Brochure afzuig motoren

Brochure afzuig motoren
Top suction machines
VS Combination Suction Units
VS 300 S
VSA 300 S
VS 600
VS 900
Aspiration of contaminated spray mist
High quality dental treatment
In order to perform high quality dental
treatment it is vital that the conditions
in the area of the mouth where the
dentist is to work are perfect. By using
the various aspiration cannulas the
dental assistant ensures that the dentist
has a clear view of this area and that
it is clean and dry. Powerful and trouble-free suction performance creates
the conditions under which the necessary treatment measures can be carried out quickly and precisely. That is
why the suction system occupies such
an important role in the practice.
The suction system provides the necessary conditions under which the dentist
can work ergonomically and calmly
without constant interruptions caused
by the patient’s swallowing reflexes.
And with the spray mist aspiration it
makes an essential contribution to
hygiene in the practice and protection
against infection. It must always provide full suction power despite having
to contend with a permanent load of
waste water, blood, saliva, dentin and
a wide variety of filling materials (e. g.
plastic, ceramic, amalgam, precious
metals). Clearly, great demands are
placed on the suction system in dental
Low-noise suction with the Dürr Universal cannula III
Without aspiration an infectious aerosol cloud produced by the cooling spray
of modern high-speed instruments would spread throughout the entire treatment room.
Current studies have confirmed that the amount of aerosol breathed in by
practice staff can be as much as 0.12 μl within 15 minutes. The aerosol cloud
lasts for up to 30 minutes especially after scaling and this presents a high risk
of infection to everybody in the practice.
Dürr Dental – world leaders in
dental practice suction systems
Your decision to purchase a Dürr Dental
suction system means that you can
be sure of reliable performance. Dürr
Dental VS suction systems offer an
exceptionally wide range of Combination Suction Units and accessories to
meet the individual needs of every
practice. The planning and technical
consultants at your dental dealer will
work out the perfect solution for your
Dürr VS systems – smarter because
it’s simpler
Dürr Dental has combined the complex
suction system comprising the suction
and the separating machine in a single
combination suction unit on one shaft.
This is known as a VS unit where V
stands for vacuum generator (suction
machine) and S stands for separator.
The amalgam separator can be integrated with a VSA unit or with an additional amalgam separator.
This advanced technology not only
reduces installation costs, but also the
amount of equipment required. Maximum suction performance is combined
with economy, robustness and long
service life as well as a reduction in
maintenance costs. The ecological benefits are reflected in the high degree of
amalgam separation and the fact that
rinsing out the suction system with costly drinking water is unnecessary.
In the final analysis investment in a new
Dürr suction pays not only in day-today dental treatment but also in the
long term through practice modernisation.
Dürr Comfort hose holders in a modular
design shown here fitted with the low-noise
Dürr Universal Cannula III, the saliva ejector
and a syringe element.
The right solution for every practice
VS 900
No. of
treatment rooms
in the practice
Max. no. of treatment chairs in
simultaneous use
Possible solution
for the practice
VS 300 S
VS 600
VS 900
Dürr single chair suction units VS 300 S and VSA 300 S
Particularly powerful under
factor when choosing a suction system
In today’s competitive economic
the future requirements of the practice
High-quality, robust motors
climate you need resources you can
arising from extending the practice or
Reliability in continuous operation
rely on. That applies equally to small
increased performance requirements.
Impellers made of coated aluminium
as well as to large dental practices.
In this respect the choice of the next
(VS 900) or extremely corrosion-
That is why a Dürr VS suction system
higher VS suction unit may in individu-
resistant plastic (VS(A) 300 S,
constantly generates the vacuum
al cases be the ideal solution.
