M O K O N Negative Pressure Results Positive

M O K O N Negative Pressure Results Positive
Designed to Perform. Built to Last.
NPS Series
Heat Transfer Fluid System
Up to 400˚F (204˚C)
Negative Pressure
Positive Results
Keeps Production Up and Running Even a
minor circuit leak from stress cracks or bad O-rings can
stop operations, but with the Mokon HTF NPS Series
positive & negative pressure temperature control system,
you can finish the production run without the nuisance
of a leak or the costly interruption of a repair. The HTF
NPS Series gives you accurate temperature control while
creating a negative pressure condition to pull the fluid
through the mold.
Versatile Whether your process requires positive
pressure (no leaks present) or negative pressure (to stop a
leak), HTF NPS Series provides the most efficient means
of temperature control. By incorporating a venturi jet pump
and a uniquely designed reservoir, you are provided with
a self-supporting means of accurate temperature control
up to 400°F (204°C) in a positive or negative pressure
Efficient and Accurate The incorporation of a
newly designed Mokon heating vessel – which assures
a continuous fluid flow over the heating and cooling
assemblies – resulting in an energy efficient means of
controlling the process fluid temperature. Cutting-edge
microprocessor controls, with PID auto tuning, provide
accurate and precise temperature control to meet your
process temperature control needs.
➤ Delays repairs allowing
production to continue through
end of run
➤ Simplifies changeover with
standard hose and pipe
➤ Microprocessor-based controller
➤ Meets NFPA 79 electrical safety
➤ cULus 508A labeled electrical
Mokon converts a problem into a positive opportunity
Standard Features
“Negative” Benefits
• System reservoir – fluid supply source and air separation device
Being negative isn’t always a bad thing.
• Microprocessor-based PID controller mounted in operator-friendly orientation
With Mokon’s HTF NPS Series, negative
pressure creates a vacuum, essentially
pulling air and oil out of the mold instead of
pushing it through the system. There are
many benefits with this method, including:
• Standard safety features include level switch and high temperature switch
• Horizontal low watt density heaters
• Glycerin filled pressure gauge
• Powder-coated steel cabinet for protection and durability
epairs can be deferred until a more
convenient time.
hree-way flow control valve to adjust system from positive pressure
to negative pressure
he risk of hot fluid spray is reduced,
improving worker safety.
• Venturi jet pump
• Vertical stainless steel seal-less pump
ess downtime means manpower and
equipment are maximized, increasing
FPA 79 Electrical Safety Standard and cULus 508A labeled electrical
Specifications – HTF System NPS Series (Up to 400˚F/204˚C)
Flow Rate & Pressure
10 GPM and
3/4” Process Oil
up to 60 psi
1” Cooling Water
10 GPM and
3/4” Process Oil
up to 60 psi
1” Cooling Water
20 GPM and
1” Process Oil
up to 50 psi
1” Cooling Water
20 GPM and
1” Process Oil
up to 50 psi
1” Cooling Water
# of Zones
Heating Capacity
12, 24, 36
41 x 30 x 51
41 x 30 x 62
12, 24, 36
41 x 30 x 51
41 x 30 x 62
Higher kW capacities and a variety of voltages are available. Please contact Mokon for more information. Easy to Use
Designed to be used
in the same manner as our Duratherm
NPS water circulating system, the system
requires no special piping, hoses or
utilities. By simply moving a three-way flow
control valve on the back of the cabinet,
the system is changed from a positive
pressure to a negative pressure system in
an instant. The system’s reservoir acts as
a fluid supply source and air separation
device, making the venting of the system
Easily removable cabinet panels provide
access to internal components, making
routine maintenance and adjustments
simple and fast.
Heat Transfer Fluid All Negative
Product Testing & Warranty
pressure systems will accelerate the
oxidation, raise the fluid temperature and
severely shorten the life of heat transfer fluids. It is highly recommended to
repair the leak as soon as possible, test
and replace the fluids as necessary, and
clean the system to maintain peak performance. Mokon's DELF series of heat
transfer fluids offers a variety of longlasting and clean-running fluids for high
temperature heating and cooling applications. Depending on the fluid temperature,
severity of the leak, duration in NPS mode
and other operating conditions, select our
DELF G, DELF 600, DELF LT fluids or one
of our other heat transfer fluids.
All Mokon temperature control systems
are qualified for service by rigid, simulated
field tests, and are 100% factory calibrated and run tested. Mokon offers these
extended warranties as standard on the
HTF NPS Series system:
1 year on system • 5 years on microprocessor controller and safeties
Technical data shown is subject to change without notice. The company will endeavor to supply the equipment as illustrated but reserves the right to make dimensional and other design changes as required.
Designed to Perform. Built to Last.
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Phone: 716-876-9951 z Fax: 716-874-8048
www.mokon.com z E-mail: sales@mokon.com
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