Supernatural Feeding Chart

Supernatural Feeding Chart
phosphorus, vitamins
and trace elements.
Supernatural ®
Growers Formulas
contain essential
macro and micro
elements in the
proper ratios in
solution to force a
plant not only into a
specific stage of
growth, but are also
custom buffered and
formulated to
maximize nutrient
• O N E PA R T C O M P L E T E C U S T O M
availability in
different growth
media. The higher
magnesium levels
and lower
molybdenum levels
required by organic soil and soil less
Our Professional Growers Formulas
mixes are provided by our Gro Terra® and
comprise five revolutionary, fully complete
Bloom Terra® as well as by our new
one part mixes. They are designed to
Supernatural Terraponic® Growth Method.
maximize each stage of plant development.
They are custom buffered for use in
Gro Aqua® and Bloom Aqua® are very
hydroponics / aeroponics, organic soil / soil
rich in calcium and are custom buffered
less mixes and terraponics. We use only the
for maximum nutrient uptake in both
highest quality, technically pure food grade
hydroponic and aeroponic applications.
ingredients available. We then meticulously
Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetate or EDTA
formulate them with the latest in
is used to chelate Manganese, Copper,
homogenizing technology to achieve great
Zinc and Magnesium, being very effective
precision and accuracy.
in the acid neutral range 5 - 7.5.
This proven blend of vitamins, minerals,
Diethylene Triamine Pentacetate or
trace elements and hormones are then turboDTPA is used along with EDTA in the
milled at our facility for unsurpassed
Gro Aqua® and Bloom Aqua® for
distribution and solubility. This combination
aeroponic and hydroponic applications.
of superior quality and craftsmanship make
DTPA is a special chelating agent for iron
these the most easy to use, highly advanced
that is effective over a wider pH range,
plant nutrients available.
particularly alkaline conditions. This is
All of our Professional Growers
Formulas contain high quality food grade
vitamin B - 1. Vitamin B - 1 makes plants
grow vigorously and helps reduce shock
and stress during growth and
transplanting. Allantoin is also a key
component of our proprietary blend.
Allantoin is an organic cell proliferant
which allows plant cells to divide at lower
energy levels, therefore speeding up plant
growth and causing earlier and larger
flowers. The allantoin is extracted in our
laboratory from the leaves of the Russian
Comfrey S.X. Uplandicum which contains
the highest concentration of allantoin and
is among the most important medicinal
herbs rich in calcium, potassium,
Grow Magazine - Issue 3
especially important for hydroponic
growers. These chelates are large organic
structures which form a complex with
micronutrients. This complex forms a
large chelated ion which reduces the
ability of the micronutrient to react with
the growth medium, making the
micronutrient even more available for
plant uptake. Supernatural Super Boost®
is designed to be used in all growth media
up to two weeks at a time. It contains the
high phosphorus levels that young plants
and ripening plants require. Super Boost®
is also designed so that when mixed into
solution, it automatically mixes to the
correct pH. This is a big advantage to the
grower to help reduce the possibility of stress
and shock from pH fluctuation due to faulty
test equipment or inaccurate readings
during the most
critical stages of
plant growth.
Rockwool Soak® is
also a complete
nutrient formula
that uses our pH
smart technology to
automatically buffer
rock wool cubes and
also peat pellets to the correct pH.
Rockwool Soak® contains just the proper
elements to give seedlings and cuttings a
rapid start and also to ensure the
availability of essential nutrients at the
most critical stages. Rockwool
Soak® is a pre-crop base fertilizer.
All Supernatural®
formulations are completely
water soluble. In water the plant
nutrients go into solution almost instantly
and stay dissolved without leaving
residue in tanks or irrigation lines.
Supernatural® is made with extremely
high grade components in as highly
concentrated a form as possible to ensure
that soluble salts will be kept to a
minimum. This reduces the possibility of
stem canker due to build up at the
growth medium surface level.
Supernatural® is so pure that a complete
nutrient profile is available to the plant
at half the strength compared to other
leading brands.
