9d-M0267101 Rev C
Ascom OfficeM
Put your organization on-call
Increasing the mobility and availability of your staff will help boost the overall
competitiveness of your business. Your customers will notice the difference
when they get what they want without having to wait. And your staff will feel
they are doing an even better job.
Combining powerful messaging and telephony, the Ascom OfficeM gives
your personnel more freedom and your customers a better service.
Direct access gives direct benefits
OfficeM is an elegant cordless phone
for office environments – ensuring that
your staff can be reached wherever
they are and whatever they are doing.
Powerful messaging – text messages
are visible in the display even when
you are talking on the phone – helps to
keep your personnel up-to-date at all
times. Furthermore, high quality voice
facilitates rapid response and a more
efficient use of time and resources.
Immediate action can be taken even
when staff are on the move. And with
11 pre-installed languages, not only is
OfficeM a truly international solution,
it also eliminates time wasting due to
language confusion.
Packed with smart features
The phone is packed with features
that are designed to save time and
money. Moreover, the look and feel
of the OfficeM, including time and
On-site wireless communications
for quicker response
date on-screen, means less training
is required for the user. Direct access
to a centrally updated phonebook –
complemented by large personal and
company phonebooks – avoids the
frustration of dealing with out-of-date
numbers. One-key access to voicemail saves even more time. Handsfree (both Bluetooth and traditional
headsets available) and loudspeaker
functions allow you to talk and work
at the same time. And useful extras
such as an alarm clock and calculator
are there when you need them.
Making a real-life difference
Mobility is emerging as a core asset
for successful businesses. OfficeM
paves the way to greater freedom,
flexibility and efficiency. Thanks to
a complete DECT handset portfolio,
Ascom is making a real-life difference
to workplaces all over the world.
Sending/receiving messages
Missed call function
Advanced system features*
Powerful messaging capabilities which
allow you to view messages while
talking on the phone. Receive instant
messages and send text messages
from one phone to another.
In idle mode, a “Check Who Called?”
alert message is displayed if there
have been missed calls.
Message Waiting Indication (MWI)
Hands-free function
The built-in hands-free and loudspeaker function allows you to talk
and work at the same time. Excellent
sound quality facilitates hands-freespeech and conference calling.
An icon indicates a new voice-mail,
which can be accessed by pressing a
pre-programmed key. Helps to make
voice-mail usage even more efficient.
Protect the phone against misuse
using a PIN code.
Protect the keypad against unintentional use using the key lock.
• Personal (100 entries)
Large graphic display
• Company (1000 entries)
For numbers common to all users.
Downloaded using the CPM software tool.
Both company and personal phonebooks can be searched simultaneously.
• Access to central phonebook
Allows all cordless phone users
direct access to a common database
with an unlimited number of entries
– providing up-to-date information
the second it is available.
Enables you to redial the last 20
dialled, answered and missed calls.
Connected Line Presentation (COLP)
Calling Name/Number Recognition
Time & date
Phone & key lock
Entries can be added, deleted or
modified directly in the phone or
by using Cordless Phone Manager
(CPM) software. Supports Call-byName and Quick Call-by-Name for
fast access.
Calling Line Identification Presentation
Six lines of text and icons are shown
on the illuminated display.
Adjustable contrast.
Vibrator alert
For noisy environments or when discretion is required, the built-in vibrator
makes silent calls “heard”.
Mute function
Press the Mute button to disconnect
the microphone during a call.
Headsets with microphone on cable
or boom
Bluetooth module
Desktop charger
Charging rack
Swivel clip
Leather case
Cordless Phone Manager (CPM)
* The advanced features are system
dependent and may require additional
Easy-to-use and always within reach
when you need it.
Alarm clock
Avoid missing appointments or
deadlines. You cannot miss when the
phone starts to vibrate and ring, and
the warning and display lights start
to flash.
Personalise your phone
Choose your own settings such as key
click sound, discrete ringing, melody
selection, vibrating alert, key lock,
PIN code, language, display contrast,
display backlight, ring volume, phone
lock, and more.
M0267101 Ver C June 2005 Ascom Wireless Solutions
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Compatible with the Ascom 9d system and other 9d portables.
Easy access to PBX services
(e.g. voicemail)
Message key
Ascom Wireless Solutions
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T +46 31 55 93 00 F +46 31 55 20 31
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