HotLok Round 4” Rack Mount Grommet Applications Benefits

HotLok Round 4” Rack Mount Grommet Applications Benefits
HotLok® Round 4” Rack Mount Grommet
Part Number
Round 4” Rack Mount Grommet - Part No. 40002
Designed to seal 4” (102mm) cable openings in new and
existing server rack cutouts to block bypass airflow and
maximize cooling system efficiency.
Supports increasing cabinet density
Increases existing cooling unit capacity
Reduces the need to purchase additional cooling units
HotLok Round Rack Mount Grommet, the latest patented
thermal management solution is the premium choice for
your facility. Its revolutionary sealing technology greatly
reduces costly bypass airflow, increasing usable cooling
unit capacity, and ensuring maximized efficiency from
HVAC equipment.
Improves IT equipment reliability and extends equipment
Simple snap in place, installation saves time and labor and
requires no downtime
Round grommets enable hole saw installation
Most cost effective tool for cable separation and cable management while minimizing bypass airflow in the rack
Durable ABS frame and Hybrid Brush sealing surface can be
used for years
Hybrid Brush Technology (HBT) provides the most effective
air seal in the industry and avoids sagging bristles
The Split feature of the HotLok Round Rack Mount Grommet
allows product installation or removal without disturbing
The Grommets contain no loose or partially fastened parts,
which can become separated or fall into the rack
The Grommets are impact resistant and durable
Hybrid Brush Technology (HBT)
HBT Membrane Layer ensures maximum air containment
HBT is uniquely constructed to offer:
HotLok products are compliant with directive 2002/95/EC of
the European Parliament and the Council on the Restriction
of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and
Electric Equipment (RoHS)
Flexible and highly efficient sealing membrane
Membrane supports bristles to reduce sagging and limit
The Grommet features a membrane support structure
Multi-layered construction for increased sealing
Color: Black
P/N 60213 RevA © 2012
Dimensions and Cutting Requirements
Part No. 40002 - Overall size (diameter x height)
5.60” x .7”
142 x 18mm
Product height above the rack
Maximum thickness of plate at rack install location
Hole cut required for installation
4.0” - 4.08”
101.6 - 103.6mm
Usable cable area
9.6” sq. inch
6194 sq. mm
Patented Sealing System
Grommet Frame
U.S. and International patented Hybrid Brush Technology
(HBT) design using thermoplastic elastomer creating a
more effective seal than any other grommet. Tear lines
minimize leakage in unused areas of the grommet when
only a small number of penetrants are being used.
The frame is molded from durable ABS
Finish: Black
U.S. and International patented: single-layer, opposing
and interwoven filaments ensuring flexibility and self-sealing recovery along with guaranteeing passage of 30 amp
power connector.
Sealing Effectiveness
New, patented Hybrid Brush Technology (HBT) offers
exceptional sealing and airflow management, unsurpassed
by other leading brush products on the market today. Hybrid Brush Sealing Technology automatically seals around
cables with no additional maintenance or monitoring
Designer & Manufacturer
(888) 982-7800
Rack Mounting System
Four (4) integrated self-securing molded clips ensure
grommet is firmly fastened to the rack.
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