Arctica OS Datasheet
Arctica 3200xl- Arctica OS
40 Gigabit Ethernet Top-of-Rack or
aggregation switch platform with
industry standard CLI and OpenFlow
Based on Broadcom’s industry leading Trident II merchant silicon, Penguin’s Arctica 3200xl is a 1U, 32x Port
40 GbE network switch with advanced DCB features. It
delivers high L2/L3 performance in a highly cost effective package making it ideal for for data center, HPC and
other top-of-rack applications.
As one of the first Linux system vendors, Penguin has
remained committed to its core Open Computing and
Open Networking values. Consequently, in contrast to
solutions from traditional high-priced tier-1 vendors,
Penguin offers Arctica customers trapped by vendor
lock-in, the ability to choose from a number of switch
operating systems, allowing Arctica deployments to be
more intelligently tailored for the application in hand.
For customers seeking compatibility with de-facto industry standards and access to more specialized switch
features, Penguin offers Arctica Operating System (AOS)
on Arctica 3200xl and other Arctica models.
Providing an extensive L2/L3 feature set, AOS provides
all the functionality needed to efficiently implement a
wide range of networking solutions from simple, optimized topof-rack applications to HPC and Datacenter
fabrics and other large-scale deployments. In particular,
AOS is OpenFlow capable, allowing the simple integration of Arctica switches into multi-vendor SDN based
Furthermore, Penguin switches are designed to be
easy to manage, maintain and deploy into the typical
datacenter. Serviceability features include redundant
fans and power supplies. Penguin Arctica product line
also includes a full list of vendor-neutral cabling and
transceiver options for copper and optical connectivity.
Penguin Arctica switch hardware, software and accessories are warrantied and supported by Penguin Computing, experts in High Performance and Datacenter
Computing hardware and software support
Penguin Computing specializes in delivering turn-key High Performance Computing clusters and Data Center systems that include software solutions for
cluster and workload management, high performance interconnects, storage
systems and a power delivery infrastructure. All components are integrated
in rack enclosures, configured for optimal performance by Penguin’s HPC
experts and ready to use.
Penguin systems are tested for compatibility with all major commercial and
freely available Linux distributions and are available with Red Hat Enterprise
Linux, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server or CentOS pre-installed.
• Airflow configurations for both front
and rear facing I/O layouts
• 32x 40 Gigabit QSFP ports for copper
cabling or optical transceivers
edundant 2x 460W power supplies
• R
• Hot swappable fans
32x QSFP 40GbE ports, configurable also as 96x 10GbE + 8x 40GbE for ToR
Management (1000Base-T) and serial console (RJ45) Ports, USB (Type A)
Transceiver / cabling options: QSFP ports up to power level 4; Optical: SR4
up to 400m, LR4 to 10km; Copper:
40GBASE-CR4 (passive twinax) up to 5m
imensions: 1.73’’ (H) x 17.3’’ (W) x 17’’
• D
• Power: Dual redundant power supplies,
100-240VAC auto-ranging, 47-65Hz
• Serviceability: toolless fans with front-toback and back-to-front airflow
Hardware Features- Data Plane
witching Capacity - 2.56 Tbps, 9M Byte
• S
• Latency - ~400ns Port to Port (CutThrough Mode)
• Routing Tables - Unified Tables, Configurable; L2 MAC: 256K Max.; L3 Host:
128K Max. (IPv4); L3 LPM: 16K (IPv4/32); TRILL: 4K; Virtual Ports: 16K
• Jumbo packet - 12K Bytes
• Data center - DCB, TRILL, Virtual Port (VM) Switching, L2 GRE
Content Aware Processing- Layer 2-7 Packet Classification, FCoE
IEEE- 802.3az - Energy Efficient Ethernet
Flexible QoS Queuing for UC Packets
Separate QoS Queues for UC and MC
Packets (10 each/port)
2-rate, 3-color Policing
SP, WRR, WDRR Queuing
Per-Port DSCP
Per-Port Oversubscription
Hardware Features- Control
• CPU - 800 MHz Dual-Core PowerPC, 2GB ECC DDR3, 1GB Flash
OpenFlow- Arctica OS
• OpenFlow management agent
• Port-based Hybrid mode
• VLAN-based Hybrid mode
Layer Two - Arctica OS
802.1D STP, 802.1w RSTP, 802.1s MSTP
802.1Q VLAN, Protocol VLAN
802.3ad Link Aggregation/LACP
MLAG, Multi Chassis Link Aggregation
802.1x Network Access Control
IGMP/MLD Snooping
Layer Three - Arctica OS
Hardware-Based IPv4 / IPv6 forwarding
IPv4/v6 Routing Protocols: OSFP v2/v3, RIP, BGP
IGMP v2/v3
For information, please contact: | 1-888-PENGUIN (736-4846) | twitter:@PenguinHPC
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