VS 600)
is whether the installation will meet
Key features of Dürr VS suction
High suction performance
required for trouble-free and hygienically perfect treatment. A suction out-
Economical and ecological
reached within seconds
put of about 300 litres per minute¹
Where a VS suction unit has been
Flexible installation possibilities
ensures a clear view of the operating
centrally installed in a practice with
Common drive unit for separation
area in the mouth at each treatment
several treatment rooms, only a single
and vacuum generation ensures
chair. The robust technology guaran-
amalgam separator is required which
great economy and operational reli-
tees reliability.
is integrated into the suction unit. The
ability whilst taking up the minimum
Dürr amalgam separator CA 4, for
amount of space
The perfect choice for every
example, boasts an impressive sepa-
High foam compatibility thanks to the
ration rate of over 98,9 % whilst at the
innovative 2-stage separating system.
The range of the Dürr VS Combination
same time being extremely robust and
Suction Units for dental practices meets
hard-wearing, for example when han-
the needs of up to five treatment rooms
dling large quantities of blood foam.
with up to three treatment chairs in
The Dürr VS 900 also provides econo-
simultaneous use. The performance of
mical and ecological benefits, saving
the individual units can be easily calcu-
more than 1.500 Euros per year in
lated by using the factor 300. For ex-
water costs in comparison with a con-
ample, the VS 600 meets the current
ventional water ring pump. This repre-
performance requirements of two treat-
sents an environmental saving of over
ment chairs in simultaneous use. How-
400 cubic meters of fresh water.
₁ This value has been proven over many years in
dental practice. Dürr suction machines are classified
by ISO 10637 as a ”High Volume Suction System”.
ever, an important additional deciding
1.440,– €
1.200,– €
Water costs
per year
Water costs
per year
Dürr central suction units VS 600 and VS 900
5 hours per day
operating time
6 hours per day
operating time
1.680,– €
Water costs
per year
Conventional water ring pump
Cost in € for fresh water and waste water
Savings in water costs
7 hours per day
170% und Retusche Breite
In comparison with conventional water ring pumps a Dürr VS 900 can
quickly pay for itself (figures based on water prices of € 4,–/m3 and a
flow rate of 4 l/min).
Small but ingenious
VSA 300 S/VS 300 S
The VS/VSA 300 S with its suction capacity of about 300 l/min
has been designed as a single
chair suction unit.
The VS 300 S is really easy to install in the
basement, an adjoining room or right in the
treatment room.
Dürr VSA 300 S – the first
suction unit that also separates
Dürr Dental recommends using
waste disposal companies that
are able to accept filled amalgam collection vessels.
Reduction to the essentials
Shortly before the maximum filling
Single chair suction units like the VS/
VS 300 S – embracing innovative
VSA 300 S are the most versatile vari-
With the help of air vortices and a
acoustic signal gives a warning that
ants in Dürr Dental’s range of Combi-
separation turbine the VS 300 S relia-
the collection vessel needs changing.
nation Suction Units since they consid-
bly separates the liquid and solid par-
erably reduce the preliminary plan-
ticles from the suction air. The 2-stage
The VSA 300 S, certified by the test
ning work and the outlay involved in
separating system produces a longterm
no. Z-64.1 – 15, satisfies the statutory
installation. That makes them an ideal
improvement in foam compatibility. The
requirements under the General
additional investment when equipping
integrated waste water pump draws
Administrative Framework Regulation
an extra treatment room or installing
off the fluid continuously. And the VS
relating to waste water, appendix
facilities for a prophylactic service or
300 S manages even large amounts of
50 (dental treatment).
fluids without difficulty. The high level
level has been reached a visual and
of economy and operational reliability
The VS 300 S incorporates the latest
are the result of the common drive unit
Dürr suction technology: Vacuum gen-
that also takes up scarcely any room
eration and the simultaneous separa-
which is why the VS 300 S is so com-
tion of the mixture of secretions and
solids are both carried out on the
made a name for itself as “Two-in-
VSA 300 S – three components in
one unit
one”. And when statutory regulations
Bearing in mind all the demands
about amalgam separation come into
placed on it, a suction machine should
force, this technology can be later
not only separate the mixture of air,
supplemented by the Dürr CA 1 amal-
secretion and solids but should also
gam separator for example. The alter-
separate the amalgam particles and
native to this, where statutory regula-
collect them in a collection vessel.