Supernatural® Professional
Growers Formulas are rated #1 by
professional and amateur
horticulturists in British
Columbia and are rapidly
gaining popularity abroad
directly from growers
comparing results side by side with
other leading brands.
with Supernatural
Professional Growers
•For organic soil, use up to double
strength, apply every 1 - 2 weeks,
depending on the rate of growth and
the fertility level of the soil.
•For cropping in soil, soil less mixes
or Terraponic® use: Super Boost®,
Gro Terra®, Bloom Terra®, and
Bud Blaster®.
•For cropping in hydroponic applications use: Super Boost®, Gro Aqua®,
Bloom Aqua®, and Bud Blaster®.
•Use as directed for each of the six
stages of cropping:
1. Soaking / Conditioning (before
planting) 2. Rooting (seedlings, cuttings) 3. Vegetative 4. Flowering
5. Late Flowering 6. Ripening.
For Supernatural Terraponic® refer
to Step-by-Step Hybrid Growth Technique
on page 11.
•Salts, metals and many other compounds can accumulate in the growth
medium. Supernatural Super Leach®
can safely and easily flush these away.
•Leach with Supernatural Super Leach®
once every week or when changing formulas. Use Supernatural Super Leach®
after ripening is complete, then run
water only for three days before harvest.
•Just before harvesting use
Supernatural Quality Cure® for 12
hours with the lights out.
Supernatural Quality Cure® reverses
the plant’s natural transpiration
process. This dramatically reduces
“sweating out” and the breakdown of
essential oils, giving you the highest
quality product.
•Supernatural Rockwool Soak® is pH
smart. This means it
NOTE: Use Bud Blaster
along with all Bloom formulas
will automatically mix
in the first week of flowering
at .25 tsp / 4 L of water. Use
and condition rock
Bud Blaster along with
Boost in late flowering
wool to the correct pH
and ripening, at .25 tsp / 4 L
for the critical stages of of water.
plant growth.
•Supernatural Ultimate B - 1 Thrive®
(Growthburst Formula) along with
Supernatural Super Boost® can set the
stage for a “Root Explosion”.
•Supernatural Rockwool Soak® is used
to condition the growth medium
before planting.
Grow Magazine Nov - Issue 3
B L A S T E R ® is a master blend
of the highest quality ingredients. Supernatural Bud Blaster®
provides your crop with super
phosphates, vitamins and minerals
which are rapidly absorbed in the
pre-flowering and final ripening
stages of plant growth for an
enhanced, higher quality product.
buffer which contains the essential
macronutrients and micronutrients
for a rapid healthy start in the early
stages of plant growth. It ensures
correct pH adjustment and also
allows for nutrients to spread uniformly in the growth medium. A
Grow Magazine - Issue 3
must for starting seedlings and
cuttings in any growth medium
including peat pellets, rock wool,
terraponics, soil less mixes.
This puts Supernatural Ultimate
B - 1 Thrive® and Supernatural
Purple B - 1 Thrive® in a class by
U LT I M AT E B - 1 T H R I V E ®
& S U P E R N AT U R A L
consist of a pure blend of vitamins,
minerals, nutrients and natural
growth hormones that, when used as
a supplement to your regular feeding
program, work together to increase
the overall health and size of the
plant and to maximize harvest.
B U R S T P O W D E R ® is a
professional formula rooting
hormone that contains the most
valuable of root inducing
substances available
(indole-3-butyric acid). Unlike
other rooting compounds our
trademark formula contains high
quality ingredients that maintain
the health of the cutting
throughout the rooting phase,
setting the stage for a root
explosion immediately followed by
lush, healthy, vigorous vegetative
growth. This saves the grower
valuable time.
Supernatural Ultimate B - 1
Thrive® and Purple B - 1 Thrive®
contain the highest quality vitamin B - 1 and Allantoin, (Natural
Cell Proliferant) which enables
cell division at lower energy levels
while taking care of the general
maintenance of the plant, also
guarding against shock and stress
during growth and transplanting.
Our new Growthburst Formula has
many benefits for rooting and
foliar applications.
Superior stem adhesion and penetration of active ingredients will
give you results better than anything else available. You will find
that Supernatural Root Burst
Powder® will also root hard to
root cuttings, such as bamboo,
with ease.
