Newaygo Michigan Case Study

Newaygo Michigan Case Study
Multi-Zone System
New Sound System
Installed to
Improve Downtown
Newaygo, MI
The Challenge
• Provide year-round sound outdoors for a town
of about 620 households
• Sound system must withstand colder than normal temperatures,
higher than normal wind speeds and an average
of 28 inches of snow in December and January
• Allow crew with limited sound experience to easily install
and connect audio equipment
• Install sound system so that any of three zones can receive music,
announcements and paging
• Ensure uniform sound throughout the zones
The Solution
Located about 150 miles northwest of Detroit and about 30 miles
east of Lake Michigan, Newaygo, MI, lies along the banks of the
Muskegon River. The town’s modern history began when French
explorers and trappers paddled up the river in the mid-1700s.
Newaygo decided to install an audio system in its 2-square mile
area to encourage tourists to visit its downtown merchants.
“The sound system positions the town to attract tourists coming
north,” according to Brad Hummel, Foreman for Nieboer Electric,
Fremont, MI, who supervised installation.
Residents wanted announcements for local annual events, which
include eight parades, outdoor concerts, farmers’ markets in the
summer as well as music during the holidays. Years ago, town
employees would have had to install speakers in the spring and
detach them in the fall to prevent damage to outdoor equipment.
Bogen’s NEAR speakers can be installed outdoors year-round without damage to the speaker cabinets, mounting hardware nor inner
workings of the speaker.
The city of Newaygo wanted three zones for flexibility. The zones
include the Main Street, the upper parking lot and the lower parking lot. The bandstand is in the southern upper parking lot and the
farmers’ markets are located in the northern lower parking lot. By
having three zones, suitable music and messages can be directed
to a specific zone. The Main Street zone serves well for parades
and the Annual Log Fest. The Main Street zone is about 2,200 feet
long and 60 feet wide (both sides of the street). The parking lot
zones are roughly square, about 250,000 square feet.
System Components
One Bogen M-Class Power Amplifier (M300) was selected for the
Main Street Zone. Two M-Class Power Amplifiers (M450) were
selected for the upper parking lot zone and a third unit (M450) is
used for the lower parking lot. The M-Class amplifiers can be set for
any of three modes of operation: stereo, 70V mono or dual mono.
For this installation, 70V mono mode was selected because of the
large quantity of speakers in the system and the power required to
run them, as well as the long distances of the wire runs.
The sound system equipment of main components is allocated
as follows:
Zone 1 (Main Street)
• 56 NEAR® A-Series Speakers in black (A2TBLK)
• 1 Bogen M-Class Power Amplifier (M300)
• 1 Bogen Gold Seal Series (GS35)
Zone 2 (Upper Parking Lot)
• 38 NEAR A-Series Speakers in black (A8TBLK)
• 2 Bogen M-Class Power Amplifiers (M450)
• 1 Bogen Gold Seal Series (GS35)
Zone 3 (Lower Parking Lot)
• 20 NEAR A-Series Speakers in black (A8TBLK)
• 1 Bogen M-Class Power Amplifier (M450)
• 1 Bogen Gold Seal Series (GS35)
Product Highlights
The Results
Zone Controller
“The speakers work very well,” said a city official. “The sound
exceeded my expectations and is unbelievable,” said Hummel.
When Kerry Rose, Telecommunications Marketing Manager for
Kendall Electric, and Dave DeYoung, Telecommunications Sales
Specialist of Fitzpatrick Electric, were setting the levels for the different zones in Newaygo using a Bonnie Raitt Live CD, they were
most favorably impressed with the speaker’s clarity. The sound
was so lifelike that “one young mom asked if there was a concert
happening nearby,” noted DeYoung. “I was impressed by the clarity,” he added.
A Bogen Paging System (PCM2000) provides three paging
zone outputs. Thus, Newaygo has the flexibility it needs
to offer various combinations of music, announcements
and paging based on the event requirements and its location. The
PCM2000 allows paging in any or all zones, and because
of its modular design, it allows the system to be expanded
at any time.
