Application Note APN-100-002: Application of Starline Busway Server Technology’s Sentry Smart 60

Application Note APN-100-002: Application of Starline Busway Server Technology’s Sentry Smart 60
Application of Starline Busway & Server Technology’s Sentry Smart 60-Amp CDU:
High density 60-Amp Sentry Cabinet Power Distribution Unit (CDU) from Server Technology Inc. combined with the
Universal Electrical Corporations’s Starline Track Busway. Customers combine ease of use and flexibility of the Starline
Track Busway with Sentry CDU’s that provide reliable power distribution combined with local and network monitoring
via IP.
End Cap
Support Hardware
Power Feed
Housing Coupler
Housing Section
End Piece
Plug-in Units
Server Technology
Sentry : 30A
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> Starline Track Busway is a 60, 100, 160, 225, or 400
ampere track busway system
> Secure Sentry CDU IP access with local and
networked current and environmental monitoring
> Starline Track Busway provides power where
you need it as well as providing flexible power if
your power needs increase
> Sentry CDU Branch Circuit Protection compliant to
> Starline Track Busway provides solid copper conductors, continuous insulators, a continuous access slot,
extruded aluminum housing, a ground conductor
included in the system and multiple plug-in units
> Sentry CDU is 208V 3-Phase/60A input with IEC C13
and C19 outlets
>Middle entry for network, serial & environmental
connections combined with the top power cord entry
> Sentry CDU provides environmental monitoring with
two temperature and humidity probes
> Sentry CDU with SNMP-based notifications and
Email alerts when conditions exceed defined thresholds
> Network management, including reboot commands
to connected servers
Key Differentiators:
Starline Track Busway connected to Server Technology’s Sentry
CDU’s provides a safe, secure and simple method for delivering
on-demand power when and where it is required. The Starline
track busway provides the flexibility required in today’s manufacturing floor and data centers while CDU technology distributes
this power with branch circuit protection, local current meters for
load information and balancing and remote notification if there
are problems via SNMP traps and email alerts.
• Starline provides an alternative to the
restrictions of conduit and wire and whips to
computer cabinets
Individual “Input Current” displays provide at a glance indication
on the Sentry CDU of the load per line which provides the ability
to properly load balance each phase. These displays also ensure
that the user will not overload a particular busway by knowing
what the current load is right at each connection to the busway.
> Starline Track Busway power for quick floor changes
or instant workstation additions
> Simple turn-n-lock connects you to the busway system
> Vertical Zero-U CDU’s
> Environmental Monitoring integral to the CDU
> IP Addressable CDU’s with SNMP and configurable
thresholds and alarms
• Starline allows for the amount of power
delivered to easily be increased to meet
future needs and upgrades
• Sentry CDU units are IP addressable with
integral web based GUI
• Sentry CDU’s provide remote monitoring of
the current load per phase with configurable
thresholds, SNMP traps, email alerts and
> 3-Phase Input Power CDU’s
• Instant power access – with no need to
shut down the main power source
• CDU’s have remote monitoring of external
temperature and humidity probes with
configurable thresholds and SNMP traps and
• CDU Outlet On-sense with SNMP traps and
alarm notification upon loss of power to an
outlet branch due to an over current or short
circuit fault
• Eliminates expensive 60A connectors
For high up-time applications where reliable power is a necessity, implementing the Starline Track Busway in combination with Sentry CDU’s ensures the security and flexibility that today’s marketplace demands. Smart CDU’s
provide the peace of mind knowing that should a problem exist instant alarm notifications via SNMP are provided
to the user.
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