S U P E R L E A C H ® is a
breakthrough formula designed to
directly act on those stubborn
compounds which cause build - up
in any growth medium and cause
the background electroconductivity
to progressively rise. These are the
most common causes of toxicity
and nutrient deficiency from
nutrient lock out.
Supernatural Super Leach®
thoroughly flushes away zinc,
copper, and other metals which
come in contact with the water
supply or nutrient solution. (Zinc
from galvanized pipes and copper
from copper pipes). Calcium from
hard water. Sodium and Chloride
from soft water. Sulfates from
fertilizers and many other
elements which build - up in all
growth media.
Grow Higher...Faster
with the Supernatural®
Professional Growers
Our new, easy to use C02 pucks
now contain eucalyptus. This
refreshing and uplifting fragrance is
sure to enhance your growing
pleasure and will cover unwanted
odours. Eucalyptus also kills
airborne bacteria and dispels mites.
Excellofizz® is designed for the
smaller indoor grower. It allows a
simple and economical way of
providing accurate C02 levels to
your plants without the need for
dispensing or monitoring
equipment, especially where
venting is limited. Excellofizz®
emits the proper C02 levels for
indoor plants by reacting and
simultaneously giving off pure C02
gas and absorbing oxygen from the
surrounding air.
G R E E N + S TAY ® The
importance of
keeping the leaves
healthy and green
throughout their
growth cycle can
make a dramatic
difference in
flower and
production. The
great news is that
it is easy to keep
your plants
healthy and green.
By using a foliar spray of professional
quality nitrogen, magnesium and
iron formula like Supernatural
Greenstay®, results can be seen in
just two days with one application.
Supernatural Greenstay® is a thick
professional concentrate. Shake well
before using and dissolve one or two
teaspoons per litre of water and spray
right on yellowed leaves. Avoid use
before rain or in direct sunlight. This
will quickly cure moderate deficiency
symptoms. For acute deficiency
symptoms caused by toxicity and
nutrient lockout a first aid program
should be immediately administered
using the Supernatural FIRST AID
KIT for all plants.
Q U A L I T Y C U R E ® The usual
practice of flushing or leaching
the nutrients from the crop for
final curing or drying always
leaves the plant material soaking
wet, adding days to the curing
period. This added moisture causes
essential oils to break down by
“sweating out”. This gives the
finished product an undesirable
darker green appearance along with
weaker fragrance, flavour and
quality. Supernatural Quality Cure®
quickly and safely removes excess
water from the plant by reversing
the plants natural transpiration
process, thus ensuring a lighter
green, freshest quality product.
Grow Magazine Nov / Dec 2003
You should feed the Grow Pots® at minimum
once per day, especially when the plants are
young. Twice a day as soon as they start to
show lush growth. If you add extra feeding
cycles you should lower your nutrient to prevent build up. The Terraponic® mix also can
be drip-fed. Leaching or flushing is crucial
to healthy growth. It is best to feed for 6
days with a total dissolved solid content of
500 or 600 ppm, then leach with Super
Leach® and flush through the top with plenty
of water. Resume feeding nutrient at next
feeding cycle.
Our Most
Hi, I am using the grow pots with
supernatural fertilizer and I'm top
feeding. My questions are what
should the ph of the nutrient solution
be and how many times a day should
I be watering/feeding in a 12-hour
photoperiod? Thanking you in
advance for a prompt response.
Mt. Woman
Hope this helps. If you want to give me the
size of the Grow Pots®, plant growth stage how many weeks - temp, humidity any more
information could help me to be more specific.
Regards, Fearlessgardener
I just bought your Bud Blaster and
just went to the flowering stage,and
am growing in soil. I am using .25
teaspoon per gallon of water how
often should I use this during the
flowering stage??
Thanks, Scott
With the Terraponic Grow Pots® and the
Supernatural® nutrient there is no need to
adjust the pH. The nutrients are well
buffered, very stable and designed to automatically buffer to the correct pH. It is best
not to adjust the pH up or down.
Hello Scott:
Use Bud Blaster® with every feeding (along
with other nutrients) throughout the flowering stage.
