ImagePilot CR System The Veterinarian’s Digital Radiography Solution A Complete Solution for

ImagePilot CR System The Veterinarian’s Digital Radiography Solution A Complete Solution for
ImagePilot CR System
The Veterinarian’s Digital Radiography Solution
A Complete Solution for
Converting to Digital Radiography!
ImagePilot CR includes:
Imaging Station
• Patient registration
• One click image acquisition—AutoPilot
• Image review with annotation and
measurement tools
• CD/DVD burning for distributing and
archiving exams
• Diagnostic report and referral option
• Local image storage with backup and
remote storage options
• Optional Client Stations for image review
in exam rooms or for patient registration
Maximize Your Imaging Workflow With
Revolutionary CR Technology
Cutting Edge Nano CR Reader
Now you can convert your practice to digital radiography with the ImagePilot CR
System that is specifically designed for Veterinary Offices.
• User serviceability
- Cassette release handle to remove
jammed cassette—no service call
- Optical unit “sweeper” for cleaning
CR optics and maintaining image quality
ImagePilot CR is a new generation CR System that dramatically simplifies CR image
acquisition to the push of a button. This is possible with AutoPilot Image Processing
which automates the image optimization process with universal algorithm independent
of body site information.
In addition, ImagePilot pioneers the true meaning of an integrated digital radiography
system, as it combines CR acquisition, patient registration, image viewing and storage
in one easy to use and maintain system. These advance features of ImagePilot CR
eliminates the need for a separate PACS.
• Superior image quality
• Unique maglev linear motor technology
increased reliability and longer life
• Does not require changes to the x-ray
room—simply use the CR cassettes
instead of film cassettes
“Going Digital” with ImagePilot Computed Radiography
The value of “Going Digital” is well known. The benefits include the elimination of wet processing chemicals, the reduction of
retakes and the consistent production of high quality images. Now there is no need to be concerned about the learning curve
associated with new technology. ImagePilot CR eliminates these concerns. The built in AutoPilot Image Processing eliminates
steps and allows users to produce consistent, high quality images out of the box with minimal instruction. The user interface
is simple, easy to use, yet feature rich.
Nano CR (REGIUS 110) Reader Specifications*
Exposure Size
14 x 17", 14 x 14", 11 x 14", 10 x 12", 8 x 10", 18 x 24 cm,
24 x 30 cm, 15 x 30 cm
Processing Capacity
60 plates per hour (14 x 17")
Digital Gradation Level
4,096 levels (12 bit grayscale output)
Cycle Time
59 seconds
Outer Dimensions and Weight
W29.1" x D14.4" x H29.4" / Approximately 220 lbs.
Revolutionary CR With AutoPilot Image Processing
AutoPilot Image Processing is based on a simple but innovative technique
that works off the fact that bone provides the most stable and consistent
x-ray response of any anatomy. By establishing the density value of the
anatomy around a fixed bone density, the entire image can be processed
using one universal algorithm. This patented technique eliminates the need
for the user to define and select image processing for each body part and
orientation. AutoPilot image processing also learns the user preference,
and applies these adjustments to refine the image quality of future images.
Imaging Station Specifications*
Hardware Specifications
IBM PC Intel Core 2 Duo 2.13GHz Processor, 2GB RAM,
and 500GB x 2 Hard Drives with RAID 1 kit, 21" 2MP or
24" 2.3MP Color Monitor, Built-in CD/DVD burner
Storage Capacity
500GB configuration: 25,000 to 77,000 images
Optional extended archive: additional NAS more than doubles
online storage capacity
(actual number of images depends on image sizes used in exams)
Image Input
Nano CR (REGIUS 110) Reader
Import DICOM or JPEG images from media (CD, DVD and
USB drive)
Image Output
DICOM Print, up to 4 destinations (optional)
Windows printing on paper
Export JPEG images to media (CD, DVD and USB drive)
Export images to CD/DVD in DICOM PDI format with Viewer
DICOM Store to PACS, up to 4 destinations (optional)
Export multiple patients to one CD/DVD (optional)
Diagnostic Report Tool
Create reports or referral letters (optional)
(referral requires Microsoft Word)
Image Processing
AutoPilot Image Processing with body-site-independent
Onsite Disaster Recovery
Optional NAS backup of the hard drive and extended storage NAS
Client Stations
Maximum of ten clients connected with maximum of four
clients running concurrently
Image Input
Bone Extraction
Reference S Value Determination
Image Output
Universal Algorithm
Signal Value
algorithms and self learning of image adjustments by user
ImagePilot CR Client Specifications
Hardware Specs
IBM PC Pentium IV 2.66GHZ, 1GB RAM and 160GB HD with
Built-in CD/DVD burner, 21" 2MP or 24" 2.3MP Color Monitor
(specifications subject to change)
ImagePilot Client software - accesses data from the Imaging Station
Software Only Option
Minimum Hardware / OS Requirements: PC–Pentium IV
2.66GHZ or higher, 1GB RAM, 160GB HD and CD/DVD RW
Microsoft Windows XP Pro and Microsoft Internet Explorer
version 6.0 or higher. Color Monitor with at-least 1280 x 1024
screen resolution.
A Truly Integrated CR System
With patient registration, image acquisition, clinical review, and image
storage all in one simple system, ImagePilot CR offers an easy-to-use,
efficient solution for your digital radiography needs.
Image Storage
The following options and features are available
on the Client Stations
Software Features*
The features included depend on
the license(s) purchased and how
the ImagePilot is configured. This
list shows all available options
and features.
Patient Registration
Image Acquisition
Image Review – including magnification, annotations,
measurements, layout and window leveling tools
Export JPEG images to media (CD, DVD and USB drive)
Export images to CD/DVD in DICOM PDI format
Import DICOM or JPEG images from media
Diagnostic Report Tool
Windows printing to paper
DICOM printing
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Imaging Station
WAYNE, NJ 07470
TEL: (973) 633-1500 FAX: (973) 523-7408
©2008 Konica Minolta
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