CMOS Logic distribution amplifiers
Distribution Amplifier
FS730 and FS735 series  CMOS Logic Distribution Amplifier
FS730/3 Front Panel
FS735/1/4 Rear Panel with one Broadband 50 Ω distribution
amplifier and one 10 MHz distribution amplifier side by side.
FS730 & FS735 Series CMOS Logic Distribution Amplifier
· High input impedance with hysteresis
· High current outputs
· Fast transition times
· Small insertion delay
· Low channel-to-channel timing skew
This distribution amplifier is intended to distribute CMOS
level logic pulses. The amplifier has one input and seven
outputs, all on BNC connectors. All inputs and outputs are
logic levels.
The Schmitt trigger input has a switching threshold of
+1.3 VDC with 0.35 V of hysteresis. The input impedance is 1 kΩ.
Each output has a 50 Ω source impedance with logic levels of
0 VDC and 5.0 VDC. The 50 Ω source impedance will reverse
terminate reflected pulses when driving unterminated lines.
High impedance loads will be driven to 5 V and 50 Ω loads
will be driven to 2.5 Vdc. All of the outputs are driven by
separate drivers to provide high isolation. The outputs have
fast transition times and very low overshoot. The polarity of
each output may be configured with a jumper inside the unit:
installing the polarity jumper inverts the corresponding
output. As shipped, the outputs are non-inverting.
The unit has two indicator LEDs. The “power” LED indicates
that the unit has ac power. The “signal” LED will flash for 100 ms on
each rising or falling edge seen at the input.
· FS730/3
... $950 (U.S. list)
· FS735/3/3 ... $1350 (U.S. list)
Stanford Research Systems
phone: (408)744-9040
FS730 and FS735 Series Distribution Amplifiers
FS730 & FS735 series Specifications
The FS73x series of products can be configured as half width,
1U size benchtop instruments (FS730), or in full-width, 19”
rack-mount enclosures (FS735).
The FS730/3 model provides 7 output BNC connectors on the
front panel, and one or two units can be rack mounted with an
optional rack mount kit.
The FS735/3/3 model provides 14 output BNC connectors on
the rear panel, with status indicators on the front panel.
Several types of distribution amplifiers are available as listed
below. Different types may be combined within the FS735
Option 1 - 10 MHz distribution amplifier
Option 2 - 5 MHz distribution amplifier
Option 3 - CMOS logic distribution amplifier
Option 4 - Broadband 50 Ω distribution amplifier
Option 5 - Broadband 75 Ω distribution amplifier
Threshold (L-H)
Threshold (H-L)
Transition time
Pulse width
1 kΩ
1.50 VDC
1.15 VDC
no restriction
DC-50 MHz
>5 ns
Levels (high-Z load)
Levels (50 Ω load)
Rise time
Fall time
Delay skew
Polarity control
50 Ω ± 5 %
0 V & 2.5 V
<10 ps rms
9 ns , typ.
±1 ns, typ.
<5 %
<5 %
internal jumper
10 W, 100/120/220/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
8.3" × 1.5" × 8.0" (WHL)
One year parts and labor on defects in
materials and workmanship
CMOS distribution amp., small reflection artifacts
FS730/3 Rear Panel
Ordering Information
CMOS logic distribution amp
with BNCs on front
1U dual rack-mount for one
or two FS730s
Two distribution amps
with BNCs on rear
Stanford Research Systems
FS735/1/4 Front Panel
phone: (408)744-9040
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