Regards, Fearlessgardener
Scheduling feedings is very simple with
Supernatural Terraponic®. The easiest way
to tell is by the weight of the Grow Pots®,
when the first one feels light in weight feed
them all by saturating with nutrient. The
higher performance growth methods are
achieved by passing more solution over the
roots. The size of the plant and Grow Pot®,
as well as temperature and humidity play a
vital role in moisture content. When the
growth medium gets too dry, the concentration goes up, pH goes out, etc. This is why
you should never feed a dried out plant with
nutrient, but always water first. The medium should never be allowed to dry out to the
extent that the leaves look droopy.
Grow Magazine - Issue 3
I am growing in a soiless mixture outdoors using General Hydroponics
Floura series chemicals, then I discovered your products. I am a few weeks
from harvest and intend to use Bud
Blaster as recommended in the last
week before harvesting. Here is my
question. I have learned from several
sources to flush the soil mixture with
clear clean H2 O 10 days before harvesting to rinse away all chemicals.
Do I use Bud Blaster only before rinsing, or continue to use it even during
the rinsing process?
Please advise
Hatch in California
because the Grow Pot® is designed to hold
the correct moisture content in the growth
medium through capillary action. That is
the depth at which the correct moisture
content will be drawn up.
Regards, Fearlessgardener
Use Bud Blaster® along with your nutrients
before flushing, not after. Be sure to lower
your nutrient strength to accommodate the
added Bud Blaster®.
Regards, Fearlessgardener
I have a question about Excellofizz. I
was wondering since I grow in a
small space 40 cubic feet (4W x 5H x
2D) would I still benefit from the
product for such a small space. I can i
split the tablet and use half in such a
small space? or wouldn't it be overkill
to use the whole tablet at once? I
would like your advice before purchasing the product.
Thank you
I used to grow my plant in 8 gallon
bucket. Now I decide to use
Terraponic method then how big the
size of grow pot to give the same
equivalent? (5 L, 20 L or 30 L). And if
I buy grow pot in bulk then how I do
that? step by step please.
Secondly, When I flood in the Fearless
air table, the MAXIMUM flood depth
is 3" and MINIMUM is 1", can you
explain me why? Why not we flood
them up to the top of Fearless air
Excellofizz® is the product of choice, especially in more confined areas. Splitting the
tablet in half would be adequate for your
size area. Use one-half tablet at a time.
Place the Excellofizz® container so that
the reaction does not splatter on the
leaves. React one-half tablet at least one
hour into the photoperiod. Most growers
like to use Excellofizz® thru veg and three
weeks into flowering.
Regards, Fearlessgardener
A 5 L Grow Pot® will out perform 20 L (5
gal) of regular soil less mix such as Sunshine
#4 or Pro Mix. It takes a smaller amount of
Grow Pot Mix® to obtain much better than
expected results. Use the 5 L Grow Pot® if
you grow to a finishing height of 36" to 45".
They would be vegetated for only one or two
weeks. If growing longer a 20 L Grow Pot®
would allow you to finish at 5' 6". You would
use a 30 L for mother plants.
in a 8 week bloom cycle when could i
use the superboost. and can i use it
with or without the bloom?? please
answer asap
You can use Super Boost® for up to
10 days at the very end, just before
leaching for harvest. Super Boost® is a
complete plant food and should be used
on its own. It may be used in conjunction
with Bud Blaster®.
Regards, Fearlessgardener
To grow with Terraponic® is very easy. The
Terraponic® mix comes layered and ready to
use in the Supernatural Terraponic Grow
Pot®. Just punch holes as indicated near
bottom, open top and plant. The individual
feeding instructions are listed on the back
of the grow pot week by week for that particular size of Grow Pot®. The Grow Pot®
needs only a flood depth of one to three
inches of nutrient solution in the air table
Grow Magazine - Issue 3
n us
a pt
n ly
C ca
• Emits proper C02 levels for indoor plants.
• C02 for a few dollars per day.
• Will not add any heat in growing area.
• Added eucalyptus will:
Cover unwanted odours.
Kill airborne bacteria.
Deter spider mites.