tions are already in force, is the VSA
And it should do all this as economi-
300 S. For this offers “Three-in-one”
cally and ecologically as possible.
all in one unit: The VS suction unit that
That sounds as if a large system with
also has the amalgam separator or just
correspondingly high costs is called
the amalgam separator that enables
for. Dürr Dental has proven with the
the practice to have a new VS system.
VSA 300 S that all these functions
It is only a question of perspective.
can be performed in one unit which
robust drive shaft. This technology
Dürr CA 1 amalgam separator
to supplement a VS 300 S.
takes up the minimum amount of space:
Before the waste water pump draws
off the separated waste water it is
conducted into a centrifuge where the
amalgam particles that have been
carried along are separated. More
than 97 % of the amalgam (German
standard test) ends up in the collection
vessel which is automatically monitored
to check how full it is.
The display module of the amalgam separator indicates in good time when a change of
the collection vessel is due.
The economical power packs
VS 600
VS 900
The VS 900 supplies up to 5
treatment rooms with a maximum of 3 treatment chairs in
simultaneous use.
The VS 600 supplies up to 3
treatment rooms with a maximum of 2 treatment chairs in
simultaneous use.
With the use of suitable accessories a VS 900 and a Dürr
amalgam separator may be
converted into a VS(A) 900.
A VS 600 may be converted
into a VS(A) 600 with a Dürr
amalgam separator.
Key advantages for the practice
Technology ensures reliability
In that way the suction system auto-
Many key questions arise when con-
The functions performed outstandingly
matically eliminates the danger of
sidering installing new equipment, or
well on a smaller scale by the VS 300 S
deposits, odour nuisance and hygiene
modernizing, or taking over a prac-
are also executed to perfection by the
tice. Key solutions regarding the suc-
central suction units VS 600/900 for
tion system are provided by the Com-
up to three treatment chairs simultane-
bination Suction Units Dürr VS 600/
ously. “Two-in-one” is the name of the
900. Two terms that succinctly de-
principle by which even large quanti-
scribe the performance of these units
ties of fluids and blood foam from se-
since they combine vacuum gene-
veral treatment chairs can be aspirated
ration and separation for two or three
without interruption. The integrated 2-
treatment chairs with a suction capa-
stage separating system reliably pre-
city of around 300 litres per minute at
vents secretions and blood foam from
each cannula.
being carried along into the turbine
area. A side channel compressor pro-
Adding up the costs and making
duces the necessary vacuum with
Investing in extending the practice
drive unit of the Combination Suction
requires careful consideration. Exten-
Units runs smoothly without vibrations
ding prophylactic and oral hygiene
and is very reliable. Corrosion pro-
provision often means an additional
tection of all important functional
room will be required and these are
elements ensures a long service life.
no water supply being required. The
changes which the practice technoings can be achieved because the VS
Perfect cleaning of all the secretionconducting channels
central suction units combine suction
Central installation in a practice with
and separation for all the practice
several treatment rooms places great
centrally in one machine on one drive
demands on the cleaning and hygiene
shaft. There is no need for extra sepa-
of the pipe work system. To deal with
ration machines involving more com-
that problem Dürr Dental has devel-
plex cross-connections during installa-
oped the Dürr Tidal Wave. Hidden
tion. There is also a saving on a part
behind the expression, “Tidal Wave”
of the operating costs of conventional
is the Dürr flow accelerator which
systems. In addition, an amalgam
gathers up the waste water from the
separator CA 4 fitted to a VS 600/
spittoon in such a way that it is aspira-
900 converts that into a central VS(A)
ted by the central suction unit in surges.
logy must keep pace with. Clear sav-
The Dürr flow accelerator in the floor is
easily accessible when required through the
floor box.
