Models: DF-NC2802b - DF

Models: DF-NC2802b - DF
1.5″ DigiFUN Keyring Photo Viewer - User’s Guide
7. Clock Setting:
1. Buttons
To change the font color and background color of the menu
-Select “Clock Set” and press “Menu” to enter
Press and hold to power on and off
-Press “Menu” button and use “Up/Down” buttons to adjust the date and time
Go back to the previous item / photo
Go to the next item / photo
-Select “Delete One” and press “Menu” to enter
Used to charge the unit and to transfer photos
-Select one picture by using “Up/Down” buttons
To restart the unit when it has been stopped or to resolve a connect ion error
-Select “Yes” and press “Menu” to delete the picture
8. Delete one:
-Select “No” and press “Menu” to exit
2. Functions
9. Delete All:
To select the font color
Supports BMP &JPG files (Use the supplied software to convert photo files to the supported format)
-Select “Delete All” and press “Menu” to enter
Clock, LCD brightness adjustments, Auto turn On/Off, Time display.
-Select “Yes” and press “Menu” to delete all pictures
Stores up to 105 Photos
-Select “No” and press “Menu” to exit
Picture Slide Show: 14 different presentation styles.
10. Exit:
To select the background color
” button to start the conversion process.
-After all the pictures are converted, click “
” button to transfer the pictures to the unit.
-Select “Exit” and press “Menu” to exit the menu
3. Menu Introduction
Press “Menu” button to access the Menu
4. Photo File Conversion:
Use “Up/Down” buttons to navigate then press “Menu” to access the
-Connect the unit to the computer using the supplied USB cable
selected item
* If there are no pictures stored in the unit, the screen will display
- Select “Connect” then press “Menu” and select “Yes” and press “Menu” to enter to “connect” mode
”No Photo” - Power off: Hold “Menu” button for 2 seconds. The unit will
power off.
It is not acceptable to Power Off in the Main Menu interface.
1. USB Connect:
- Connect the unit with computer: Select “USB connect” and press “Menu” button to enter the
- Select “Yes” to connect it with computer
- Select “No” to exit
2. Slide Show
5. Charge Battery
- Select “Slide Show” and press “ Menu ” to enter
- Adjust the setting by using “Up/Down” buttons (the range is 00-15
When the battery is close to empty, the screen will display “Low Power”
0 is for manual slide)
To charge the battery, attach the unit to the computer and select USB connect.
-Select the picture file need to be converted
- Press “Menu “ to exit the setting
(Battery power is not used when connected to the USB port)
3. Auto Power On/Off:
Green means the unit is connected to the computer
-Select “Auto off” and press “Menu” to enter
- Adjust the setting by using “Up/Down” buttons (the range is 00-30
0 is for don’t auto power off)
4. Contrast Adjusting:
Red means the unit is Not Connected with the computer
6. Specifications:
Zoom in/out the picture for select the picture
-Select “Contrast adjusting” and press “Menu” to enter
Rotates the picture
1.5 Inch CSTN color LCD
-Adjust the setting by using “Up/Down” buttons
Cut the picture to correct size
Built-in 3.7V Li-battery
Whole picture convert
Supported Picture Formats
5. Backlight Adjusting:
-Select “Backlight” and press “Menu” to enter
Select all pictures in the unit
-Adjust the setting by using “Up/Down” buttons
Delete the selected picture
6. Clock Display:
-Select “Time Display” and press “Menu” to enter
-Press any button to exit
-Press “Up/Down” buttons for 2 seconds to display the time on screen when slide picture.
Press “Up/Down” buttons for 2 seconds again to cancel the time display
Save the selected pictures in the unit to computer
Save all pictures in the unit to computer
7. Accessories:
- USB Cable
- Users Guide
- Key chain
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