datasheet for ACS2048 by Barco
Alternative content switcher
As the ideal peripheral for all digital cinema installations, the ACS­2048 is an
8x1 switcher that accepts "universal" input formats, and outputs 12­bit twin
DVI at 2048 x 1080 ­ one of the digital cinema standards. With a high­quality
scaler at its core, upconverting any input format is as simple as
"auto­acquiring" and selecting the desired input.
However, disguised as a switcher, ACS­2048 is really a pathway to new
revenue streams for your facility. By enabling "alternate" content to be
displayed in the digital cinema resolution, your theater's role as a presentation
facility for events, businesses, conventions, town­hall meetings and so much
more ­ becomes a reality.
Key benefits
⋅ "Universal" inputs support HD/SDI, SD­SDI, DVI, Analog, Composite, and
S­video formats
⋅ Twin link 12­bit DVI outputs upconvert all inputs to 2048 x 1080
⋅ Motion adaptive de­interlacing and advanced noise reduction circuits are
employed throughout to maintain superb image quality
⋅ User­friendly front panel provides intuitive "local" control
⋅ A standard HDCP (High­Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) "decrypted
input" and "encrypted output" path enables copy­protected content to be
displayed at digital cinema resolutions, while maintaining the highest degree
of security for the copyright
Alternative content switcher
Product specifications
1x SDSDI per SMPTE 259M­C (NTSC/PAL resolution) and HDSDI Input and per
2 x DVI­I Inputs per DDWG 1.0 ⋅ HDCP support
1 x Analog Input on HD­15 VGA connector ⋅ Supports both YUV and RGBHV
⋅ 10­bits/color sampling (1:1 sampling up to 1600x1200@60 Hz)
1x Analog Input on BNC Connectors (5) ⋅ Supports both YUV and RGBHV
⋅ 10­bits/color sampling (1:1 sampling up to 1600x1200@60 Hz)
1x Composite NTSC/PAL Video (CVBS) on a BNC connector
1x Encoded NTSC/PAL Y/C Video on 4­pin mini­DIN connector
1x Optional Input (factory­installed mezzanine)
DVI Dual channel (“Twin­Link DVI”) output on 2 DVI­I connectors
⋅ 12­bit 4:4:4 RGB output
⋅ User selectable for 8­bit output
⋅ HDCP Encryption
⋅ Non­encrypted DVI data until HDCP is supported in the Projector
Frame Rates: 50 Hz, 59.94 Hz
User Control
Front Panel Display
⋅ 128x32 VFD Display
⋅ Menu navigation via rotary encoder knob, Select/Escape buttons
⋅ Input Source selection via 9 back­lit buttons
⋅ Sync Present indication on Front Panel via switch backlight
Remote Control
⋅ Fully controllable over IP
Width: 19” Rack
Height: 2RU
Input connectors are located on front panel
Output connectors are located on rear panel
RJ45 connector is located on rear panel
Handles (also provide mechanical protection of the inputs)
100­240 VAC – 50/60 Hz,
Autoselecting 1.0A max
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