Designed to create a trend,
not follow one!
and then further increase C02 levels after
the reaction has subsided by absorbing oxygen from the surrounding air. The container can be washed out daily or at least at
three days. It is best to add a tablet one
hour after the lights come on in order to
allow time for the stomata to open. Each
Excellofizz® tablet creates the proper
amount of C02 required by a 12 cubic foot
area, especially where venting is limited. A
new tablet should be reacted every day. I
am very pleased to hear of your success.
Regards, Fearlessgardener
Hi :
I would like to know more about
"excellofizz with eucalyptus",
1) I am specifically concerned about
health of people and pets when it is
in use?
2) Also what is the proper amount
to use for a 9' x 10' room with an
8 ft ceiling?
3) When is it safe to enter the room?
Thank You TieP
When used as directed, Excellofizz® is safe to
use around people and pets. One tablet per
day is sufficient for your area. Excellofizz®
will not raise the concentration of C02 to dangerous levels and it is safe to enter the room at
any time.
Regards, Fearlessgardener
we are using your products and are
very satisfied. our outlet Humboldt
hydro has given us a little contradictory information and we would like to
know on an 8 week flowering cycle
after 2 weeks of vegging in a fill and
drain hydro tank what is the proper
sequence of nutrients to achieve optimum harvest. thanks Jim
I recently picked up this product for
one of my smaller grow closets, but
have a few questions in relation to
the proper use of Supernatural
Excellofizz®. 100 ML of water: Is this
enough to generate proper C02? It
seems like a small amount to add to
the puck, for after one days use, the
water level is quite low, and there is
still some mass to the puck. Should I
occasionally add more water until the
puck is dissolved? How long should
one puck produce C02? Or, how often
should I wash out the container and
provide a new puck with 100ML of
water? My hydro shop was uncertain
about this. In just one days use, I
have noticed great results, and plan
on using Supernatural Excellofizz® in
more of my hydro systems.
The best nutrients to run for heavy fruitload, flowering/ripening in hydroponics
would be Bloom Aqua®, Ultimate B-1
Thrive® and Bud Blaster®. You can run Bud
Blaster® all the way thru flowering with
impressive results. The first 4 weeks add 1
tsp / 20 L of nutrient solution. The last 4
weeks add 3 tsp, making sure not to exceed
the recommended total concentration in
ppm. Some people like to switch from Bloom
Aqua® to Super Boost® in the last 2 weeks
before leaching. Bud Blaster® should also be
used along with the Super Boost®.
Regards, Fearlessgardener
Hi Scott:
You can add a little more water to further
dissolve the puck. The puck will react
approximately 5 hrs into the photoperiod
Grow Magazine - Issue 3
Hello, I got a trial pack of your SUPERBOOST formula and I was reading on
the instruction about that you recommend that you should leach regularly.
Is this to remove the salt build up that
accumulates on the growing medium?
I don’t understand the entire process
of leaching. What causes it? I was also
wondering if it is recommended to
using evaporated sea salt (aquarium
salt) to neutralize the pH levels. I have
a 10 gallon reservoir and 25 five
week old sweet hybrid 100s cherry
tomatoes on a drip system and no
ppm meter. Do you have any charts
on mixing ratios?
Thanks for your help.
Oly, Wa
I’ll send a photo when they fruit.
me up to date. If you try our new
Terraponic® you will get some very impressive results. We have come out with the best
growth method ever. It maximizes the solid
phase and liquid phase root absorption
while simultaneously increasing gas
exchange at the root tips. No other method
does anything close to this. Terraponic® is
now at the forefront of many of the latest
university studies. Our tomato crops were
the best we’ve ever seen. Tomatoes do
extremely well with Terraponic®. It would
definitely be worth trying.
Regards, Fearlessgardener.
Don’t RE-POT it,
Hello: Leaching is done to remove unused
minerals and metals from the growth medium. If left they would build up to toxic levels and cause deficiency symptoms. It is best
to leach your plants from the top every one
or two weeks depending on plant growth
and frequency of feedings. In Terraponic®
and hydroponics we recommend leaching
once per week. This way the plants get a
fresh nutrient profile and balanced solution
which they need in order to assimilate the
nutrients. A rule of thumb is to flush the
plants from the top with enough fresh water
to equal double the amount of soil mix in
the pot. Supernatural Super Leach® may be
added before flushing with water to help
loosen stubborn compounds.
atering and feeding your plants is a
necessity, but both leave a build up of
elements on the roots and in the soil that
prohibits growth and effective feeding.
