Eye Drops Leaflet

Eye Drops Leaflet
Eye Drops
For dry, irritated,
tired eyes
Unique dropper bottle
A.Vogel Eye Drops come in a unique dropper bottle.
The easy-to-use dropper system releases just one
drop at a time for ease of application.
Dosage and use
1 drop in each eye 4-5 times daily, or more often as
Suitable for contact lens users
The dropper bottle contains 10 ml sterile solution
(about 300 drops). Please note, there will always
be a small amount of liquid left in the bottle. We
recommend that this product is not shared with other
Eye Drops
For relief of dry, irritated or tired eyes. Provides rapid
and long-lasting moisturisation and refreshment.
Helps soothe and maintain lubrication of the eye.
Suitable for use when wearing contact lenses.
1 Remove the coloured cap from the
• 10 ml sterile solution
• No preservatives
2 First time use: Hold the bottle
upside down over your hand and
squeeze the base several times
until the first drop is released. The
dropper bottle is now ready for use.
Revitalising and moisturising
Eyes can sometimes feel dry, irritated or tired because
of computer use, heating or air-conditioning, age or
16800 Eye Drops Pack Leaflet 10ml alt3.indd 1
3 Tilt the head back slightly and pull
the lower eyelid downwards. Place
the dropper above the eye. Holding
the bottle with your thumb and
middle finger, press the base of the
bottle with your index finger.
4 Close your eye so that the fluid
spreads evenly over the eye’s
Replace the cap on the bottle,
pressing firmly.
What you need to know before you use A.Vogel Eye
Do not exceed the stated dose
A.Vogel Eye Drops are suitable for long-term use.
Even so, it is recommended that you seek advice from
your optician or healthcare professional if symptoms
last for more than 30 days.
Use during pregnancy or breastfeeding
A.Vogel Eye Drops can be used as directed at the
dose stated.
Do not use if you are
Hypersensitive to any of the ingredients.
The unique bottle design keeps the contents sterile
without using preservatives, ensuring the product
once open, can be used frequently.
07711501 12D1 220512
through wearing contact lenses. A.Vogel Eye Drops
contain ingredients to refresh the eyes, helping to
keep them moist whilst maintaining a soothing liquid
22/05/2012 16:41
Hyaluronic acid, Euphrasia officinalis (Eyebright) 0.1%,
Sodium chloride, Boric acid, Disodium tetraborate
decahydrate, Sodium hydroxide, Hydrochloric acid,
• C onsider wearing sunglasses to avoid irritation from
void air-conditioning where possible. Choose to
open a window instead.
on’t watch too much TV.
The text of these instructions was most recently revised
on 26 January 2012.
No preservatives.
Alfred Vogel, a globe-trotter fascinated by nature
Alfred Vogel travelled to Africa, Asia and America,
where the indigenous people showed him the link
between nutrition, lifestyle and health. He returned
from each trip with a treasure trove of plants, which
he processed to produce herbal remedies and natural
health products. These products now help millions of
satisfied users worldwide to become healthy and stay
Biohorma B.V.
J.P. Broekhovenstraat 16
8081 HC Elburg The Netherlands
A.Vogel Eye Drops is available in a 10 ml pack.
Personal advice
A.Vogel aids the body’s ability to repair itself with
natural products that have been developed according
to the latest scientific insights.
For further details or healthcare advice go to
www.avogel.co.uk, or call the A.Vogel Customer
Helpline on 0845 608 5858 or send an email to
Tips to prevent dry, irritated and tired eyes
• Use natural light as much as possible. Do not work
at a computer screen for long periods at a time. You
can avoid this by taking regular breaks.
• Do not wear contact lenses for longer than the
manufacturers recommendation.
16800 Eye Drops Pack Leaflet 10ml alt3.indd 2
A.Vogel gardens: EKO label
We largely cultivate the plants for A.Vogel products in
our own gardens. Naturally, we use organic methods
(EKO label). This means that no artificial fertilisers or
chemical pesticides are used. We harvest the plants
when they have the highest concentration of active
ingredients. They are then freshly processed to make
natural A.Vogel products.
Care for the environment
A.Vogel strives to minimise the impact on the
environment. As far as possible our packaging
materials are produced using environmentally
friendly methods. These can be incinerated without
any harmful impact on the environment or they are
suitable for recycling.
Distributed in the UK & Ireland by:
Bioforce (UK) Ltd
2 Brewster Place
KA11 5DD
30457IN1 07711501 12D1 220512
Keep out of the reach and sight of children. Store
below 25ºC.
Use within 12 weeks of opening. Do not use after the
expiry date.
A.Vogel Eye Drops is a Class I medical device
according to Council Directive 93/42/EEC
22/05/2012 16:41
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