The city official also commented that there are two old dams
upstream of the town and the sound system could be used to
notify the public of a potential emergency situation and send
out directives. The sound system can be used in addition to
three sirens.
“The merchants love the sound system, especially for the Shopping Week event,” said the city official. “It helps them create a
more friendly atmosphere for shoppers,” he noted. The town of
Newaygo is so pleased with the sound that a group responsible for
the Fairgrounds in Newaygo County is considering installing a
Bogen system there, according to Jeff Skodack, Account Manager
for Fitzpatrick Electric, Muskegon, MI.
The Main Street zone relies on 56 NEAR A-Series Loudspeakers
(A2TBLK). 38 NEAR A-Series Loudspeakers (A8TBLK) were selected for the upper parking lot and 20 of the same type of speakers
were chosen for the lower parking lot. In the parking lots, the
NEAR A-Series Speakers in black (A8TBLK) are tapped to 32 watts
with 64-watt capability while in the Main Street zone, the NEAR
A-Series Speakers in black (A2TBLK) are tapped to 8 watts with
16-watt capability.
Each of the three zones in the installation is amplified by Bogen
M-Class Power Amplifiers.
One of these amplifiers (M300) is used in the Main Street
zone. Three amplifiers (M450) were selected for the parking lots.
These amplifiers are located in city hall and power the speakers.
To adjust and control music in the system, each zone has
a Gold Seal Series (GS35) with a dual-function, 10-band graphic
equalizer that divides the signal into frequency bands and applies
a gain on them to produce accurate intelligible sound. In addition, when a live band plays, the Gold Seal Series eliminates feedback from the microphone.
Planned and Easy Installation
Installation of 114 speakers took only about two-and-a-half weeks
to three weeks, noted Skodack. He coordinated the project with
Newaygo and the contractor, Nieboer Electric. The wires from the
amplifiers run through underground conduits to speakers. The
new sound system followed on the heels of a new lighting system
and when it was installed, Nieboer Electric knew they’d install a
sound system in phase two. Dual conduits for future wires for the
sound system were installed 2.5 to 3 feet below the ground surface. From the conduits, the wires go up about 14 feet from where
the conduit is located in the ground; 12 feet within the light pole
above ground. These wire extend into every other light pole
(about 40 feet apart) in three zones.
“Nearly 8,250 feet of wire were used to connect all of the speakers and other sound system components,” said Hummel. “The
speakers are mounted 12 feet up the poles and positioned so they
emit sound in opposite directions,” he added. Since the distance
the sound signals must travel through the wires is great (over 1.5
miles), 70-volt technology was used. Despite the exceptionally
long distances the wires run from the amplifiers to the speakers,
the sound from the last speaker is just as sharp, clear and loud as
the sound from the first speaker in the run. In addition, Bogen’s
equipment allows for the playing of music and announcements at
suitable levels throughout the system as needed with appropriate
muting, fade in and fade out.
Scott Ware, Regional Manager, Bogen Communications, shares
credit for the success of this installation. He went to Newaygo,
worked with many people including the end user, contractor and
distribution contractors and installers, and ensured they received
the specific sound equipment needed. “My job is to ensure the
• 56 NEAR 16-watt A-Series Speakers in black (A2TBLK)
• 58 NEAR 64-watt A-Series Speakers in black (A8TBLK)
• 3 Bogen M-Class Power Amplifiers (M450)
• 1 Bogen M-Class Power Amplifier (M300)
• 1 Bogen Paging Control Module (PCM2000)
• 1 Bogen Rack Mounting Kit for the PCM2000 (RPK84)
• 1 Bogen AM/FM Receiver (TP30D)
• 1 Rack Mounting Kit for the TP30D (RPK46A)
• 1 Bogen CD Player (CDC3)
• 3 Bogen Gold Seal Series (GS35)
• 3 Bogen Rack Mounting Kits for the GS35 (GSRPK)
Key Products
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High-Fidelity Ceiling Subwoofer
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4.5 lb.
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