Coordinate Measuring Machines
Bulletin No. 2075
Scanning module for evaluation of workpiece
contours, and 3D digitizing of surfaces
Calculate elements
Where analysis of forms and shapes commonly known as
profile-of-a-curve, then the addition of the SCANPAK enables
GEOPAK scanning capability with touch probe (peck method)
or scan probe CNC controlled continuous contact or hard
probe for Manual CMMs.
SCANPAK is a dedicated module that is added to GEOPAK.
When it is active it gives your machine the ability to measure,
edit and analyze contours as elements. These elements
can be combined with the existing prismatic elements in
GEOPAK. Measured Contours can be used to construct
intersections or fit elements for soft-gaging or elements that
construct the profile.
Samples of parts that can
be evaluated by SCANPAK
SCANPAK provides high performance
scanning of work-pieces and evaluation
of profile callouts. Accurate analysis
can be made quickly, efficiently and
graphical comparison charts can be
generated with or without CAD.
SCANPAK can automatically construct best-fit geometry (lines/
circles) from a measured contour. This information can be used
as reference for the basic dimensions given for the Profile callout or even assist in Reverse Engineering for tool-paths.
SCANPAK can import or export
contours in IGES, DXF or VDAFS CAD
SCANPAK supports machine tool
paths from Allan Bradley Controls,
Bridgeport, FANUC 2D or 3D,
Heidenhain, HURCO, MAZATROL,
Mitsubishi and many more. This is
especially handy for legacy jobs which
may have limited access to data.
SCANPAK (Contour Measurement)
Best-Fit Graphic Reports
Surface Developer (Optional Program)
Requires SCANPAK CNC (not available for manual CMM)
SCANPAK and GEOPAK are combined so alignments can be
established. Contours can be shifted or rotated to help position
tool offsets, cutter compensation etc. The example on the
left shows the actual position of the contour relative to the
alignment. The picture on the right shows the corrected or
best-fit shift or rotationed results.
SCANPAK and GEOPAK combined can digitize work-pieces
for Reverse Engineering. GEOPAK standalone will export
prismatic type geometry but adding SCANPAK allows
contours to be patched together to digitize free-form or
complex surfaces. For our CNC machines the Patch Scan
Generator can write simple sub-routines in GEOPAK to stitch
the contours together.
Piston Head – Reverse Engineered
STL Mesh
Meshed 3D Surface
3D surface generation with Patch Scanning Generator. Easy
to create, high-accuracy surface design. Common B-Rep or
STL file output ideal for Reverse Engineering.
GEARPAK (Optional Program)
Cylindrical (spur/helical)
Worm (cylindrical)
Requires SCANPAK CNC (not available for manual CMM)
Requires SCANPAK CNC (not available for manual CMM)
Supported worm types include ZI, ZK, ZA and ZN. Cylindrical
worm gears can be measured with a touch trigger or scanning
probe (SP25 & MPP-300 scanning probes require the MRT320
rotary table).
Cylindrical Gear Spur
Cylindrical Gear Helical
Spur and helical gears can be measured with a Star or PH10
touch probe or scanning probe (for helical gears, scanning
probes require the MRT320 rotary table). Cylindrical gears can
be measured as a complete gear or segmented. Cylindrical
gears with modifications can also be specified.
Worm Cylindrical Gear
Tolerance modes include ISO, DIN, AGMA, JIS & Gear types
are separated by type. Cylindrical (spur/helical), Worm
(cylindrical only), Bevel* and Hypoid*. *Only for Gleason type
MRT-320 Specifications:
• Table diameter: 12.60”(320mm)
• Resolution: 1/10000 degree
• Maximum work-piece load: 220lbs(100kg)
Measures hypoid
gears generated by
the Gleason Works
Company (Ring Gear
Format Helixform /
Pinion) and straight
or spiral bevel gears
(Ring Gear / Pinion).
Requires SCANPAK CNC (not available for manual CMM)
MAFIS (Optional Program)
(Mitutoyo Airfoil Inspection Software)
Requires SCANPAK CNC (not available for manual CMM)
With SCANPAK-CNC, MAFIS Mitutoyo Airfoil Inspection
Software analyzes the measured contour and outputs the
evaluation results of the desired parameters.
Unlike other Airfoil Analysis
modules which operate outside
of the CMM software as a
separate package, MAFIS works
by combining GEOPAK and
SCANPAK to generate Airfoil
MAFIS calculates the Camber Line, Leading/Trialing edge, Twist
and much more. Blade Analysis is easy for beginner operation
and does not require an expert to implement.
MAFIS allows airfoil-type evaluation
from the data of a cross-section contour
measured by SCANPAK.
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