A customised solution for every practice
Examples of installations with VS 600/900
The VS 600 or 900 are straightforward to install whether in
the basement or in an adjoining room on the same floor as
the practice. The mixture of secretions and solids from up to
3 or 5 treatment rooms is aspirated by the VS 600 or 900
and centrally separated.
Examples of installations with VS/
VSA 300 S
Regarding installation possibilities the
VS/VSA 300 S can be easily adapted
to suit the conditions of the practice.
Installation can be carried out easily in
the basement, an adjoining room or
right in the treatment room.
bar bar
VS 600/900 with central amalgam separator in an adjoining
room on the same floor as the practice.
VS/VSA 300 S in the housing near the
treatment unit.
VS 300 S in a ventilated cabinet or an
adjoining room on the same floor as the
VS 600/900 up to a max. of 3 floors lower, e. g. in the basement.
~1 m
VS 600 or 900
with amalgam separator
installed in star-shaped
pattern in the adjoining
room on the same floor as
the practice with the same
suction capacity delivered
to all treatment units.
min. 0,1 m
max.0,5 m
VSA 300 S one floor lower, e.g. in the
Suction line
Exhaust air line
Drain line
Hygiene and maintenance of the suction system
Infection protection and investment
A comprehensive system range should
also be designed with the future in mind,
an approach fully reflected in the specially developed Dürr care products
for dental technical equipment.
The suction system has a whole host
of tasks to tackle. Large amounts of
saliva, blood or filling materials are a
constant source of contamination from
bacteria, fungi and viruses. This is a
problem that cannot simply be wiped
away. Moreover, lime deposits or perhaps discolorations caused by plaquerevealing mediums mean that the
spittoon and the suction system require
considerable cleaning. Consequently,
the disinfection, cleaning and care of
this equipment is a matter that must be
taken very seriously.
For many years the name Orotol has
been synonymous with the disinfection and cleaning of suction systems.
Orotol, both in its powder concentrate (Orotol Ultra) and liquid form
(Orotol Plus), has established itself
globally as one of the leading brands.
And with good reason since Orotol
products fully meet the system demands
and with their comprehensive spectrum
of activity have been DGHM* listed!
The use of these products with their
exceptional cleaning power, foam-free
solution, environmentally compatible
composition and pleasant smell quickly becomes part of daily routine.
*German Association of Hygiene and Microbiology
Orotol Yellow Power
The wide range of products which
also includes care systems, spittoon
cleaners and special cleaners offers
the ideal solution for all practice
situations. So you can always enjoy
the security of hygienic conditions
and long-term investment protection.
The daily disinfection needs can be easily aspirated from the Orotol care system. However,
foaming agents such as instrument disinfectants
or mouth-rinsing water should not be aspirated
or emptied into the spittoon since they can cause
damage to the suction system over the long-term.
Full suction power
Maximum protection against infection
Avoiding odours
Long-term protection of investment
Foaming disinfectants
or inadequate disinfection?
Defective suction system
Practice ground to a halt?
Dürr care products will help
you to avoid this.
Accessories for optimum solutions for practices
Functional accessories for the
perfect installation
Dürr Dental has put together a com-
prehensive range of accessories for
the VS combination suction units. These
accessories facilitate installation and
enable you to operate your Dürr
suction system efficiently and without
High-Tech in very tight spaces
Combining suction and compressed air
in a single energy centre is a fascinating concept. The unit containing the
technology to provide the full range
of treatment provision has been constructed vertically rather than horizontally, thus saving expensive floor space
in the practice. The Dürr Power Tower
Silence proves that this level of performance can be accommodated in about
half a square meter of floor space. You
can find out more about the fascinating subject of optimizing the utilization
of space in a special brochure.
Dürr Power Tower Silence – the unique
modular cabinet system with noise dampening for the practice’s power units.
