Vsync for Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition

Vsync for Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition
product sheet
Speech Recognition
in a Virtualized
Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition
vSync for Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition
With rapid growth in EHR adoption due to Meaningful Use, the
acceleration of EHR deployments by hospitals and practices of all
sizes is driving provider organizations to implement EHRs for all
of their physicians with a low-cost IT and support infrastructure.
Many of the most popular EHRs are, as a result, deployed in
a virtualized environment by IT departments. Those providers
now need a reliable speech recognition solution that works in a
virtualized environment.
Dragon® Medical 360 | Network Edition includes a
component, vSync, which solves the shortcomings of previous
Dragon Medical products running in a virtualized environment.
This intelligent software, through its hidden virtual channel,
monitors both the EHR and Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition
and keeps the information dictated by the physician synchronized
with what is being entered or displayed in the EHR.
Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition is designed expressly for
use with virtualized EHRs. It allows physicians full text control
within their EHR and grants them the ability to dictate, navigate,
and play back dictation with ease and confidence. Physician-users
Key Benefits
• Virtual channel connecting
Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition
Client to the virtualized server
• Enables full text control for
virtualized environment
• Faster word recognition
• Physicians can dictate into
all desktop applications
benefits to physicians
• Significantly increases ease
of use and dictation reliability
• Saves each physician up to
20 minutes a day
benefits to it teams
• Fewer calls from physician users
with technical issues
• No audio transfer over
network is needed
• Supports high volume of
dictation on one server
h e a lt h c a r e
are assured of having the highest dictation
vSync makes Dragon Medical 360 | Network
Edition fully compatible within EHRs from companies such as Epic®, Cerner®, Allscripts™,
NextGen®, eClinicalWorks®, and others. The
user can dictate, edit and voice-navigate within
the text box (‘select ankle,’ ‘choose 2’), directly
within the EHR.
As a result, physicians no longer need to dictate
into the Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition
dictation box and then transfer text to the EHR,
saving steps that previously added 15 to 20
minutes to each physician’s day.
Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition includes
several other new features that makes it suitable
for provider organizations, including centralized
user management tools found in the Nuance
Management Server, a component available
only in Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition.
For more information on these additional features,
please see the Dragon Medical 360 | Network
Edition: Nuance Management Server product
vSync Feature Description
vSync for EHRs enhances Dragon Medical 360
performance with an EHR in a virtualized
environment and is only available in
Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition.
The Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition
Client is installed on each local client laptop or
desktop. Through a virtual channel connecting
the Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition
Client to the virtualized server, vSync
ensures Dragon Medical 360’s dictation and
correction capabilities, including full text
control support, Voice Navigation, PlayBack dictation, and Text Selection, offering
an enhanced end-user experience. Prior to
Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition, users
could not reliably use full text control commands
within a virtual environment.
Both Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition
physician users and IT departments gain
significant benefits and advantages by
using the vSync capabilities provided in
Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition.
Ease of Use
IT administrators can enable
vSync quickly and easily.
• Virtual Channel Connecting
Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition
Client to Virtual Server. vSync creates
a virtual channel between the virtualized
client PC and virtual server, passing
pertinent EHR text box information to
Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition,
keeping the applications synchronized and
protected against loss of dictation. Dictations
made into the EHR are continuously monitored
to ensure that full text control is enabled in
Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition.
vSync’s Benefits for the
IT Department
• Enables Full Text Control for Users within a
Virtualized Environment. Full text control is
available within Dragon Medical 360 | Network
Edition while dictating into EHRs from Epic,
Cerner, Allscripts, NextGen, eClinicalWorks,
and other vendors..
• Supports High Volume of Dictation on
One Server. Many concurrent users can be
supported by vSync on one virtual server.
Therefore, no extra hardware is required
because the customer’s current server and
clients can be used, saving tens of thousands
of dollars in annual server costs.
• Faster Word Recognition. vSync eliminates
delays from the time of dictation to when words
appear on screen.
vSync’s Benefits for Physicians
• Significantly Increases Ease of Use and
Dictation Reliability. Full text control,
a powerful feature, is fully enabled in
Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition for
physicians using Dragon Medical 360 within
a virtualized EHR environment.
• Saves Each Physician Up
to 30 Minutes a Day. Physicians can
confidently dictate into an EHR’s text box,
eliminating the extra step of dictating into
the Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition
Dictation Box and then pasting into EHR text
boxes. With this cumbersome process eliminated, there is a shorter learning curve
for users.
• Fewer Technical Support Calls. Physician
satisfaction and improved ease of use are
raised, reducing the number of technical
support calls made to IT—so your support staff
is more productive.
• No Audio Transfer Over Network is Needed.
No extra network bandwidth is needed to
support audio transfer, saving additional
communication costs.
How vSync Is Configured
Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition requires
that vSync for EHRs be installed and published
on the virtual server. vSync for EHRs must
be installed, published, and enabled on each
virtual server that hosts the EHR to be used with
Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition.
The Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition
Client installation process installs the necessary
components to support vSync on the local PC as
part of the standard installation process, when
the virtualized client is installed on the computer.
vSync for EHRs is active when a virtualized
session begins; full text control is enabled as
soon as a user begins a virtualized session.
L-3439-002 9/13 DTM
Recommended System
Supported Server Configurations for vSync
For full technical specifications for vSync, please see the
Installation Guide.
For Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition Client
For full technical specifications for the Dragon Medical 360 |
Network Edition Client, please see the Installation Guide.
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