DOOR CHIME KIT WIRED COMPACT Installation Instructions DCS01 and DCS13

DOOR CHIME KIT WIRED COMPACT Installation Instructions DCS01 and DCS13
Traditional Ding-Dong sound
Easy to install (fixing screws included)
Modern styling
Battery operated. Requires 1x 9V battery
Alkaline battery type recommended (not supplied)
240 volt operation with a 12 volt Bell and Chime Transformer
(Arlec 62999 recommended)
Door chime consists of:
Chime unit
Bell press
8 metres of connecting bell press cable
4 fixing screws and rawl plugs
10 cable holder plugs and nails
IMPORTANT: Before drilling any holes in the wall, please
make sure there are not any cables or pipes near the
drilling area that you may accidentally damage or risk of
NOTE: The volume of the chime will reduce for the length
of the bell press cable used.
Maximum length of bell wire installed should be less than
8 metres.
For more than 8 metres installation, a thicker copper wire
is recommended.
WARNING: Never install with both batteries and
transformer together.
This unit is suitable for LOW VOLTAGE USE ONLY.
DO NOT connect directly to the mains.
If in any doubt, always consult a qualified electrician.
Select suitable positions for the bell press and chime unit.
Arrange to run the cable between these positions by
suitable means.
• The bell press should ideally be mounted near the door
at about waist height or a little higher
• The chime unit should be mounted on an internal wall,
preferably high up on the wall.
Do not mount directly to the door.
• The connecting cable can be fed through the wall
cavity, or run neatly along edges of architraves or
railings. Select positions for the bell press and chime
unit that will assist in keeping the wiring run as neat
and concealed as possible.
• The chime unit must be mounted vertically
Installation Instructions
DCS01 and DCS13
Operation by battery
Remove the front cover of the bell press to reveal the
mounting holes. Fit the ends of the connecting bell press
cable under the screw terminals on the rear of the bell
press, one wire end under each screw terminal.
Ensure that the bare ends of the wires do not twist around
and bridge across the gap between the terminals.
Fit the bell press in position using the screws provided.
Snap on the front cover.
Remove the front cover of the chime unit by pulling it
straight off.
Run the connecting bell press cable through from the
rear, via one of the holes nearer the centre and screw the
wires under terminal screw number 0 and 1 as shown in
Fig. B. When connecting the cable to each terminal, make
sure the cable does not touch each other and cause a
short circuit.
Fix the chime unit in position via the mounting holes, using
screws provided. The chime must be mounted vertically,
with the marking “ TOP “pointing up, as shown in Fig. B.
Fit 9V PP3 battery to the battery clip.
Refit the chime cover and test by pushing bell press.
Expected battery life using alkaline batteries is up to
approximately three years.
Fig B
Fig A
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Operation by transformer
Your chime can alternatively operate from a transformer,
so that you never need to buy batteries
The transformer must be suitable for chimes, and have a
rating of 12 volts, 1 amp.
Arlec model 62999 is recommended.
Wiring diagram when using transformer is shown in
Fig. C below. Connect the bell press cable to terminal 0
and 1, and then connect the power supply wire from the
transformer to terminal 1 and 3, when connecting the
cable to different terminal, make sure the cable does not
touch each other and cause a short circuit.
Arlec Warranty*
Arlec guarantees this product against defects of materials
and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date
of purchase provided the product is used for its proper
purpose, in accordance with Arlec’s recommendations
and within such voltage and current limits as are
specified by Arlec in relation to the product. Arlec will
at its own option and cost make good, or replace this
product with the same or similar product and return it to
you, or provide a credit for any product manufactured or
supplied by it, which proves to be defective within the
limits set out above provided that no repairs, alterations
or modifications to the product have been undertaken or
attempted by anyone, other than Arlec or its authorized
agents. Should you wish to make a claim under this
guarantee, the product and proof of purchase must be
returned pre-paid by you to the place of purchase.
This guarantee is in addition to and does not take away
from any other rights and remedies you may have under
any relevant law.
Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded
under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled
to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for
compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable
loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods
repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable
quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
*Excludes Batteries
Please retain your proof of purchase for all warranty
Output 12V
Input 240V
Fig C
For all Sales & Warranty enquiries
Arlec Australia Pty Ltd. (A.C.N. 009 322 105)
Building 3, 31-41 Joseph Street,
Blackburn North, Victoria, 3130
P.O. Box 1065, Blackburn North LPO
Blackburn North, 3130
Phone (03) 9982 5111
Fax 1300 360 650
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