Relaoder/Halo B Nf Shell Instructions (ENG)

Relaoder/Halo B Nf Shell Instructions (ENG)
Instructions for the NF shell wiring harness.
- For all Reloader B and Halo B model loaders
1. Remove the Catch Cup and Circuit board from your loader. Follow your loaders instructions for disassembly info.
2. Unplug your Circuit board from motor harness.
3. Connect the new NF harness to the old motor harness and sensor harness (if halo), the wire colors on the
two harnesses need to match for the loader to work correctly.
Note: The yellow, orange, blue & grey sets of wires are not needed for Reloader B and B2 Loaders.
4. Plug the new harness into your Circuit board and gently bend the connector up and flush with the board.
5. Install the Catch cup and Circuit board back into the loader, following the standard re-assembly
With the new longer harness, make sure the wires are located safely within the shell and are not going to get
damaged. It is recommended that you tape the wires to the back of the Catch cup to prevent damage.
When Installing your battery pack, make sure not to push the connectors off the board. If you have problems
with the connectors coming loose, use hot glue to hold the new harnesses connectors to the board.
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