Corporate PPT guidelines

Corporate PPT guidelines
Creating UniSA presentations
with PowerPoint
Top 5 tips
How to use these templates
1. Start and end with UniSA
These templates are provided to help you get the most out of your
presentations and are intended as guides only. Feel free to adjust
all slides between the start and end slides to suit your needs as
required. Alternatively, you may also choose to create or use your own
PowerPoint presentation if preferred. Note these templates have been
set up in the 16:9 aspect ratio and must be used with these settings to
avoid distorting the images/graphics within.
2. Keep font, colours and
sizes consistent
>> Use a maximum of two fonts
per presentation - Arial is
>> Keep size consistent minimum point size is 20pt
(36pt for headings)
>> Use bold or colour to highlight
text (two colours/slide max)
and avoid using UPPER CASE
3. Keep text simple
>> Use dot points rather than
text blocks; or graphics rather
than text
>> Headings should tell the story
- eg: ‘2014 revenue’ is a title,
while ‘2014 revenue grew 44%’
creates a headline
4. Use high quality images
>> Make sure images add value
to your presentation (never
simply stretch a small, low
resolution photo to fit)
>> Do not place text over images
>> Use a big image and minimal
text if the image is the hero; or
use smaller image and more
text if the image is a visual aid
>> Make use of the University’s
photo library – Asset bank
– to find suitable images to
add to your presentation. Visit
5. Use animations carefully
>> Using ‘builds or transitions’
can add interest and introduce
content individually but limit
to one style per presentation
>> Avoid more distracting
animations such as ‘zoom’,
‘boomerang’ or ‘swivel’
If you’re having trouble creating your presentation or using PowerPoint
please visit for assistance.
Step 1
View the three PowerPoint templates from Asset Bank (search for PPT
template) and choose your preferred option. All three start and end
with a UniSA slide but in between you can choose to use either:
Option 1: Bar footer
Option 2: Logo footer
Option 3: No logo
Step 2
Customise your start and end slides with your title (if applicable). On
the home tab, click on the arrow under the ‘New Slide’ icon and begin
choosing new slides to create your presentation. You’ll see five options
ranging from heading and text only, through to full image slides and
you can pick and choose to suit your goals.
Step 3
Continue building your presentation by adding and customising new
slides and don’t forget to save.
Add Key Selling Point (KSP) visual slides
Step 1
Enhance your presentation with full-page visual slides containing
University highlights such as rankings, campus facilities and more. View
these slides in the five available presentations: Corporate, Teaching
and Learning, Research, Community and Student Experience.
Step 2
Choose the slides you’d like to add, then simply copy and paste into
your own presentation.
More presentation design tips and advice
Correct as at December 2014.
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