MKDR04 (PDF/148Ko) [F]
UniPlus - Industrial PLC Workstation
UniOP™ - Universal Operator Panel Family
2 or 4 Line x 40 Character VFD or LCD
Numeric Keypad
45 Programmable Keys
Keyboard Macro Editor
Recipe Capabilities
UniNET Networking Capabilities
Links Directly to PLC Programming Port
NEMA 4/12 Compliant Enclosure
The MKDF-02(04) and MKDR-04 models fulfill the need for a powerful yet cost effective operator interface
system. Displays are available with two or four lines and your choice of a LCD or VFD display. Each line can contain up
to 40 characters. Each page can contain up to 32 lines which can be accessed by scrolling with the arrow keys. The
MKDR-04 display has a contrast control and the MKDF-02(04) has a brightness control. This control is provided to
adjust the display for easy viewing under nearly any condition.
Display Variables
PLC internal variables can be shown on any of the many display pages. The number of variables that can be viewed at
one time is limited only by the display size. UniOP also provides scaling (linear conversion) of the displayed data. The
final value can then be shown in several useful formats including bargraph, date, time, decimal, bit, hexadecimal, floating
point, and string. Data entry with valid range verification is also available for each data type.
Data Entry
The integral keypad offers 45 programmable function keys (16 with user LEDs). Slide-in legends make it easy to
customize and document the operation of each key which has an LED.
UniOP also features an internal battery-backed real time clock. Time and date information from the clock are
periodically updated in the PLC to enable processing based on time-of-day, day-of-week or any other period.
An eight-level password protection scheme protects critical system features from undesired access.
UniOP can monitor and display up to 1024 alarms. Attributes and unique messages for each alarm can be defined.
Operator acknowledgment can also be required. The last 256 alarm events detected by the UniOP are retained in an
internal event list. This list can be viewed on screen or printed on a serial printer to obtain a permanent record.
Custom display screens are developed using the UniOP Designer™ for Windows™ programming software. Your
completed project file can be downloaded to the display through the serial port and permanently stored in a Flash
Keyboard Macro Editor
A feature that allows you to configure your UniOP keys to do a variety of functions locally in the UniOP. For example:
turning pages, setting attributes, setting LEDs, writing to the PLC, going to the alarm list, uploading or downloading a
recipe set and many more. This can save many hours of ladder logic programming.
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This feature allows you to create a recipe with up to 255 parameter sets for each page of the project file. UniOP has a
total of 16K reserved for recipe storage. You can upload or download a parameter set from or to the PLC. Once a
parameter set has been downloaded to the PLC, the data contained within the parameter set can be modified.
The UniNET network allows you to design networks of varying configurations; from two panels with one PLC to
multiple panels with multiple PLCs. Data can be written to or retrieved from the PLCs in many different locations at one
time. The UniNET network creates a bridge between UniOP panels which allows data to be shared by all PLCs in the
network, regardless of the type or manufacturer.
Important Features
NEMA 4/12 compliant enclosure
CE approved
UniNET network capabilities
Keyboard Macro Editor
Recipe configuration
One RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485 / 20mA
current loop serial port, speeds up to
38,400 baud for direct PLC connection
One RS-232 port for PC or printer
One auxiliary port for high speed bus
network communications
Real time clock with battery back-up
45 programmable keys
128 KB internal memory standard Flash
Unlimited number of variables per page
1024 prioritized alarms
Historical event list (last 256 events)
Eight-level password protection
Prints reports, alarm list, and event list to
serial printer
Displays ASCII standard character set
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Physical Dimensions
See drawing below
Cutout Width and Height
80 mm (3.15")
Cutout Depth
9 mm (0.35")
165 mm (6.50")
Front Panel Thickness (max.)
Faceplate height
311 mm (12.24")
Faceplate Width
1.9 kg (4.2 lb)
0 to 50 °C (32 to 122 °F)
Operating Temperature
0 to 95% RH (non-condensing)
250 mA maximum, 24 VDC
Power Requirements (MD02R)
Power Requirements (MKDF-02)
500 mA maximum, 24 VDC
Power Requirements (MKDF-04)
700 mA maximum, 24 VDC
Power Requirements (MKDR-04)
400 mA maximum, 24 VDC
Liquid Crystal
4 lines x 40 characters/line
5.15 mm (13/64 inch)
Character Height
Vacuum Flourescent
2 or 4 lines x 40 characters/line
5.9 mm (15/64 inch)
Character Height
Tactile Feedback (tested 5M times)
All products are warranted for one year against defects in material and workmanship.
Ordering Information
Part No.
VFD, 2 x 40
VFD, 4 x 40
LCD, 4 x 40
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Panel Cutout Dimensions
Specifications subject to change without notice
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