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Part Number: 999-2225-050 for HD Series Cameras
Part Number: 999-2225-150 for RoboSHOT Cameras
Vaddio’s IN-Ceiling Half-Recessed Enclosure is an
attractive, easy to install, partially recessed and inverted,
pan/tilt/zoom camera mounting system for Vaddio HD PTZ
cameras. It is compatible with the Vaddio ClearVIEW,
PowerVIEW and RoboSHOT packages using the QuickConnect SR Quick-Connect DVI/HDMI-SR, Quick-Connect
USB and Quick-Connect USB Mini.
The enclosure features a sealed, recessed, metal ceiling
camera enclosure with one-piece tile support brace, white
trim ring and mounting hardware kit. The white trim ring has
an IR receiver and there is an IR emitter board, powered by
the Quick-Connect Interfaces, on the inside of the enclosure
to ensure full compatibility with the Vaddio IR Remote.
The IN-Ceiling enclosure is compatible with the following
camera systems using RS-232 only; ClearVIEW HD20SE/20/19/18, PowerVIEW HD-22/30, when locally
powered, and Quick-Connect Universal CCU Systems for
PowerVIEW, ClearVIEW and RoboSHOT, which are
powered and controlled by the CCU. These systems do not
use the IR Receiver/Emitter circuit inside the enclosure.
Shown with the RoboSHOT 12 Camera
These ultra-flexible camera enclosures are compatible with
all Vaddio HD PTZ camera systems. The IN-Ceiling HalfRecessed Enclosure is an appealing and concealing camera
mounting option.
The IN-Ceiling Half-Recessed Enclosure Includes:
 Shallow, Sealed Metal Back Can with Bezel Ring, Back Box
Lid and Internal IR Emitter Board
 White Trim Ring with IR Receiver with Cable Attached
 One-piece Tile Support Brace
 3/4” Platform Height Adapter for HD-20/22/30 Camera
 Mounting Hardware
 24” (0.61m) Cat-5e Patch Cable
Camera Systems Not Included
Shown with the ClearVIEW HD-20SE PTZ Camera in Arctic White
Active IR Circuit Built into the Trim Ring & Enclosure: The IN-Ceiling Enclosure has a built-in active IR receiver on the trim
ring and IR emitter on the inside of the back box. The IR circuit is powered by the Quick-Connect SR, Quick-Connect DVI/HDMISR, Quick-Connect USB and Quick-Connect USB Mini Interfaces and ensures IR remote control compatibility of the camera
when not controlling the camera through serial (RS-232) commands.
Sealed Metal Back Box: The shallow, sealed metal back box features a steel machined bezel ring and back box lid which gives
the enclosure a quality look and feel. The enclosure even includes a ¾” clamp-down conduit connector.
Recessed Installation Kit for IN-Ceiling Enclosure: The IN-Ceiling Half-Recessed Enclosure can be mounted into a gypsum
board (drywall) or hard wood ceiling with the Recessed Installation Kit, Part Number 998-2225-051. This Kit includes mounting
plates, large trim ring with active IR receiver and all required mounting hardware.
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