Super Leach® removes the
build up of minerals and
Do not use sea salt as it would be toxic to
the plants. With Supernatural® plant food
you do not need to worry about pH. Our
custom buffered nutrients have auto pH
control built in. Super Boost® is only meant
to be used for short periods to jump start
your plants. In hydroponics you should be
using Grow Aqua® and Bloom Aqua® at the
recommended mixture rates on the label.
They are listed in teaspoons per 4 litres for
those who do not have test equipment. Keep
Grow Magazine - Issue 3
trace elements from
your plant’s roots
and renews your soil.
No more messy re-potting
- just apply Super Leach® and
your plants will thank you.
1 - 52 - 31
Dramatically Increases
Increases ”sunflower”
”sunflower” resin
resin production
Contains the
the highest
highest quality
quality B
B -- 1
Can be
be used
used with
with any
any nutrient
nutrient solution
Highly concentrated
3 unique
unique Super
Super Phosphates
Use from
from preflowering
preflowering through
through ripening
Hi, Directions say to mix with nutrient
solution. can i use just the budblast,
no other nutrients as a mix and feed
the soil mix which is 7 gal. size? i am
experimenting using ebb flow system
using a small layer of clay stone to
absorb mix. has worked very well so
far, but before i finish flowering wanted another opinion. the mix i am
using now is superboost 10-49-10.
also in the growth stage i used a different mix, but doing it same way.
any thoughts or suggestions?
lems with the leaf tips curling under
and I am only using one teaspoon per
gallon, is this nutrient design to be
mix with tap water or should I be
using distilled water to keep tips from
burning. I can sure use your input,
thanks Scott !
hi again, I have recently bought some
green + stay I would like to know
how often can I use it as a foliar
spray, "can it be used every day?"
please let me know, thank you, Scott
Hello: The leaf tips curling under is a sign
of over fertilization. Four things come to
mind that could be causing this condition.
1. The plant food is mixed improperly. It
is either too strong, or it is mixed into too
low a volume of water, meaning in a concentrated form instead of into the final volume of water. Certain minerals are locked
out of solution even after the water has
been topped up.
2. The growth medium is drying out too
much causing the nutrient concentration to
rise beyond range.
3. The water may have too high a concentration of metals or minerals, creating a
ghost or background electroconductivity.
This is more prevalent in aeroponic or continuous feed systems and eventually leads
to nutrient lock out.
4. The growth medium has not been
leached regularly.
Hello: Bud Blaster® is not a complete food, it
is an additive and is designed to be used with
a complete food. Super Boost® is meant to be
used for only up to two weeks at a time
because of its high phosphorus levels.
The proper nutrients for you to use in a hydroponic NFT system would be our Rockwool
Soak®, Grow Aqua® and Bloom Aqua® formulas. You can use Bud Blaster® in conjunction
with Bloom Aqua® or switch to Super Boost®
at the end. These 3 formulas are all one part
complete mixes that are buffered specifically
for continuous feed systems.
Hope this helps.
Regards, Fearlessgardener
Hi I am using a different soil can I mix
your soil with mine?
Hi; You can use Greenstay® as a supplement
foliar spray once or twice per week. It is a
good idea to spray with plain water the following day. This will help the plant to
absorb any residue left on the leaves and
will also help with respiration or gas
exchange. One situation where you would
not use Greenstay® as a foliar spray is when
powdery mildew is present, but you may use
it as an additive to your nutrient reservoir
under these circumstances.
Hello Connie,
Yes you can use our soil less mix with other
brands. We have had e-mails from customers who wanted to know the same thing.
They have had amazing results!
Regards, Fearlessgardener
Hope this helps,
Regards, Fearlessgardener
Hi, I have also bought some gro-aqua
nutrient and I am having some prob-
Grow Magazine - Issue 3
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