Arduino ProMini 16MHz Microcontroller
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Arduino PRO MINI AVR Core Development Board with Headers & Installed Bootloader
Arduino ProMini Clone with headers & Wider Voltage Range. Get the same power as the UNO, or Nano in a low cost
and small footprint. Features a Atmega328, 8bit, 16mHz processor, built in 5V regulator, 8 analog inputs and up to 14
digital I/O pins. This module does not have a USB connector. There are 5 dedicated 100 mil spaced pads for connecting
the FTDI cable (DTR,TXO,RXI,VCC,GND) or a USB/TTLconverter module. The ProMini is ideal for use after you
have perfected your idea on a Nano or Uno and want to embed it in the final project. Intended for advanced users. 1st.
ft ert f c tetime Users should take advantage of the Arduino Nano to gain skills. Information & Freeware available through www.
arduino.cc.en and others on-line.
The pre loaded Bootloader, allows Programming with an (off board) USB to TTL converter (our Stock # 31573) or a
cro I terf c FTDI smart cable
Processor: 16 MHz ATmega328
Power: 3.3-12VDC On-Board Regulator (Operating 5 VDC)
ower Su l e
Note: for 3.3-5V input Use the Vcc Pin
for 5.5-12V input Use the RAW pin NOT BOTH
Digital I/O : 14 (with PWM available on 6)
Analog Input: 8
Memory: Flash: 32K (-2K for bootloader)
Ports: Arduino I/O Pins 6 Pins for direct wiring to off Board USB connector (Not Supplied)
Manual Reset Button
.1in. pitch holes for headers (Supplied) or direct connection to functions
L: 1-5/16” O/A
W: 11/16” H: 1/2” O/A
WT: .012
re kout
o r
ATMEL 16MHz ATMega328 microcontroller (www.atmel.com/Images/doc8151/pdf)
0.1in. pitch holes for header pins or hard wiring
USB Communication
Supports Auto Reset
On Board Power and Status LEDs
Reverse Polarity Protected
Open Source designs and applications available on-line, forums & blogs (www. arduino.cc.en)
Hundreds of application specfic Sensor Boards available (Temp, sound, pressure, Motor control)
P.O. Box 530400 Lake Park, Fl 33403
800-652-6733 FAX 561-844-8764
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our customers and accuracy is not guaranteed nor is it definitive of any particular part or manufacturer. Use of
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