Touchscreens in hospital wards

Touchscreens in hospital wards
Interactive technology
Clevertouch LCD
When using interactive touchscreens in
hospital wards, silent operation and the option
to reduce brightness helps minimise patient
disturbance in the quieter hours.
Obviously in a hospital, equipment needs to be wiped down and
therefore an LCD interactive screen with toughened glass and
steel bezel, which is compatible with all approved hospital cleaning
agents to reduce the risk of transmitting infections, is essential.
The Clevertouch LCD and Clevertouch LED models are suitable
for use in hospital wards, for they are plug and play which means
no calibration and no drivers, you just turn them on and start
interacting, and you move your selected data by single finger touch
or gloved hand.
Suitable for continuous operation, the Clevertouch LCD panel
can run for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and come with built-in
speakers and an optional PC. Your department also saves money
as there are no on-going consumable costs as the products do
not need lamps, as when using a projector with an interactive
Sizes 42” upwards are 1080p high resolution which means you
can manage more data to be displayed on a single screen without
any scrolling to ensure information, such as patient flow, patient
status, is easily accessible.
For peace of mind, the manufacturers’ warranty is 3 years onsite
and an engineer will repair onsite should the need arise.
32_Wedgwood AV Ltd - 01754 769967
Optional PC module - Intel Atom
Clevertouch LED
The Clevertouch LED screens have edge-lit LEDs (light emitting
diodes) to back light the units, instead of the traditional CCFL
backlights found in LCD screens. LED screens are therefore
energy saving and use less power consumption.
Both the Clevertouch LCD and LED models include Lynx
multi-faceted software that has been created for use with any
interactive device. It has an annotation toolkit including pens,
highlighting and area fill tools. You can write, align, rotate and
transform text and link with any Windows application to quickly
access frequently used programmes.
Interactive technology
3 products in 1 - an
interactive easel, table
or whiteboard
For teaching and training purposes, where
you want a flexible mobile solution, the
CleverLCD Touch Fusion can switch from one
mode to another at the touch of a button,
giving you an interactive easel, table or
Being electronically height and tilt adjustable,
it makes it ideal for all ages, standing or
sitting. It can sense up to 32 simultaneous
touch points so group collaboration comes
to life.
As this product solution has a built-in PC
and integrated speakers it saves money
having to purchase these additional items,
and it comes with Lynx CleverLynx interactive
software which allows you to show media,
websites, animations, images, brochures and
much more in an engaging fashion.
• 01754 769967
• [email protected]
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