1 Wall console
2 Floor console
3 Control unit 24 V∼ für VS 600,
VS 900
4 Germ filter for exhaust air from
VS 300 S and the VSA 300 S
5 Dürr Comfort hose holder
6 Dürr Universal cannula III
in 5 Freshlook colours
7 Filter on the secretion inlet for VS 300 S
8 Amalgam remote display
9 Spittoon bowl valve (already fitted in
many new units)
10 Place selector valve 24 V=/∼
11 Rinsing unit II, with connected overflow
12 Flow accelerator
13 Bypass nozzle for VS(A) 300 S,
VS 600, VS 900
14 Carrying case for DürrConnect and
DürrConnect Special
Planning and consultation
You analyse your requirements in
consultation with your dealer installation specialist and develop the
optimum solution for your practice.
Dürr Comfort hose holder
Dürr spittoon bowl valve
VS solutions for practices from Dürr
The advanced design of Dürr’s Combi-
nation Suction Units enables installation to be carried out more simply and
flexibly than is the case with conventional systems. Nevertheless, each practice requires a customised solution. That
is why in each case the requirements
need to be analyzed, planned and
executed with precision. The determining factors are not just the level of per-
formance required and the number of
rooms and treatment chairs, but also
the need to adapt the installation to the
architectural-, structural-, and technical
installation conditions.
The installation advisers and service
technicians at your local dealer have
received comprehensive training from
Dürr Dental. You can draw on their
know-how and many years of installa-
tion experience at the planning stage
to resolve any questions you may have,
for example, about connections to your
treatment units, the accessories required
or relevant statutory regulations. In this
brochure you will find a selection of
typical solutions. At the same time the
range is so wide that very specific variants can be realised even with unusual
installation conditions.
The technology at a glance
VS combination
suction units
VS 300 S
VSA 300 S
VS 600
VS 600
VS 900
VS 900
230 (1~)
230 (1~)
230 (1~)
400 (3~)
230 (1~)
400 (3~)
50 – 60
50 – 60
Electrical power (kW)
0,58 – 0,8¹
1 – 1,42¹
Current consumption (A)
2,9 – 3,7¹
1,8 – 2,3¹
170 (AAV)²
170 (AAV)²
170 (AAV)²
170 (AAV)²
Voltage (V)
Frequency (Hz)
Vacuum mbar (hPa)
No. of treatment chairs
No. of treatment rooms
at 60 % simultaneous use
Max. fluid throughflow
rate (l/min)
Effective tank volume
approx. 150
Replacement interval
37 x 31 x 31
51 x 36 x 36
48 x 31 x 31
51 x 36 x 36
50 x 42 x 41
65 x 49 x 53
50 x 42 x 41
65 x 49 x 53
55 x 42 x 41
70 x 49 x 53
55 x 42 x 41
70 x 49 x 53
approx. 63 – 651
approx. 54 – 561
approx. 63
approx. 54
approx. 63
approx. 55
approx. 63 – 671
approx. 55 – 591
approx. 64
approx. 58
approx. 64
approx. 58
Separation efficiency (%)4 with CA 1: 97,9
Test symbol
Z 64.1 – 20
Z 64.1 – 15
Dimensions (HxWxD, cm)
without housing
with housing
Weight (kg)
without housing
with housing
Noise level 3 [dB(A)]
without housing
with housing
Subject to change without notice.
with CA 4: 98,9 % with CA 4: 98,9 % with CA 4: 98,9 % with CA 4: 98,9 %
Z 64.1 – 22
Z 64.1 – 22
Z 64.1 – 22
Z 64.1 – 22
The band widths of the values results from the power frequency 50 – 60 Hz.
AAV = auxiliary air valve
The noise level depends on the installation room. In a reverberant room (e.g. tiled walls) the noise level may be higher.
Separation rates measured by the TÜV [technical monitoring authority] Essen in accordance with the German standard test at maximum rate of fluid flow.
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