Feed & Forage Analyser Sample Transport Reflectance Only

Feed & Forage Analyser Sample Transport Reflectance Only
Feed & Forage Analyser
Sample Transport Reflectance Only
The Sample Transport Reflectance Only is for ground and unground samples and can be used to analyse
parameters like protein, fat, moisture, sugar, starch and fibre in feed ingredients and complete feeds.
• Fast and easy operation; results for several constituents
available in one minute
• Transferable calibrations; use the same application model on
different instruments
• No sample preparation; many samples can be analysed without drying and grinding
• User-friendly interface with the ISI Software
• Scanning monochromator; ensures you get the complete
• Analysis of complete feeds; Poultry Feed, Pig Feed, Cattle
Feed, Pet Food, Fish Feed, Hay, Silage
• Analysis of feed ingredients; Soy meal, Corn, Wheat, Barley, Rapeseed, Fish meal, Meat and Bone Meal and many
The Sample Transport Reflectance Only is configured for NIR
reflectance measurements using a sample transport mechanism
that accepts cups for ground samples, unground samples and
liquids. The instrument is available in two versions. The model
5000 with a scanning range of 1100 - 2500 nm and the model
6500 with a scanning range of 400 - 2500 nm.
No application models are included in the standard configuration
Dedicated Analytical Solutions
The analyser comes with ISIscan™, a complete routine analysis package designed for easy operation of FOSS NIR analysers. ISIscan offers a very user-friendly interface and includes
all necessary features for routine analysis: analyser diagnostics,
real time outlier detection, bias/slope intercept adjustment, calibration monitoring, LIMS compatibility, customizable reports
ISIscan is compatible with the optional WinISI 4 calibration development software which makes it possible for anybody with
just minimum chemometric knowledge to make sophisticated
calibration models. WinISI is comprehensive chemometric
software for database optimization and calibration development
based on MLR, PLS or MPLS regression methods as well as for
managing, optimizing and evaluating LOCAL databases.
RINA (Remote Internet Analysis) is the final piece of the solution ensuring optimal performance of the analyser, calibrations and software. RINA is an online network­ing package that
makes it easy to precisely configure, manage and monitor NIR
analysers from a remote location.
Sample cells for the Sample Transport module
The following cups can be used for a large number of applications in the feed & forage industries. With the sample cells below
you have the flexibility to analyze ground, coarse ground, unground and liquid samples.
Quarter cup
The quarter cup can be
used for ground and coarse
ground samples. It is available with paperbacks, and
a version that can be sealed
and used as a check cell.
Natural Product Sample Cell
This cell is for unground
samples like whole grain,
feed pellets and fresh
forage/silage. It is also
available in a version with
a removable handle for the
System II.
Opaque Liquid Cell
The cell can be used for
reflectance measurements
of opaque liquids like
Bulk cell
This cell is used together
with a hopper to allow for
pouring of samples like
feed pellets and whole
grain. Automatic emptying
of the sample cell is one of
the features.
System description:
Feed & Forage Analyser Sample Transport Reflectance Only includes this:
Model 5000 Scanning Monochromator
Reflectance Detector Module
Sample Transport Module
ISIscan™ Routine Operation Software
Quarter Cup Check Cell Kit
Installation Manual
Half cup
Typical usage for the
halfcup cell is semi-moist
samples like wet petfood
Ring cup
This cup can be used for
powders and all ground
Sample Transport Reflectance Only model 6500 with ISIscan™
WinISI™ 4 Calibration development software
RINA™ networking software
Technical data:
Wavelength range:
Scan speed:
Spectral bandwidth:
1100 - 2500 nm
400 - 2500 nm
1.8 scans/second
Lead Sulfide, 1100 - 2500 nm
Silicon, 400 - 1100 nm
10 nm ± 1 nm in Reflectance
Operating temperature:
Dimensions (w×d×h):
15 - 32°C (60 - 90°F) , nominal
265 × 432 × 419 mm
10.5 × 17 × 16.5 inches
21.5 kg
47 lbs
FOSS Analytical
Slangerupgade 69
DK-3400 Hilleroed
Tel.: +45 7010 3370
Fax: +45 7010 3371
P/N 9999 2100, Issue 2 GB, August 2008
Minimum computer requirements
Pentium processor or equal, 512 MB RAM, min 5 GB free hard drive space, SVGA graphics or better, minimum 1 available USB
port, Windows® XP.
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