in the jug can be reused for the next coffees as long as the jug has
been placed in the fridge after being used. Top up with cold milk. Milk left to stand in a jug for
long periods of time should not be used.
• If dried milk builds up on the wand, then fill cup with hot water and leave the wand
submerged in the cup for 3 minutes. Then use a wet cloth to clean, never try scrape the milk
build up off the wand.
• Always ensure you clean the milk jug and thermometer.
• Always purge the steam arm at the end of the day to clean out any build up of milk inside the
arm. To do this let the steam discharge into an empty jug for 30 seconds.
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30 - 35ml coffee with
a thick golden crema on the surface
served short or long with a dash
of milk and/or a dollop of froth
long black
a full cup of espresso
1/3 espresso
1/3 steamed milk
1/3 froth
caffé latte
flat white
an espresso topped with steamed
milk and 10ml of froth
1/3 espresso
with remainder hot milk
• Always heat 1/3 full of cold milk in the supplied jug first before making the coffee.
• Steam cold milk only to 60 degrees. Warm milk will not froth properly
• It is preferable to use pre-heated porcelain cups on the heating tray. A cold cup can drop the temp
of the coffee by 10ºC. The heated cup helps to retain the crema and let the aromas develop better.
Espresso Decaffienato
Decaffeinato Soave
¡Tierra! coffee from Lavazza is a sustainable
coffee sourced from Honduras, Peru and
Colombia. It's 100% washed Arabica coffee,
highly aromatic, with lightly fruity acidity
making it delicate and sweet. Strength -
Blend of Brazilian & Asian coffees,
which thanks to the innovative Lavazza
BLUE extraction system gives a full
sweet taste with a chocolatey finish & a
rich tasting crema. Strength -
100% Arabica blend of exquisite Brazilian
coffees. Yields a mellow & sweet decaffeinated
regular or long espresso, with a slightly chocolaty aftertaste & velvety crema. Strength -
A blend that combines Brazilian and South
American coffee with the best varieties of
Indonesian robusta. This yields particularly
creamy coffee, with a long tasting, balanced
after taste. Strength -
100% Arabica blend with a sweet & fragrant
aroma, composed of top-quality Brazilian
& Indian coffees. Yields a sweet, mild &
aromatic regular or long espresso, with a
persistent crema. Strength -
A blend of excellent Arabica (40%) from
Brazil & Central America and Robusta (60%)
from Southeast Asia. Yields a particularly
round & creamy regular or long espresso,
with a balanced aftertaste. Strength -
Caffé Crema
A liquorish and dense blend of top quality
Brazilian and Central American Arabicas
with Asian robustas. You'll love the rich, full
bodied, chocolatey dark roasted flavour
with a persistent crema. Strength -
100% Arabica blend with a sweet and
fragrant aroma composed of top-quality
Brazilian and Indian coffees. Yields a
sweet & velvety coffee with a persistent
aftertaste and a thick, golden crema.
Strength -
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